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Dr. Pat Brown practices Orthodontics in Boston, MA. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment includes metal wires that are inserted into orthodontic brackets, which can be made from stainless steel or a more aesthetic ceramic material. The wires interact with the brackets to move teeth into desired positions. Being advanced in the field, Dr. Brown may also use Invisalign or other aligner trays that have been designed to align a patients? smile. As an orthodontist, Dr. Brown must recognize various characteristics of a malocclusion or dentofacial deformity, define the nature of the problem, including the etiology if possible, and design a treatment strategy based on the specific needs and desires of the patient.

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Dr. Dr. Pat Brown, Boston Orthodontics
Dr. Dr. Pat Brown, Boston Orthodontics 's Expert Contributions
  • How do you treat a gum infection under a dental bridge?

    Use a bridge aid and floss, also a water pick may help. READ MORE

  • Do dental crowns require anesthesia?

    There are many stages to crowns. Local anesthesia could be needed. READ MORE

  • Can you use an electric toothbrush on a crown?

    yes READ MORE

  • Is it normal to have sensitivity after a permanent crown?

    Speak to your provider. READ MORE

  • Why is my bridge hurting?

    Yes. Call the dentist who inserted the bridge. READ MORE

  • Do they put you to sleep when getting braces?

    You should not be nervous about getting your braces. I have not heard of anyone putting anyone to sleep to place braces. Frequently during the procedure, however, many patients are so relaxed that they do fall asleep while I'm working. READ MORE

  • What helps swollen gums after getting orthodontics?

    Flossing and brushing and rinsing. Swelling is usually caused by bacteria that has been allowed to be under the gums, because the braces make it a little more difficult to keep gums and teeth as clean as they need to be to prevent infection.. The swelling is a sign of a low grade infection this can be increased by not flossing and brushing well just before bedtime. 6 weeks after the braces had been removed a cleaning by your dentist is recommended READ MORE

  • Should I wear my retainer if it hurts?

    You should speak with your orthodontist about the discomfort, but most of the time, discomfort comes from poor wear. If you wear your retainer full time like you should, you shouldn't have discomfort. Most people who are experiencing these problems leave the retainers out to allow the teeth to move, and then the retainers are actively trying to pull the teeth back to the ideal position and you will experience discomfort. READ MORE

  • Will my teeth be yellow after braces?

    Braces do not make teeth yellow. Good hygiene during brace wear will maintain the color of your teeth. Because teeth are translucent, sometimes they have a slightly darker appearance while the braces are in place, but once they are off and you brush really well, your teeth should have the same color as before you received the braces. READ MORE

  • Can you talk with Invisalign?

    Aligners are worn 22 out of 24 hours to allow some time for eating. Speech should not be a problem with Invisalign wear. Particularly someone who is compliant and wears them the full time period, it takes a short time for people to adjust to speaking with the aligners in and it is not a continual problem at all. Speech is not a problem. READ MORE

  • What foods can't you eat anymore with braces?

    Do not eat things that are hard sticky or sharp. Also bagels will break braces you must be careful while your eating anything that is not soft, also you should avoid things that are very sugary and make sure you clean your mouth regularly by flossing and brushing READ MORE

  • Can an orthodontist provide Invisalign?

    Orthodontists are the best group to provide Invisalign, particularly in complicated cases. READ MORE

  • How should I sleep with tooth pain from braces?

    If you have sensitivity after your orthodontic adjustments it is advisable before your appointment to take a pain reliever. It's best to always block sensitivity before it starts however if you wait till afterwards then you will probably require more medication to lessen your sensitivity. Tylenol Ibuprofen motrin any of the over the counter items will probably be sufficient. READ MORE

  • What's the shortest time to have Invisalign?

    Treatment depends on the severity of your problem. The shortest time might be a month or 2 however very few people fall into this category. READ MORE

  • How can I tighten my retainer at home?

    It is not suggested that you tighten your own retainer as you may cause yourself problems Or break the retainer READ MORE

  • Do braces move your teeth every day?

    Teeth are moving as long as a force is being applied. Once there is no longer force braces can act as a retailer just holding everything in place READ MORE

  • How do you relieve pain from a retainer?

    Retainer by their nature should not be painful. If you have not worn your retainer thus teeth were allowed to move away from the position from which the retainer was made there will be sensitivity. This sensitivity will go away when begin wearing it full time or if you take some of the over the counter medications for head pain. READ MORE

  • How do dental orthopedics help your teeth?

    Teeth positioned in the correct place like a building being built on the correct foundation have a superior result. Crowding trauma from bad bites cause problems that can lead to damage to teeth READ MORE

  • Is 35 too old for braces?

    35 years old is in no way too old for braces. The oldest patients that I have treated have been ninety years old. Bone is always being formed. Treatment may take slightly longer. However, age is not a factor. Only the health of the teeth and gums are important for tooth movement. READ MORE

  • Does Invisalign or braces make your teeth more yellow?

    Because teeth are translucent, teeth seem darker due to reflection. When the brackets are removed, the teeth will appear the original color, provided the patient has good hygiene. READ MORE

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Patricia Brown

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  • Janice c.

    Best looking teeth. Straight and Great!.

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