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Want to Get Pregnant Fast? We'll Tell You How

Work alongside your doctor to better predict your cycle

In beginning your journey to motherhood, you will find that you have many partners. Not just the one that you are conceiving with, but your support system, and potentially most importantly - your doctor. You should be open with your doctor and turn to them whenever you have a question or concern. This can start with speaking with your doctor from the very beginning about your cycle, and ask for their assistance in predicting it. That way, you can be sure of when you are ovulating and proceed with the best possible accuracy.

While ovulation tests can be very accurate now, remember that nothing can replace a doctor. They may have more sophisticated tests, but they can also give you more detail than anything else can. If you do not understand something about your ovulation, or when would be the best time to try to get pregnant, they will be the person to turn to.