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Dr. Gordon M Dickinson M.D., Infectious Disease Specialist

Dr. Gordon M Dickinson M.D.

Infectious Disease Specialist | Infectious Disease

1611 Nw 12th Ave Box 016960 M851 Miami FL, 33136


Dr. Gordon Dickinson is an infectious disease specialist practicing in Miami, FL. Dr. Dickinson specializes in infections that are difficult to diagnose or unresponsive to treatments, such as HIV or airborne infections from a foreign country. Infectious disease specialists usually work with conditions that are not treatable by a primary physician but it is important to keep contact with the primary physician in order to receive information about the patients history and for deciding which diagnostic tests are appropriate.

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Internal MedicineAmerican Board of Internal MedicineABIM- Infectious Disease

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Dr. Gordon M Dickinson M.D.
Dr. Gordon M Dickinson M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • Are ayurvedic medicines help treat bacterial infections?

    To my knowledge, they have no direct value G dickinson READ MORE

  • Are the measles contagious?

    But your daughter is not at risk if she's been vaccinated. G. Dickinson READ MORE

  • Syphillis

    Yes, but any damage already caused (dementia, aortic heart valve damage) will not be reversed. G. Dickinson READ MORE

  • Have I been infected sexually?

    This is likely too soon for HPV to appear within a week. If warts, likely from earlier events. I suggest that you see a urologist to confirm what it is that you have. Probably not HPV. READ MORE

  • My son has been diagnosed with a HFM infection. How long does the treatment take?

    He should be better in a few days, but sometimes it may take two - three weeks G dickinson READ MORE

  • Is herpes an infectious disease?

    Herpes simplex virus is an infectious disease. It is transmitted from human to human. It can be transmitted when the virus from one person with active infection (sometimes the usual blisters or shallow ulcers are not visible) to another person, but it is passed only through skin contact if the recipient has a break in the skin. It can be transmitted by contact of mucosal surfaces where there is no break in the mucosal surface. there is a small risk of spread by drinking from the same glass of a person with an active lesion on his/her lip. READ MORE

  • Can typhoid cause hearing loss?

    Yes, it can. I am unsure if it will be permanent or temporary. I understand it can be either. G. Dickinson READ MORE

  • What is the way to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

    I think it could be one of several things: -That the bacteria is resistant to the antibiotic you are taking (or to one he wanted to give you) -That your bacteria are resistant to many antibiotics, one like the multidrug-resistant bacteria often in the news The best way to treat it? I cannot answer that, but skin infections, if not deep and not associated with cellulitis, may respond to topical wound care. G. Dickinson READ MORE

  • My 4 year old toddler recently contracted HFMD. What could be the reason?

    Difficult to say. Does your daughter have contacts other than school? Remember that someone can have the virus and be able to transmit without being sick and without the usual spots. Fortunately, you expect her to make a rapid recovery. G. Dickinson READ MORE

  • Who should I consult for a rash after unprotected sex?

    Primary care physician G. Dickinson READ MORE

  • Is chicken pox really something you need a vaccine for?

    This is a risk/cost vs benefit question in which there is nominal cost and next to zero risk. Natural chickenpox has a small (not zero) for serious complications - and these risks increase as we age and since the chance of children catching chickenpox has decreased, the unvaccinated adolescents/adults will remain vulnerable for what is a highly contagious virus at an age the infection is worse. I think the evidence strongly supports childhood vaccination for varicela (chickenpox) and consider: with recent advances in the management of malignant diseases and use of organ transplantation, our odds for living with medically induced immunodeficiency chickenpox can be a serious disease. G dickinson READ MORE

  • How can i avoid a chickenpox scar?

    To my knowledge, there is little you can do other than avoid scratching them. Usually, they do not leave scars and these generally fade in a few years. I suggest that you see a dermatologist if your lesions are severe. And remember to get a shingles vaccine when you are 50 yrs old - or sooner if you become immunodeficient. G dickinson READ MORE

  • I have been suffering from dry cough for the last one month. What can I do?

    You should see a doctor. While could a reaction to something causing an allergic reaction, it could be due a medicine, a lesion in your bronchial tree, or an infection. This question cannot be answered properly via an email. G. Dickinson READ MORE

  • Can my child give me chickenpox?

    You do not mention your health status, so I would qualify my answer as applicable only if your health is good - meaning no immunodeficiency from disease or medication Also, I assume that you were over the age of 60 when you were given zostervax and it is assumed that most over 60 did have varicella even though never had the pox. You are probably protected, and if you did a acquire an infection from your daughter it would be a mild case. The official recommendation for someone without antibodies (never infected) who accidentally gets zostervax instead of the simple varicella vaccine should get the second dose of varicella vaccine with zostervax counted as the first of the two dose regimen. I think you do not need to worry READ MORE

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Practice At 1611 Nw 12th Ave Box 016960 M851

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Miami, FL 33136
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