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Can a Pen Be the Next Big Diagnostic Tool for Breast Cancer?

With lung cancer, the pen is up to 95.5% accurate

The lung cancer studies were done on a total of 95 patients; 47 without cancer and 48 with cancer. Within the cancer patients, several different types of cancers were identified at a specificity rating of 95.7%. The pen diagnosed 17 patients with Adenocarcinoma, 17 with Squamous cell, and 14 with other types of lung cancers. The accuracy of the specificity was ranked among both specific forms of cancer between 93% and 95.5%. The sensitivity of the pen was ranked at 88.2% for both Adenocarcinoma and Squamous cell cancer.

Lung cancer, like breast cancer, involves surgery to remove the infected tissue from the lung. The cancer itself is so lethal due to the location of the cancer and the delicate nature of lung tissue. Removing too much lung can make it difficult for a patient to function normally without breathing assistance, which is something physicians try to avoid.