Women's Health

Supportive Care for Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Optimizing comfort and relief

Hospice is a very personal treatment too. The care team's main goal is to maximize your comfort and relief as much pain as possible. The care is a very team-based decision and will involve participation from you, your support system, as well as the professionals in your healthcare team. Usually, someone from your hospice team is always on-call 24/7 to provide you and your family with support.

Contrary to popular belief, hospice care doesn't have to mean you need to stay in the hospital. You can receive hospice care even in your own home. Other in-between facilities include nursing homes or special hospice facilities. Besides doctors, nurses, and health aides, a hospice team can also include clergy members, religious counselors, and social workers as well.

Spiritual and emotional counseling

Besides medications and therapies to relieve pain and improve symptoms, hospice services can go far beyond the physical benefits. Spiritual support and counseling are very often sought after by hospice patients, as well as emotional therapy and enrichment activities with volunteers.