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The Link Between Sugar Consumption and Breast Cancer

The results about Sugar Consumption and Breast Cancer

The results

The research study also analyzed the effects of the two molecules that are combined to make sugar, glucose, and fructose. The authors of the research separated the fructose molecules and the glucose molecules and looked at how they did separately and when combined. They also separated the mice into 4 separate groups. They gave group 1 just fructose, they gave group 2 just glucose, they gave group 3 both fructose and glucose (as separate molecules), and they gave group 4 a disaccharide, which included both fructose and glucose. The researchers found out from the comparisons that fructose caused the most harm.

Another important finding from the results is the inflammatory response of the body which has been researched as being directly linked to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer. The researchers then turned to looking at the different pathways for the inflammatory response and found that the inflammation was being driven by the sugar. The researchers believe that the inflammatory process was driving the development of the breast cancer and increasing its ability to spread to other parts of the body. They were actually able to dampen the negative effects of the sugar by blocking a few of the inflammatory pathways.