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Richard Pitcock LSPE, Psychologist

Richard Pitcock LSPE

Psychologist | Clinical Child & Adolescent

1417 Randy Rd Ashland City TN, 37015


Dr. Richard Pitcock is a psychologist practicing in Ashland City, TN. Dr. Pitcock specializes in the treatment of health mental problems, and helps people to cope with their mental illnesses. As a psychologist, Dr. Pitcock evaluates and treats patients through a variety of methods, most typically being psychotherapy or talk therapy. Patients usually visit Dr. Pitcock because they have been experiencing depression, anxiety, stress or anger for a significant period of time and are seeking help. Psychologists may perform a variety of exams and assessments to diagnose a mental condition.

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Richard Pitcock

1417 Randy Rd -
Ashland City, TN 37015
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New patients: 615-200-2538
Fax: 615-746-5013

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