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New Test Could Predict Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence

New liquod biopsy

New liquod biopsy

Another new test is a blood test that could aid doctors in identifying patients with metastatic breast cancer who would benefit from having their treatment changed by measuring any genetic changes in their circulating cancer DNA.

Researchers from the Cancer Research UK, Breast Cancer Now, and the University of Leicester and Imperial College of London have shown that they could use a single blood test to help locate and monitor any alteration in 13 different genes. One of the most important discoveries from the blood test was the ability to detect and track the HER2 (ERBB2) gene, which is an important driver of breast cancer.

The test is one of a number of new liquid biopsies currently in development and can detect any acquired changes to the HER2 gene in patients who have advanced breast cancer that has spread to other areas. If HER2 changes are detected, then HER2-targeted therapy may be recommended as the best course of treatment. Herceptin is one such common HER2-targeted therapy.