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Why Does Rheumatoid Arthritis Worsen During Menopause?

There are many different ways to protect yourself

While going through menopause is a natural process, it can still be daunting, especially if you have RA. If you are concerned about the impact that menopause can have on your RA symptoms, you should speak with your doctor. In the meantime, here is what you can do to manage your RA symptoms during menopause:

  • Stay active by engaging in regular exercise to increase your energy levels and improve your joint flexibility
  • Follow a low-fat, heart healthy diet with plenty of vegetables to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Get plenty of calcium from products such as milk, yogurt, and other dairy products to help strengthen your bones
  • Get plenty of vitamin D from products such as fatty fish, cheese, egg yolks, juice, and cereals to build strong and healthy bones
  • Control your RA optimally to prevent joint damage and other health-related problems
  • Regularly monitor for signs of cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol and treat them promptly