Women's Health

Study Shows Physical Activity Eases Chemo Brain for Breast Cancer Survivors

Promising results

According to the results, women in the exercise program demonstrated nearly double the improvement in mental processing speed as opposed to those in the control group. Moreover, they showed 3x the improvements in cognition abilities according to the self-reports. “This is a preliminary study, but it appears that intervening closer to diagnosis may be important to having an impact, and this is the population we may need to target” said Hartman. Researchers recommend longer and larger clinical trials in order to thoroughly access the necessary duration of physical activity for speeding up mental processing and improving aspects of cognition.

Hartman went on to state that “survivors often report that their thinking is slower or feels foggier. The brain just doesn't work at the same level as before cancer treatment. By providing a program with support, women are more likely to make difficult behavioral changes that lead to an increase in physical activity.”