Dr. Usha Vallamdas MD, Pediatrician
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Dr. Usha Vallamdas MD


2400 Balfour Rd 302 Brentwood California, 94513



Dr. Usha Vallamdas is a pediatrician practicing in Brentwood, CA. Dr. Vallamdas is a doctor who specializes in the health care of children. As a pedicatrician, Dr. Vallamdas diagnoses and treats infections, injuries, diseases and other disorders in children. Pediatricians typically work with infants, children, teenagers and young adults up to age 21. They practice medical care as well as preventative health care. Dr. Vallamdas can oversee and manage the physical, mental and emotional health of their patients.

Education and Training

Texas Tech University MD Pediatrics 2007

Board Certification

PediatricsAmerican Board of PediatricsABP

Provider Details

Female English, Hindi, Telugu
Dr. Usha Vallamdas MD
Dr. Usha Vallamdas MD's Expert Contributions
  • Does my child need an antibiotic for strep throat?

    Yes, absolutely! Otherwise, it would have cardiac consequences causing Rheumatic Fever and possible cardiac failure in future, also could cause neurological complications. Hope this helps. Usha READ MORE

  • How can I stop my child from coughing?

    Hi, first we have to figure out the reason for coughing and then treat it. Cough is a protective mechanism that the body uses to throw out foreign bodies including bacteria and viruses. That's why cough is contagious. The underlying cause for cough is treated, but not suppressed. Cough also happens when airways are tight as it asthma patients, so it is treated differently with bronchodilators. Hope this helps, Usha READ MORE

  • Should I give fever reducer to my child?

    Yes, please. Usha READ MORE

  • How long does the flu last in kids?

    About 1-2 weeks. First thing to resolve once flu medicine (Tamiflu) was given is fever, then followed by activity and improvement in appetite, then runny nose/stuffy nose. Last thing to resolve is cough, which might take 1-2 weeks to resolve. Hope this helps. Usha READ MORE

  • How is diabetes diagnosed in children?

    There are usually 2 types of diabetes in children- Type 1 and Type2. At age 9yrs, Type 1 is more common, unless child's weight severely over than normal. Type 1 Diabetes is diagnosed by blood test and also urine test. Please see your physician as soon as possible if you suspect Diabetes, because Type 1 can lead to life threatening situation if delayed. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • What can I do with my son's bad eyesight?

    He needs to be evaluated by Optometrist and if needed by an Ophthalmologist. Optometrists usually do not need a referral from PCP, if Optometrist is concerned, he would recommend to see an Ophthalmologist depending on the need. Hope this helps. Usha READ MORE

  • What is the treatment for a staph infection?

    I am hoping whoever diagnosed you kid with Staph infection, they should have given antibiotics - either topical or oral antibiotic depending on location of infection. Usha READ MORE

  • What causes a UTI in a child?

    Constipation could predispose a child to UTI. Please check if your child passes stool daily, does he have soft stool and does not strain to pass stool. Hope that helps. usha READ MORE

  • How do you know your child has a speech disorder?

    He can be evaluated by speech therapist at school. Please ask for one at school. Usha READ MORE

  • What age should a child have an eye test?

    With advance technology, we can check for vision problems starting 6 months, but with patient's co-operation, eye testing is started at age 3yrs. From then onwards, it is recommended every year once minimum , unless child has issues. Hope that helps. Usha READ MORE

  • My daughter is complaining of some pain when she passes urine. What could be wrong?

    Hello, Painful urination, increased frequency urination, urgency of urination, with or without lower abdominal pain, with or without fever usually need to be investigated to rule out urinary tract infection. Please see your doctor asap to evaluate. Usha READ MORE

  • What can be done to control anger in small children?

    Hi, Time out is one way of showing a consequence for unacceptable behavior. You could also try some relaxation techniques, not at the time of anger, but as a general practice to reduce his frequency of anger. There are many relaxation techniques online through Youtube, but I prefer Heartfulness relaxation technique since I personally used it on school kids and patients in my clinic. Try it :) READ MORE

  • My 5 year old son was diagnosed with asthma. Are inhalers safe for him at this young age?

    Yes, it is safe to use inhaler at age 5yrs. In fact inhalers are given to patients as young as 2 months old for bronchospasm( tightness in chest due to narrowing of airways). children could also use a nebulizer to give the same medication, if not in an inhaler. you have a choice to pick which way medication could be given. Nebulizer needs an electric outlet to use, inhaler is more portable and does not need to use electricity. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • Is it safe to give my child a cold shower in case of a high grade fever?

    Hi, Cold shower depends on the age of the child, how cold the water is, and also on the activity level of the child. If the child is older, acting more or less normal, and is well hydrated, you could try cooler showers. But it is always safe to use cold rags on the forehead, arm pits, and groin if the fever is not going down with medication. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • Do natural remedies help in treating strep throat or do you need medicine?

    Hi, Strep throat is diagnosed either by clinical exam or by lab test by swabbing the throat. Strep throat always needs to be treated with antibiotics to prevent cardiac and possible neurological complications later on due to untreated strep throat infection. Strep throat is caused by a bacteria that can lead to Rheumatic fever with severe cardiac complications, which could be prevented by prompt treatment. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • To stop my child from bleeding is turmeric considered a good option?

    Hi, Turmeric is used not to stop bleeding, but to help prevent serious infection in the wounded area. Turmeric has the capacity to stop bacterial growth in a wounded area. READ MORE

  • When is a fever a cause of concern?

    Hi, Fever is a cause of concern if it lasts more than 3 days at a time and has other signs of infection or fatigue or loss of appetite. It is also of concern if it is recurrent and follows a certain pattern with any other associated symptoms. Fever is also a concern if it causes seizures with a sick looking child. Fever itself does not kill anyone, but could cause dehydration or poor oral intake due to fatigue. Fever is a cause of concern in any sick looking child. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • Are dryfruits okay for 3 year olds or is it too much fat for their bodies to digest?

    Dry fruits are perfectly okay for kids. Fresh fruits are preferred for more water content. Dry fruits like dates have high iron content and are used to supplement for iron deficiency in kids and adults. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Pediatrics Child Specialist


  • Kidney Problems

Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Pediatrics, California Chapter  


  • Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center


  • Nephrology, Stanford University

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Academy of Pediatrics

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Her patients, they are the motivating factor in being her best.

Hobbies / Sports

  • Meditation, Relaxation techniques, Walks

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Felicity Pediatrics

2400 Balfour Rd 302 -
Brentwood, California 94513
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2367 Shadelands dr Entrance A -
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