Women's Health

Ways to Make Breast Cancer Just a Little More Comfortable

Find a well-fitting bra

Under the best of circumstances, most women would agree that a well fitting, comfortable bra can make your day while an uncomfortable one can ruin an otherwise lovely day. The bra you’ll wear right after your surgery will depend on the procedure you had and what your doctor recommends. Generally, the goal is to create “the sports-bra effect,” says Wendy Goltz, an operating room nurse and breast cancer survivor. This will compress all the breast tissue and hold it snugly to avoid movement and thus pain and scaring. You may also want a bra without underwire or lace or other uncomfortable fabrics. Also, finding a bra with a front closure will be essential as your shoulder’s range of motion may be limited for a while. Most medical grade bras will provide this. You may be most comfortable wearing your bra even while sleeping. If you’ve had a partial or full mastectomy or a lumpectomy, you can also find a bra specialist who can point you towards the right breast form prosthesis to help you appear like your old self while waiting for your reconstruction or in place of having a reconstruction if it isn’t necessary for you.