Women's Health

Ways to Make Breast Cancer Just a Little More Comfortable

Stay positive whenever possible

The mind-over-matter emotional aspect of the cancer journey and keeping a positive attitude throughout treatment is perhaps the most important part of all.“It is important to believe that you will live and regain your life,” says Gail Kaul, who beat breast cancer twice. “It is empowering when actively participating in getting well. I had a healing tape I listened to during each chemotherapy treatment. It was calming and helpful to me. Going to an oncologist's office and seeing patients in varying stages of cancer is very difficult”.

Gail also said doing tai chi, qi gong, positive visualizations of zapping the cancer cells, meditation, listening to calming music, painting, and spending time with good supportive friends were all very important in helping her keep her positive attitude. “A cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment is like going through a long dark tunnel, but there is light and life at the other end. Cancer can take over your life but that period passes and we can regain our lives back.”