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A Nutritionist Shares Which Veggies Can Help Fight Breast Cancer

Eat Mediterranean

There is a lot of recent evidence supporting a chock full of health benefits that come from eating a Mediterranean diet. This kind of diet is composed of a lot of whole grains, nuts, legumes, and olive oil. Most importantly, Mediterranean dishes are filled with healthy fruits and vegetables, which we learned earlier provide us with important, cancer-fighting compounds. A Mediterranean diet is also usually low in processed foods, meat, and fried foods. These can all contain toxins that promote oxidative damage and cancer to form in breast tissue. Additionally, olive oil is a great Mediterranean-style supplement to add to your meals. It's especially delicious when drizzled with a healthy salad. One thing to note though is that olive oil is still a fat. Moderation is key! Olive oil contains about 120 calories in each tablespoon alone.