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Ovarian Cancer Treatment Leads Two Women to Friendship

Ovarian Cancer: A judgment-free zone

A judgment-free zone

The two women never had to hide from each other. Raw emotions stormy with tears, swear words, and anxious worry ripped free without any judgment.

Erin says that both women dealt with the psychological and emotional stress differently. Erin often would find herself in tears and feelings scared. Nicola often resorted to an almost robotic state to deal with her emotions. They knew that both ways of coping were always right and accepted each other without question.

Finding laughter and humor in their illness

Cancer was sometimes gross too. Rather than feeling embarrassed, the two best friends found humor and laughter in the intimate and sometimes embarrassing realities of their cancer treatment. From buying adult diapers and wearing wigs, they shared some happy memories laughing through it all. They even shared a wig that they would wear for date nights. They thought it would be funny to name this wig “Diane”.