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Dr. Roger M Macklis M.D., Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Roger M Macklis M.D.

Radiation Oncologist | Radiation Oncology

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Dr. Roger Macklis practices Radiation Oncology in Cleveland, OH. Radiation oncology is a medical specialty that involves treating cancer with radiation. Dr. Macklis specializes in treating cancer with radiation, using radiation therapy to treat a wide variety of cancers. Radiation therapy uses carefully targeted and regulated doses of high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells.

Education and Training

Harvard Med Sch, Boston Ma 1983

Board Certification

RadiologyAmerican Board of RadiologyABR

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MaleEnglish 31 years of experience
Dr. Roger M Macklis M.D.
Dr. Roger M Macklis M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • What type of radiation does a linear accelerator produce?

    Typically photons in the 6-18 MV range and often a range of electron beam treatments as well Roger Macklis iPhone READ MORE

  • Can you be around someone after radiation treatment?

    If you are talking about risks to others from a course of external beam radiation of the sort used for most tumors, the answer is yes — no risk at all. It is like turning out a light. If you are talking about live source brachytherapy like a GYN implant or prostate seed implant, then the answer is probably yes, but you need to speak with your doctor to ask if there is any remaining risk. If you are asking about risks to the patient himself, that depends on the status of the immune system, etc. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Can radiation therapy cause thyroid problems?

    Radiation therapy to the region of the thyroid (a neck organ) can commonly cause the thyroid to be less active than normal. A blood test can diagnose this thyroid problem and it can usually be resolved through taking daily thyroid supplements. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Is radiation treatment painful?

    Radiation treatments themselves are usually painless, but they may cause some side effects like skin irritation and breakdown, and these side effects may be irritating or painful. The doctor prescribing the treatments should be responsible for describing this in detail and (where necessary) prescribing meds to minimize the side effects and discomfort. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Can lung cancer be seen on an x-ray?

    Many kinds of X-rays can see lung cancers measuring several millimeters or larger, but often cannot pick out a lung cancer from other similarly dense materials until they are somewhat larger. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Is an MRI safe to use?

    It is safe for most people. Exception would be people with indwelling metallic stents or devices which may be dislodged or destroyed. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Why do radiation treatments cause nausea?

    Unfortunately, whenever radiation treatments are given to abdominal organs like the stomach there is some collateral damage to nearby intestinal tissue (especially small bowel) and this often causes nausea and diarrhea. This is especially true if chemotherapy is also given. Your radiation doctor should be able to prescribe anti nausea medicines that should make the problem much more manageable. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Is radiation therapy safe?

    In the hands of a board d certified radiation oncologist with modern equipment and good training, radiation treatments are quite safe, though there may still be side effects in the immediate or delayed post-treatment period. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Can pelvic radiation cause bowel incontinence?

    Depends on the dose. Talk with your radiation oncologist about this. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Can radiation therapy have negative effects on my kidneys?

    Radiation directed at the kidneys can certainly have negative effects, but only if the dose exceeds certain well-known thresholds. The kidney dose of radiation expected from patients being treated for breast cancer would be tiny since it would just consist of “scatter” rather than the planned breast doses which would be thousands of times higher. You can ask the radiation oncologist to calculate or even measure the kidney doses using TLD dosimeters if you are concerned. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • What are some things I can't do during radiation therapy?

    Take care of the skin and don’t expose it to conditions that would cause it to hurt or bleed excessively. RM READ MORE

  • Is radiation therapy recommended for breast cancer?

    Radiation, applied correctly, can allow patients to avoid mastectomies with an equal chance for survival in many cases. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Is skin pigmentation common with radiation therapy?

    Yes, treatment induced erythema (redness) in the treatment field is very common and may take months to go away completely after treatment is completed. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Can radiation therapy cause lung issues?

    Pulmonary tissue is extremely sensitive to radiation and lung injury and congestion are very common sequella of moderate or high dose radiation. A discussion with a knowledgeable radiation oncologist would give you more information if you give her a summary of doses delivered to lung tissue near the target. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Is radiation therapy safe for children?

    In the hands of expert pediatric radiation oncologists, the targeted radiation that is used in cases like this is usually quite safe. However, if any alternatives in the form of chemotherapy and surgery are available, they would’ve typically been used first. Radiation for pediatric cancers is only used when no good alternatives exists, so I would suggest that your family have a meeting with the pediatric radiation oncologist to discuss risks benefits and alternatives. Ask how many similar cases the doctor has treated and try to find someone with experience in the use of this treatment. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Is radiation a good treatment for prostate cancer?

    Radiation and surgery are equally good treatments for early stage prostate cancer. They both are about 90-95 percent likely to result in 5year survival Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • How common is external beam radiotherapy?

    External beam radiotherapy is the most common form of clinical radiotherapy Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • How long does a radiation therapy treatment usually last?

    Depends on tumor type and stage and what other treatments are anticipated. For sensitive. Diseases like lymphoma it may be just 3 weeks after chemo but for less sensitive tumors it may be as much as 7 weeks. Some newer technologies now are being investigated with only 1-5 treatments but this is only for specific situations. READ MORE

  • My skin looks burnt after a radiation therapy session?

    Most people don’t show skin changes for at least a week, but there is significant variability. I would check with your MD. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • Is there something to be applied to the rest of the body during a radiation therapy?

    There are various skin creams which can help, but they generally cannot be applied to the skin within 4-6 hours of treatment. We generally tell patients to either apply them right after treatment and then 1-2 more times before bedtime or else for afternoon treatments apply them first thing in the morning and then not again until after time of treatment. For other organs besides the skin, there are various experimental treatments that may help recover from radiation side effects. Ask your radiation doctor what they suggest. Roger Macklis READ MORE

  • What are the symptoms of mouth cancer?

    No healing sore or enlarging bleeding pimple usually with pain. If there are also neck lumps, that may suggest lymph node involvement. Roger Macklis, MD READ MORE

  • Will someone need to drive me home after radiation therapy?

    Most patients tolerate breast radiotherapy just fine. You can expect some redness of skin and fatigue. 5% or so get enough skin breakdown that they need to be given strong pain meds for a couple of weeks. Everybody feels fatigued and that may persist for 2-3 weeks after treatment is done. Most women drive themselves but a driver sometimes helps to keep spirits up which is always good. READ MORE


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