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Want to Get Pregnant Fast? We'll Tell You How

It's perfectly normal to not see results after a year of trying

So, let's say that you have been trying for over a year, and you have seen no results. Maybe that is how you landed on this list of pieces of advice for becoming pregnant. There is something extremely important to remember: the situation you find yourself in is perfectly normal. You do not have to worry that it is taking long, or compare yourself to others who get pregnant very quickly, but trust your own timing and continue forward with courage and confidence, even if you have not been able to successfully conceive as of yet. Everyone operates on a different schedule, and you should not worry if yours moves a little bit slower.

With that being said, if it is taking you longer than you would like, look into what the cause might be. Are you using a lube that kills sperm? Trying at the wrong times of the month? Simply find the problem, and keep trying.