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Young Soccer Player Wins Ovarian Cancer Battle

Love and support can go a long way

Trina's story is a great example of how someone can overcome the hardships of a cancer battle with a positive attitude with the support of loved ones. For a 20-year-old who has a full life ahead of her, cancer can be even scarier. At that young of an age, you're still finding out about life and who you are, and adding a serious illness into that mix never helps make things any easier. Because of her wonderful teammates, her supportive college community, and loving family, Trina was able to keep a smile on her face as she fought the most important battle of her young life.

Trina is so excited that she's still got the option to be a mom in the future.

It has always been Trina's dream to be a mom someday. One of the biggest fears of having ovarian cancer was the possibility that she would need both ovaries removed. Fortunately for her, doctors and nurses were able to save her fertility so she could be a mom in the future when she's ready. Luckily for her, being at a Children's Hospital meant that many of the doctors and nurses there really understood what it's like to treat patients who still want families in their future. They worked extra hard to make sure she was getting all the best treatments to cure her, yet still leave her with an ovary to have a baby one day. You can see her beaming from ear to ear when she talks about this wonderful news of her cancer success story!