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Winston Wang is an acupuncturist practicing in Orange, CA. Dr. Wang evaluates and treats patients based on the concepts of oriental medicine. Acupuncturists complete their evaluations by getting a patient history and looking at and touching the body. Then, they place very fine acupuncture needles into specific points on the body. Stimulating these points and nerves is how Dr. Wang treats the patients condition. Many of the bodys systems respond to acupuncture, and it can treat physical pain as well as emotional stress.

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Male Mandarin Chinese, English
Winston Wang L.AC
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  • Can acupuncture help with my son's asthma?

    Yes, acupuncture should be able to help. READ MORE

  • Acupuncture for fertility- will it increase my ovarian reserve?

    Acupuncture should be able to help on improving the egg quality and the chance of conceiving, but not the ovarian reserve and the egg amount during the ovulation. The goal of acupuncture is to help your body to function more normally, and the ability to produce good quality eggs and be able to conceive and pregnant is considered the normal functions of the body. Normally during each ovulation, there are only a few of the eggs will become mature. And if the quality of those eggs is good, you don't need more. Ovarian reserve (the number of eggs one has in her life) is set when a girl is born, it only reduces during each ovulation and will never increase. Orange Acupuncture READ MORE

  • Brachial plexopathy pain from radiation fibrosis- what will help?

    It sounds like acupuncture should be able to help. The treatment might be focusing on 1. pain relief by applying stimulation (might be a temporary relief) and 2. try to soften or improve the condition of the tissue that's triggering the nerve. (should give more of a long-term relief) Orange Acupuncture READ MORE

  • How does acupuncture help in treating infertility?

    Acupuncturist treats patients by giving stimulations to their body and trigger their body to adjust. So I usually consider the problems coming from functional unbalance and the confusion of the body the strength of acupuncture. A lot of infertility comes from endocrine disorders, Immune system disorders and low function of organs. That falls right into the treatable area of acupuncture. Generally speaking, on husband side, if he's able to produce functional sperm, even if it's count and activity is low, acupuncture will be able to help. (meaning that the function of producing and transporting sperm still exists, without severe blockage) On wife side, if she still has menstruation and somehow ovulates, acupuncture will be able to help. (meaning that the uterus and ovaries are still functional, without severe blockage) Orange Acupuncture READ MORE

  • Is acupuncture a complementary treatment or does it treat ailments by itself?

    Acupuncture is mostly used as a treatment by itself, but it can also be a complementary treatment. Acupuncturist treats patients by giving stimulations to their body and trigger their body to adjust, so it usually doesn't cause too much conflict with other treatments. Orange Acupuncture READ MORE

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Practice At 2050 W Chapman Ave Suite 102

2050 W Chapman Ave -
Orange, CA 92868
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