Dr. Dr. Stéphane Provencher, PhD, DC, IMD, Chiropractor
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Dr. Dr. Stéphane Provencher, PhD, DC, IMD

Chiropractor | Nutrition

8006 Crescent Park Dr Gainesville VA, 20155


Dr. Stephane Provencher is a Chiropractor, Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine physician practicing in Gainesville, Virginia. Dr. Provencher specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal system, autoimmune, lyme disease and many others, while improving each patients functionality and quality of life. Conditions treated include sciatica, diabetes, hasimoto and arthritis pain, among many others. Dr. Provencher understand that in order to stay healthy the patient needs an integrative and collaborative care model.

Education and Training

Quantum University Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine - PhD (c) 2016

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Fellowship in Integrative Medicine - FIM 2017

American Association of Drugless Practitioners Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 2016

American ALternative Medical Association Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner - BCAMP 2016

Sacro Occipital Research Society International (SORSI) Diplomate in Craniopathy - DICS 2015

Sacro Occipital Research Society International (SORSI) Craniopath - CC 2012

Pastoral Medical Association Pastoral Science& Medicine Doctorate - PSc.D. 2016

Logan College of Chiropractic 2007

Provider Details

Male English, French
Dr. Dr. Stéphane Provencher, PhD, DC, IMD
Dr. Dr. Stéphane Provencher, PhD, DC, IMD's Expert Contributions
  • I have a dull pain in my lower back. How can I treat it?

    If exercises created a pain I would strongly suggest a chiropractic examination to see if your body was uneven and by doing exercises your are making this posture worse. Hope this help, Dr S aka Dr. Awesome READ MORE

  • My son suffers from ADHD. Should I bring him to a chiropractor?

    Chiropractic has alot of research regarding ADHD/ADD. The way we address ADHD symptoms at our center is by the understanding that the brain controls all the cells and tissues of the body. If the brain messages is stopped or ACCELERATED (in the case of ADHD) then the physiology (action, behavior, chemical reactions) will be affected and thus create symptoms like ADHD. Since the skull is protecting the brain it can also compress it. We look at the skull first for any bone misalignment. Then we look at the spine since the brain messages travels from the brain to the spine and if an interference occur, the above will happen. You may want to look at ipca4kids.org for more research regarding chiropractic and children. Hope this help! READ MORE

  • Can you suggest some medication for treating my shoulder pain?

    Shoulder pain can come from the neck, the shoulder, the rib or rib cage, pelvic bones or organs like intestine for example. In order to better help you, a FREE 20 minutes consultation would be the first steps to lead you toward a better solution and the next step, READ MORE

  • Why do I have back pain while eating?

    All organs are a nerve coming from the spine to make sure they are doing what they are suppose to DO at the TIME they are suppose to do it. For example, your stomach needs to produce acid when, and only when, you start eating food. It would not be god for your stomach to produce acid when you don't eat food. This is the role of the Brain and Spinal Nerve. If the organ, in turn, is affected or in dis-ease state or (infection, compressed, ulcer, other) then the feedback from the organs to the spine is sending signal to the brain to let the brain know something is going on. During that feedback, muscles around the area of the spine will tense and be in spasm. This is another way for the brain to PAY ATTENTION of what is doing on inside the abdomen. Your holistic chiropractor (SOT(R) METHOD or AK doctor) would look at indicators and find out how the spine and organs reflexes are impacted and may also order blood work to correlate both together, at least this is how I approach this issue. READ MORE

  • How does spinal manipulation work?

    Chiropractic philosophy is that the brain is the main controller of your cells/tissues. In order to send the proper message to your body it goes through the spinal column. If any interference happens (like a traffic jam on the highway), the brain signal is either diminished or speed-up. My having a chiropractic adjusting your spine this allow to free-up any interference and allow proper neurology from and to the brain to occur and thus bring your body to health. READ MORE

  • Can you suggest a treatment for the pain in my calf muscles?

    Pain in any muscles can be caused by deficiencies of mineral i.e. calcium or magnesium (can be others) and misalignment in your skeletal structure especially from the foot to the pelvic bone. In order to better serve you it would be appropriate to make a FREE 20 minutes consultation either via phone or in-person so we can go through a process of elimination and better suggest your next steps: 571-248-0695 or info@ghhcenter.com. READ MORE

  • I have a pain in my neck every morning. Can you tell me what could it be?

    The cause of pain in the neck could be multi-factorial, I would check your pillow, the way you sleep, the bed along with what you are doing prior to bed etc... Then, I would also look at the vertebra in your neck along with the shoulder and low back since their connections could impact the neck pain. So, a proper chiropractic examination along with an ergonomic assessment would be indicated for a long-term solution. READ MORE

  • My posture is getting a little slouched. What should I do?

    The best QUICK FIX would be to buy a yoga ball or a vestibular disc from Amazon. This will create the illusion to your brain that you are sitting on an unstable surface and will activate the core muscles and engage then to limit sloughing. A better long-term approach would be to seek chiropractic and Alexander technique combination care to address your skeletal and muscles weakness along with giving your tools and strategies to remain straight and healthy, READ MORE

  • I have pain in my hips due to excess weight. What can I do?

