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Supportive Care for Advanced Ovarian Cancer

The decision to stop treatment

For patients who are at a point in their illness where they have opted to discontinue all cancer-targeted therapies, comfort care and pain relief become part of hospice care. Deciding to stop all treatments is an incredibly difficult decision as well as a personal one, and it's a decision that will require a lot of support from both your family and healthcare team.

When deciding to go on hospice care, you're acknowledging that you're at the end of life. However, it's not to say that you are giving up! Even though, to receive hospice, patients need to have a life expectancy of fewer than six months, the care can still provide a lot of enjoyment and comfort to spend those precious months you have left with the people who you love. The goals of treatment for hospice patients are modified to reflect comfort and fulfillment. Rather than curing the underlying disease, the main focus of treatments switches over to cure the individual as a whole.