Dr. Ulysses Wing Yau O.D.?
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Dr. Ulysses Wing Yau O.D., Optometrist

Dr. Ulysses Wing Yau O.D.


2000 Clements Bridge Rd Suite 113 Woodbury NJ, 08096


Dr. Ulysses Yau is an optometrist practicing in Woodbury, NJ. Dr. Yau specializing in providing eye care services to patients. As an optometrist, Dr. Yau performs eye exams, tests vision, corrects vision by prescribing eye glasses or contacts, detects certain eye disorders and manages and treats vision problems. Optometrists often work closely with ophthalmologists who may need to further treat patients with surgical procedures.

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Ulysses Yau

2000 Clements Bridge Rd Suite 113 -
Woodbury, NJ 08096
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New patients: 856-579-1260
Fax: 856-579-1266

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