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Dr. Kent E. Moore M.D., D.D.S., Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Dr. Kent E. Moore M.D., D.D.S.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon | Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

1718 E 4th St Suite 804 Charlotte NC, 28204


Dr. Kent Moore is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon practicing in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Moore specializes in the treatment of problems related to the face, mouth and jaws. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Moore is a unique dental specialist who can provide emergency medicine, perform general surgery and give anesthesia. These medical doctors are the only type of medical care specialist who can administer anesthesia, besides anesthesiologists. Typical procedures performed by Dr. Moore are tooth extractions, especially wisdom teeth, corrective jaw surgery, cleft palate surgery and reconstructive surgery after an injury. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons can also perform dental work including placing dental implants. These surgeons might also deal with conditions of sleep apnea, oral cancers and more.

Education and Training

Year MD

Virginia Commonwealth University / Medical College of Virginia School of Medic 1993

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MaleEnglish 23 years of experience
Dr. Kent E. Moore M.D., D.D.S.
Dr. Kent E. Moore M.D., D.D.S.'s Expert Contributions
  • Is jaw surgery necessary for a crossbite?

    Always remember: you’re not going to die from a cross bite!! It’s somewhat of a quality of life issue and somewhat an orthodontic issue… having teeth properly aligned and related to each other in many ways ensures longevity of your teeth. Small cross bites can often be corrected orthodontic, i.e., without the need for jaw surgery, but please discuss this issue further with your treating orthodontist and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon prior to proceeding. READ MORE

  • Do they put you to sleep for oral cyst surgery?

    Not necessarily; a variety of variables play a role in what type of anesthesia to provide for each patient and each procedure type. You should discuss these variables and options with you surgeon prior to proceeding. READ MORE

  • How long does your nose bleed after jaw surgery?

    Bleeding varies by procedure and anesthesia type. Please discuss with your surgeon, as prolonged and excessive bleeding can be life-threatening. READ MORE

  • Can missing teeth cause jaw problems?

    Absolutely!! Missing posterior teeth can cause a variety of issues related to posterior vertical facial collapse including jaw joint problems, over eruption of posterior teeth, and overloading of remaining anterior teeth. Besides being an aesthetic issue, missing anterior teeth can cause problems with teeth shifting, to trauma to the posterior teeth. Please discuss further with your treating OMS. READ MORE

  • How long do you wear rubber bands after jaw surgery?

    This depends upon the purpose for the elastics: often light guarding elastics can be used for an interval of several weeks following Jaw surgery when the teeth are fitting together well. Other times heavier elastics are used to help gain additional movement needed to maximize intercuspation and these elastics may be needed for a longer interval of time. Please discuss with your treating oral and maxillofacial surgeon READ MORE

  • Can wisdom teeth surgery go wrong?

    As with any surgery complications can arise. With wisdom teeth this can generally relate to nerve damage, problems with healing, problems related to adjacent teeth, or problems with anesthesia. Please discuss this further with your treating oral and maxillofacial surgeon. READ MORE

  • Do you need braces for underbite surgery?

    Pre-surgical orthodontics are often needed to properly align the teeth to the underlying skeletal base depending upon the amount of dental compensation that may be present. Orthodontics performed preoperatively can enhance the chances of attaining a stable anesthetic postoperative result. READ MORE

  • How is a dislocated jaw treated?

    Treatment sometimes depends upon the length of time the jaw has been dislocated; acute dislocations can often be manipulated (typically under sedation) so that the condyle(s) are reseated. Chronic dislocations may require more invasive procedures. READ MORE

  • What do you do if a dental implant screw falls out?

    By using the term "screw"- this term is somewhat ambiguous... the implant itself is typically a "screw-like" configuration, but there is also a "cover screw"; the healing abutment is a "screw", and the final abutment is also a "screw". So, without more information, my advice is to see the doctor who placed the device. READ MORE

  • How deep does a dental implant go?

    Depths of dental implants vary from location to location, and by how much bone is available. The longer and wider an implant is, the more bone-implant interface exists for force distribution. This must be balanced, however, by the distance from adjacent teeth, and by local anatomy. The needs for establishment of immediate implant restoration differ from those where the implant is allowed to heal prior to restoring. READ MORE

  • Is sinus lift surgery safe?

    All surgeries carry risks and the potential for complications. A perfect outcome is never guaranteed. However, sinus-lift surgery (if performed by a trained surgeon) should result in a good outcome- acknowledging risks of bleeding, infection, loss of any graft material, anesthesia risks, and potential need for additional surgery. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are well trained in this procedure and management of complications. READ MORE

  • How should I prepare for wisdom teeth removal?

    This depends largely upon the type of anesthesia you will be receiving for your procedure. Please discuss your particular situation with your treating OMS. READ MORE

  • How long will my face be swollen after oral surgery?

    The answer depends upon the extent and type of the procedure performed. More extensive and invasive procedures will typically result in more swelling. Discuss this issue with your treating surgeon. READ MORE

  • What's the difference between a tooth extraction and a surgical tooth extraction?

    The 2021 ADA CDT book defines an "extraction, erupted tooth or exposed root (elevation and/or forcepts removal)"- as a procedure that includes removal of tooth structure, minor smoothing of socket bone, and closure, as necessary. An "extraction of an erupted tooth requiring removal of bone and/or sectioning of the tooth, including elevation of a mucoperiosteal flap (if indicated)"- includes related cutting of gingiva and bone, removal of tooth structure, and smoothing of socket bone and closure. READ MORE

  • Is jaw surgery permanent?

    Yes, typically it is. It depends upon exactly what type of jaw surgery you are inquiring about. READ MORE

  • Does jaw surgery change your face?

    Yes, jaw surgery can change your appearance, with changes being more apparent the farther the jaws are advanced. The changes can be exceedingly beneficial, both in esthetics and for your upper airway. READ MORE

  • Should I see a dentist or oral surgeon for jaw pain?

    I think you should see your general dentist first... if they have concerns they can refer you to an oral surgeon for evaluation... READ MORE

  • How common is jaw surgery relapse?

    Relapse is more common the farther the jaw is advanced, so for long movements (i.e., > 6-8mm) skeletal relapse is more likely. READ MORE

  • Can your jaw move back after surgery?

    Yes, skeletal relapse is a possibility for any corrective jaw surgery. Relapse is typically more so a problem with larger movements. Bone plates and screws are used to minimize the relapse, but it can still occur. READ MORE

  • Can you brush your teeth with your jaw wired shut?

    Yes, you can brush the outsides of your teeth, but not the insides. READ MORE

Dr. Kent E. Moore M.D., D.D.S.'s Practice location

Practice At 1718 E 4th St Suite 804

1718 E 4th St Suite 804 -
Charlotte, NC 28204
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Practice At 2711 Randolph Rd Suite 510

2711 Randolph Rd Suite 510 -
Charlotte, NC 28207
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New patients: 704-358-8898
Fax: 704-358-8889

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