Dr. Leonard S. Girsh M.D., Allergist and Immunologist (Pediatric)

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Dr. Girsh is an Internist, Immunologist, Biochemist, and Pediatric Immunologist and Allergist in Naples, FL. Dr. Girsh specializes in the medical treatment of adults, children, and the elderly. Dr. Girsh has managed both common and rare diseases with poor prognosis where he has brought recovery in as little as a few days, based on double blind studies, to a few weeks. Dr. Girsh developed a treatment that is able to provide pain free, scar free healing by Building Healthy Tissue (as stated by the FDA), who also stated it is both "exciting and innovative." Dr. Girshs FDA lawyer stated that he had never seen such a letter of distinction in his 45 years of practice. This treatment has been successfully used in 1100 patients with results that included the successful bypassing and averting the need for previously scheduled organ transplantation such as liver, skin grafts, and hip and knee implants. Dr. Girsh utilized this information to establish his biotechnology company, Immunopath Profile LLC (IPI), in 1982: Immunology outfacing pathologic basis of disease. This therapeutic also crosses species barriers and was confirmed when applied to 33 show horses with arthritic lameness that previously had been unresponsive to several anti-arthritic therapeutics. With the administration of IPIs transdermal therapeutics, all 33 of these very valuable show horses were saved from euthanasia and were returned to their owners. Similar results have been achieved in several hundred additional patients of poor prognosis including significant advances in dental care and TMJ. Patients with TMJ also had a two-day timeline of recovery (as observed by the double blind studies, similar to the weight bearing joints).

Education and Training

Penn State School of Chemistry and Physics- Pre-Med Undergraduate & Graduate Studies Biomolecular Medicine 1944

Thomas Jefferson University College of Medicine Medical Doctor 1952

Temple University School of Medicine Internal Medicine and Immunology 1957

Board Certification

American Board of Allergy and Immunology

American Board of Internal Medicine

Provider Details

Male English

Expert Publications


  • Surgical Gold Medal Recognition Award1951Chief of Surgery at Jefferson College of Medicine

Professional Memberships

  • Fellow, American Academy of Allergy and Immunology
  • Fellow, American College of Allergists
  • Fellow, American College of Physicians
  • Fellow, American Academy of Chest Physicians
  • Chairman, Neuro-Allergy Committee, American College of Allergists
  • Member, Board of Regents American College of Allergists Affiliate
  • American Academy of Dermatology
  • The Society of Sigma Xi
  • American Medical Association
  • Pennsylvania State Medical Association
  • Philadelphia County Medical Society
  • Philadelphia Allergy Society


  • Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Internal Medicine)


  • Thomas Jefferson University (Pediatrics)


  • Temple University Hospital (Research Assistant)

Professional Society Memberships

  • Sigma Xi, American Medical Association, Pennsylvania Medical Society, Philadelphia County Medical Society, Philadelphia Allergy Society

Articles and Publications

  • Comparative Effects of Vagus Nerve Section and Vagus Nerve Crush, Journal of Physiology, Volume 167: 787, 1951
  • Calcium Disodium Versenate in the Therapy of Lead Encephalopathy, Journal of Pediatrics, Volume 42: 42; 687-K699 June 1953
  • Urinary Tract Malformations, Their Occurrence With Special Reference to Double Ureter, Double Pelvis and Double Kidney, New England Journal of Medicine Volume 254: 854-855, 1956
  • Breath Sound Prints Asthmatic Breath Sounds and Wheezing in Differential Diagnosis, Bell Telephone Voice Print Lab. Bell Laboratories Somerville, New Jersey, Spring 1965

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Following the ideal of "what did I ask today." The continuing pursuit of knowledge in how we can do better today.

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NAPLES, FL 34110
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