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New Research: Using Mathematics to Treat Ovarian Cancer

Ongoing diagnostic testing

Ongoing diagnostic testing

It goes without saying that the medical community needs to continue educating the public on the vague symptoms of ovarian cancer and urging them to remain pro-active in scheduling their gynecological visits.

Additionally, medical professionals may need to give increased attention to obtaining and reviewing family ovarian cancer histories and in ascertaining if there’s a need for genetic counseling. This could be a shared responsibility of a patient’s primary care provider and her OB-GYN. If needed, training should be made available to the medical care providers.

It is also hoped that researchers can soon locate viruses specific to ovarian cancer so that immunization can be developed just as it has been with HPV, also a cancer-causing virus.

With ongoing studies and new treatment drug categories, the future for women with ovarian cancer is beginning to look a bit brighter.