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Dr. Joost Gazendam MD, Orthopedist

Dr. Joost Gazendam MD

Trauma Surgeon | Trauma Surgery

6 13th Ave E Polson MT, 59860


Dr. Joost Gazendam is a trauma surgeon practicing in Polson, MT. Dr. Gazendam specializes in both operative and non-operative management to treat life threatening, traumatic injuries. Some commonly operated areas include the stomach, colon, spleen and pancreas and trauma surgeons also work with other surgeons to stabilize patients in critical condition. Typically, trauma surgeons work in the emergency care area of a hospital.

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Practice At 6 13th Ave E

6 13th Ave E -
Polson, MT 59860
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New patients: 406-862-8862, 406-883-5680, 406-883-8444
Fax: 406-862-7899, 406-883-8960

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