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Research Reveals the Role of Overall Health in Ovarian Cancer Prognosis

Final thoughts

Final thoughts

The results of this recently conducted study don’t introduce any new methods of treatment or new drugs for ovarian cancer patients. All of the patients being studied were also postoperative meaning they’d already undergone some stage of treatment so their health and their PNI scores had already been adversely affected by the disease. By the time a patient is diagnosed with ovarian cancer and receives a PNI score lifestyle changes such as a better diet and more exercise may have little effect on their prognosis. But, as the study illustrates, a patient’s overall health is an important factor when it comes to predicting whether or not treatment will be successful. The data from this study certainly provide medical professionals with additional information that can be used to help guide a patient through treatment, but the data also provides a valuable lesson to people everywhere: health is important. While a PNI score is often calculated after a diagnosis has already been issued, working to maintain good overall health is important. Whether an individual is diagnosed with cancer or not, better overall health will always contribute to a better prognosis.