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Olympic Gymnast Shannon Miller Discusses Fighting for Her Life

A life changing diagnosis

The cancer was stage II and it was caught before it had the chance to spread to other areas of her body. Before undergoing surgery, Miller’s doctor had an honest conversation with her and her husband about removing the mass, and the chances of preserving her fertility. “Both my husband and I knew he had to be as aggressive as possible. We needed to do everything we could to make sure our son had a mom” said Miller.

She underwent surgery to remove the tumor, followed by 9 weeks of aggressive chemotherapy. Yet before starting on chemotherapy, she decided to save some of her eggs because she did not want to have any regrets. “If you bring an umbrella, it won’t rain – that’s how I thought about it. We decided we will take advantage of every opportunity available; then if we needed to have a plan B, we were prepared” she said.