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Dr. Adeela Peer, DC, Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Adeela Peer, DC

Chiropractor | Sports Physician

3950 S Rochester Rd Suite 2450 Rochester Hills MI, 48307


   Dr. Adeela Peer is an AWARD WINNING chiropractic physician with over a decade of experience with outstanding results.  Dr. Peer is an international laser specialist and trainer, corporate wellness speaker, nutritional consultant and breast cancer survivor. With technology constantly evolving, Dr. Peer prides herself in staying on point with  continuous learning and training. The days of aggressive cracking and popping is a thing of the past. Dr. Peer provides elite gentle chiropractic care that will make you feel better, increase mobility and range of motion and correct posture.

         Dr. Peer a industry leader who provides an array of services to help with weight loss, acne/skin laser care, chronic pain conditions, laser treatment protocols, sports injuries, nutrition and exercise physiology to provide the best possible results for her patients.Dr. Peer received her doctorate degree from LCCW in San Francisco, California. During this time Dr. Peer learned about the benefits of laser therapy and how patients were able to heal faster, decrease pain and achieve optimal health. Dr. Peer knew at this point laser therapy is revolutionizing pain therapy and was going to be an integral part of her practice and patient treatment. 

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Professional Society Memberships

  • Michigan Association of Chiropractic, American Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractic Association, American Breast Cancer Association

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Being able to make a difference.

Dr. Adeela Peer, DC's Practice location

Peer Chiropractic Wellness Center

3950 S Rochester Rd Suite 2450 -
Rochester Hills, MI 48307
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New patients: 248-650-2225, 248-650-2225

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