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Different Ways Brides Can Fight Breast Cancer

Different Ways Brides Can Fight Breast Cancer

Different Ways Brides Can Fight Breast Cancer

There are tons of breast cancer initiatives throughout the world that advocate for and bring awareness to sufferers. Most of these initiatives fall within the norm for fundraising and include nonprofits and fundraising events like 5Ks, walks, marathons, bake sales, car shows, auctions, and yard sales. There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to raising money; almost anyone can think of a way to fundraise without much effort. A lot of fundraising events require taking time out of the day to join in, though, but what if participants are looking for something different? Some people may wish to support breast cancer initiatives even if they have never had a family member or friend who has been affected.

Nobody should feel uncomfortable supporting a cause simply because they haven’t personally been affected by it. Awareness and research about cancer is ongoing and is always in need of funding, regardless of a donor’s background.

Instead of hosting fundraisers of your own or attending the usual events, you can get involved in a different way. For any bride-to-be wanting to support breast cancer, there are several ways to give back while saving the lives of others and celebrating, too, all without putting in a great deal of effort.

There are several websites, such as Brides Against Breast Cancer, for brides to dress shop for themselves while also giving back to the breast cancer initiative. For brides, hundreds of lightly used wedding gowns are available on such websites, and a portion of each dress that is sold goes to the Breast Cancer Organization, which they then put towards the treatment and research of breast cancer. The dresses available in this website are less than five years old and are designer quality. In this way, you can not only donate money, but also save some yourself. If you have a wedding dress that meets the guidelines given on the website, then you can also choose to donate it.

Another way to give back is through bachelorette parties. Throughout the nation, there are events that will raise funds for cancer awareness, including bachelorette gatherings. In one such event, you can have the bridesmaids come together and participate. You can donate a portion of the money spent purchasing bridesmaids gifts. There are various workshops that teach women different ways to take care of their health and prevent the formation of breast cancer; you and your friends can participate in these workshops.

People are already visiting your registry with an intent to purchase a new gift item, so another great way to give back is through these registries. You can include a section in the registry for people to donate to breast cancer awareness while registering for your gifts. People will feel more inclined to donate if they know the cause. Some organizations help you create a link or button that will enable your friends’ families to visit the site and donate, too.

Another way to give back is at places like breast cancer sites where you can purchase party favors. With each purchase, a portion of the sales is given to breast cancer research. You can also give back by omitting a certain aspect of your wedding and using it for research funding instead. You can make a difference as well without changing your wedding plans too much by baking a variety of homemade cakes since homemade cakes often taste better. You can use this cake fund as a donation for breast cancer research.

Instead of paying for a caterer, some people encourage their guests to bring their own dishes and have a potluck, which gives everyone a variety of food options. A portion or all of the leftover funds can be used as a donation towards breast cancer research or a supporting organization, as opposed to paying for a caterer.