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Dr. Filemon Evangelista Olegario MD+, Ophthalmologist
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Dr. Filemon Evangelista Olegario MD+


120 W 6th Ave Mitchell SD, 57301


Dr. Filemon Olegario is an ophthalmologist practicing in Mitchell, SD. Dr. Olegario specializes in eye and vision care. As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Olegario can practice medicine as well as surgery. Opthalmologists can perform surgeries because they have their medical degrees along with at least eight years of additional training. Dr. Olegario can diagnose and treat diseases, perform eye operations and prescribe eye glasses and contacts. Ophthalmologists can also specialize even further in a specific area of eye care.

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Practice At 120 W 6th Ave

120 W 6th Ave -
Mitchell, SD 57301
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New patients: 605-996-9141, 606-996-9141
Fax: 605-996-9194

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