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Ways to Make Breast Cancer Just a Little More Comfortable

Discover how you will be most comfortable with hair loss

Hair loss is a big part of what we all immediately think of with a cancer diagnosis. It may seem silly when your life and health are at risk but most people have a lot of their identity wrapped up in their hairstyle and how they outwardly portray themselves to the world.  Many people find getting a short hair cut after diagnosis can help ease the transition to full hair loss.  Another option is shaving your own head before the hair loss begins.  This provides a way to take control of your own body and image before the cancer treatments do it for you.  Wigs are another way to keep your original look while in the depths of fighting your disease.  Real hair wigs are much more expensive than synthetic wigs, but they are more comfortable and most people find them worth the extra cost. 

Visit a real wig maker before you lose your hair so they can create a wig for you that resembles your actual hair and style. Many women like to have a few backup synthetic wigs as well. Just because you have cancer doesn’t mean you can’t also try to have a little fun with wigs, hats, or scarves.  Maybe even try a new color or style.  It can also help you to go incognito while running errands  on days where you don’t have the energy to talk to people you may run into.