    Increase weight should not be the cause of your pain unless your hips or Pelvic was already misaligned and not the weight DISTRIBUTION is creating a more un-even posture creating the pain. I would suggest a chiropractic assessment or even Alexander Technique assessment to see what is the cause of the pain. READ MORE

  • I have sudden pain in my left leg. How can it be treated?

    The best way to be sure is to do an examination. I would suggest to see a chiropractor for a proper examination of the foot, knee, hip, pelvic and low back vertebra since all of these structures can affect the leg. Then, I would also suggest blood work to see if an organ can be affecting since intestine reflexes to the leg among others. Finding a SOT(R) Method chiropractor would give you more answer since they also have ways to determined if the organ are also reflexing to a structure. This is call a viscero-somatic reflex. Hope this help, Dr S aka Dr. Awesome READ MORE

  • I have arthritis with severe pain in my knees. Should I see a chiropractor?

    Arthritis is due to inflammation in the joint and by moving then and limiting uneven weight distribution your knees will feel better. I would also choose a functional medicine chiropractor since arthritis can be diminished with proper diet. Hope this help Dr S aka Dr. Awesome READ MORE

  • My mother suffered Bell's Palsy and is now recovering. Can a chiropractor help at this stage?

    Chiropractic, especially one that specialize in cranial bone manipulation like Chiropractic Craniopathy, would be able to free up the nerve associated with your mother bell palsy. A functional medicine chiropractor would also recommend blood test to see other metabolically causes. Hope this help, Dr S aka Dr. Awesome READ MORE

  • What is the best way to help a frozen shoulder heal faster?

    The FASTEST way I know is this: 1) find the emotional trigger associated with the pain in the shoulder 2) do a chiropractic assessment and find all the structures that are implicated and associated with the frozen shoulder 3) decrease the inflammation of the body and the shoulder 4) remove all scar tissues associated with the frozen shoulder 5) start exercise program Hope this help, Dr S aka Dr. Awesome READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help in treating foot pain?

    Foot pain can come from the foot, the knee, the pelvic bone, the low back but also organs (google reflexology) and cranial misalignment. In order to better serve you, finding a chiropractor that understand all the above would be more beneficial to narrow down the reason why your foot is hurting. Hope this help, Dr S aka Dr. Awesome READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Holistic ChiropracticWhole-Food Nutritional TherapiesHomeopathyAromatherapyBioresonanceBiofeedbackMeta-Health AssessmentFunctional MedicineIntegrative MedicineHolistic MedicineHerbal TherapyEnergy HealingFunctional RehabillitationLyme DiseaseAutoimmune Diseases

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Owner Gainesville Holistic Health Center 2012 - 2018


  • America's Top Chiropractor 2009 Consumer Research Council of America 
  • America'S Top Chiropractor 2010 Consumer Research Council of America 
  • America's Top Chiropractor 2011 Consumer Research Council of America 
  • America's Top Chiropractor 2012 Consumer Research Council of America 
  • America's Top Chiropractor 2013 Consumer Research Council of America 
  • America's Top Chiropractor 2014 Consumer Research Council of America 
  • America's Top Chiropractor 2015 Consumer Research Council of America 
  • America's Top Chiropractor 2016 Consumer Research Council of America 
  • America's Top Chiropractor 2017 Consumer Research Council of America 
  • The Excellence in Customer Satisfaction 2017 The Talk of the Town 
  • The Excellence in Customer Satisfaction 2016 The Talk of the Town 
  • The Excellence in Customer Satisfaction 2015 The Talk of the Town 
  • The Excellence in Customer Satisfaction 2014 The Talk of the Town 
  • The Excellence in Customer Satisfaction 2013 The Talk of the Town 
  • Holistic and Integrative Medicine Practitioner of the Year 2017 Gainesville Award Program 
  • Holistic and Integrative Medicine Practitioner of the Year 2016 Gainesville Award Program 
  • Certification of Appreciation for Outstanding Leadership, Commitment and Engagement 2016 Allied Academy 
  • Presidential Research Award 2011 Sacro Occipital Research Society International 
  • Presidential Appreciation Award 2010 Sacro Occipital Research Society International 
  • Research of the Year 2009 Sacro Occipital Research Society International 
  • DeCamp Research Award 2008 Sacro Occipital Research Society International 
  • First Place Award for Best Podium Research Presentation 2010 Association of History of Chiropractic 
  • First Prize for Best Poster Research Presentation 2009 College of Osteopathy and Chiropractic Association 
  • Who' Who among Student in American Universities Award 2007 Who's Who 

Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine  
  • Sacro Occipital Research Society International (SORSI)  
  • American College of Lifestyle Medicine  
  • American Alternative Medical Association  
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners  
  • Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine  
  • American Holistic Health Association  

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Whole-Listic Children's Foundation

Areas of research

Body-Mind MedicineOrgan Reflex ChiropracticBrain Wave and ChiropracticBiophoton Emission and Quantum Medicine

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8006 Crescent Park Dr -
Gainesville, VA 20155
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