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Dr. Richard Nichols is a podiatrist practicing in Grapevine, Texas. Dr. Nichols is a medical doctor specializing in the treatment of the foot , ankle and related parts of the leg. As a podiatrist, Dr. Nichols diagnoses and treats conditions of the feet. The feet are key body parts that give a person stability, absorb shock, allow for walking and standing and are necessary for overall well-being. So, the feet need expert care. Podiatrists can specialize in surgery, wound care, sports medicine, diabetic care and pediatrics.

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Dr. Richard A. Nichols PA DPM
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  • My grandfather's wound is not healing. What should we do?

    First, his Doctor should have done a culture to determine the right antibiotic. He needs x-rays of the foot to determine that an infection has not traveled to the bone. He also should do a vascular study to determine if he has enough blood flowing to the foot. Most importantly make an appointment with a Podiatrist that is certified in wound care. READ MORE

  • Is foot amputation the only solution for gangrene?

    It depends on how severe it is and if it has gotten to the bone or not; and how much time has gone by. If it hasn't gotten to the bone, the Doctor has to be very aggressive to try to save them. READ MORE

  • How can I prevent corn in my feet from happening again?

    Corns are typically a normal skin adaptation to friction or pressure. This could be due to your gait pattern, type of shoe gear, or bone structure. In addition, plantar warts and porokeratoses look very similar to corns and could be the causative agent. You should visit a podiatrist for evaluation. READ MORE

  • Can anyone get athlete's foot?

    Fungus exists everywhere in the environment. Athlete's foot is common and the treatment simple and effective. You should try topical lamisil twice daily. If it doesn't resolve it's time to see a podiatrist. READ MORE

  • I am experiencing foot pain while sitting. What could be the reason?

    It could be a variety of things. You should see a podiatrist for a clinical examination. READ MORE

  • A glass pricked my foot and even after a month the spot hurts. What should I do?

    If the glass wasn't leaded, the X-ray may be unable to detect it. An MRI can tell you if anything is left. READ MORE

  • Does swelling around the ankle indicate a serious injury?

    It is likely that you strained, or sprained, one of the ligaments in your ankle. Swelling is your bodies reaction to damage. Pedal and ankle injuries are frustrating due to the difficulty we have in staying off our feel to let injuries heal. If the pain persists past a week or becomes worse with time, rather than better, you should consider having a podiatrist evaluate the injury. READ MORE

  • Do heel bone fractures require surgery?

    It depends on the severity of the fracture and how displaced the fracture is. If the fracture is severely displaced, it would require surgery. If not displaced, a properly applied fiberglass cast would be adequate along with non-weigthbearing. I would caution you that it is a difficult decision to make and should be made by a qualified podiatrist. READ MORE

  • How to reduce the pain due to ankle sprain?

    It needs to be X-rayed to determine that there is no cartilage damage or fractures. Sometimes, an MRI is necessary to determine if there are any ligament tears which will lead to the proper treatment. We do not advise you to treat yourself, but to see a qualified podiatrist. The proper timing of the treatment is essential. READ MORE

  • Could weight be a contributing factor for ankle and knee pain?

    Although weight can be a contributing factor; there are other factors to consider such as any past trauma to the ankle, family history such as arthritis, autoimmune problems, biomechanical weight distribution to and through the foot. Other contributing factors to be considered would be any past trauma to the knee, hip or back. A thorough initial physical examination of the foot and ankle would be recommended. Other contributing factors to be considered would be any past trauma to the knee, hip or back. READ MORE

  • Is my ankle sprained?

    It is always a good idea to visit a Podiatrist who can X-ray to determine whether there are any fractures present. In addition, any ligament damage could be ascertained. There are 3 grades of severity. First, is a mild sprain with no ligament damage; second, is a partial tear of the ligaments which could compromise the stability of the ankle long term; third grade involves a complete tear of the ligaments which would require surgery. READ MORE

  • Why do I wake up with pain in my heels everyday?

    If this is a slow onset and hurts when first getting out of bed in the morning it could be related to plantar fasciitis. This is a very common foot problem and could be resolved with proper support from a shoe or arch supports. In addition to this, stretching the calf muscle would be advisable. READ MORE

  • What to do for swollen feet?

    Most of the time swelling could be due to a poorly functioning cardiovascular system. Other factors would be congestive heart failure, kidney failure or liver pathology. Too much salt intake or drugs taken for hypertension could be also a factor. The first thing to treat chronic swelling would be to wear compressive stockings which could be purchased from a local pharmacy. READ MORE

  • The skin on my left foot feels raw after standing for a long time. Why?

    This sounds as though the skin is hypersensitive, which could be due to neurological reasons such peripheral neuropathy, chronic low back pain which is similar to carpal tunnel or systemic diseases such as diabetes. Tight shoes could be a factor, not wearing closed shoes. You would need to get your foot measured for proper footwear. READ MORE

  • My mother is diabetic and has thick nail growth in her feet. How can we cut them while avoiding injury?

    Grinding the nail down carefully without breaking the nail. This will alleviate the risk factors of the nail. READ MORE

  • There is a feeling of discomfort in my right foot. What could this be?

    I would need to know more information such as where precisely is the pain located, the type of pain it is, when and how it occurs. These are questions that are needed to help determine the diagnosis. READ MORE

  • I have a corn in my foot. Can corn cap remove that?

    I assume you mean the big toe. Yes, it could be removed by a podiatrist in an office setting. Most importantly however, it is advisable to ascertain the cause of the problem such as pressure of the bone in that location. READ MORE

  • I have a painful, swollen ankle following an injury. What to do?

    The ankle needs to be X-rayed to determine whether there is any fracture or any cartilage damage. READ MORE

  • Why am I experiencing ankle pain after two years of arthroscopic surgery?

    Chronic degenerative arthritis. Also, you can be unresponsive to arthroscopic surgery. First step in determining this would be a repeat MRI of the ankle. Lab work should be performed to rule out any autoimmune diseases of the ankle. READ MORE


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