Dr. Joyce Davis, MD, Dermatologist
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Dr. Joyce Davis, MD


69 5th Avenue @14th Street New York NY, 10003


Dr. Joyce Davis is an honors graduate of Cornell University and received her medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at the age of 23. Dr. Davis is a Board Certified dermatologist. She is on the voluntary faculty of Mount Sinai Medical Center, where she teaches dermatology residents at Mount Sinai Union Square.
The Castle Connolly Guide to the Top Doctors in the New York Metro Area and America’s Cosmetic Doctors and Dentists included her in all editions to date. New York Magazine ranked Dr. Davis as one of New York’s top dermatologists and she was featured in New York Super Doctors, which recognizes the top 5% of New York City physicians. 
She is on the speakers bureau of the American Academy of Dermatology and regularly appears in the media.
She has been in private practice for over 30 years. She realizes the “emergency” nature of dermatology, and offers same- day- appointments for patients. Her practice includes medical as well as cosmetic dermatology; and she has a special interest in treating hair loss. 

Education and Training

Albert Einstein Medicine

Albert Einstein College of Medicine - Yeshiva University 1979

Board Certification

DermatologyAmerican Board of DermatologyABD

Provider Details

Female French
Dr. Joyce Davis, MD
Dr. Joyce Davis, MD's Expert Contributions
  • What is the best cream for acne scars?

    No cream will eliminate acne scars. Acne scars are usually indented. They can be minimized to planing treatments (by a dermatologist preferably), or lifted with injectable fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. READ MORE

  • Is microdermabrasion safe for sensitive skin?

    Your dermatologist should perform your first treatment on a low setting to see that you don't get irritated. Can always make things stronger next time. If you feel pain, speak up. There shouldn't be any bleeding. Joyce Davis, MD READ MORE

  • Can vaseline remove acne scars?

    No. We do have ways of treating them. If a scar is deep, then it can be injected with a filler such as Juvederm or Restylane. If it is elevated, then cortisone injections can help. Go to your dermatologist for help. Joyce Davis, MD READ MORE

  • Why is redness developing here?

    These look like blisters. The linearity suggests poison ivy...do they itch? Did someone relieve themselves in the woods? Try topical hydrocortisone cream if there is itching. If not, or not getting better, see a dermatologist. Joyce Davis, MD READ MORE

  • How can I effectively fight dandruff?

    An easy fix is to shampoo more often. But, you will need a correct shampoo. There are many categories of dandruff shampoos sold over the counter. Start with one from Neutrogena ...the Tgel shampoo works well but I would only recommend it for brunettes, since the tar can discolir lighter hair. Their Tsal shampoo would be safer for the latter. Head and Shoulders also makes a variety of shampoos to target dandruff. If not successful, see a board certified dermatologist for prescription strength shampoos and topical medication. Sometimes there are thick areas of dandruff that need to be treated with topical foams or liquids. READ MORE

  • Do chemical peels remove blackheads?

    Chemicals peels do remove blackheads. Generally the more superficial glycolic or salicylic acid peels are used. These peels are safe for all skin colors. Deeper chemical peels can disrupt pigment in darker skinned individuals. In my practice I offer the dermasweep treatment, which combines a chemical peel with crystal free microdermabrasion. There is also suction to remove blackheads. A series of dermasweep treatments should help you. READ MORE

  • What is a good way to treat eczema?

    Eczema is usually localized to the flexural folds (inside of elbows, behind the knees, even eyelids). A visit to a board certified dermatologist should outline a program for safe products that will help prevent eczema, as well as prescription medication to treat. I generally recommend moisturizing soaps and applying a lotion or cream after each shower. This keeps the moisture in your skin. Most treatments target the affected sites. We have prescription strength creams, ointments, foams, lotions, etc. That will be selected for you. We also have non cortisone alternatives such as Eludel, Protopic, and Eucrissa. For widespread eczema we also have Prednisone, pills for short term use, and Dupixent. READ MORE

  • How do doctors remove skin tags?

    Skin tags are annoying polyps of skin that generally form in skin folds. You can develop clusters of skin tags around the neck, in the underarms, groin folds, even on the eyelids. They are benign, non cancerous, non contagious lesions. But, they can become red and inflamed and quite painful ! A dermatologist can remove many (40+) tags in a session. A local anesthetic is usually given and the tags are then individually excised in a sterile manner. There will be sone bleeding, which can easily be handled by your doctor. Once removed the tags shouild not recur, but you may continue to grow new tags. READ MORE

  • Does most acne go away on its own?

    At 24 you can expect to have at least 10 more years of acne. It does not just "Go away". Acne is treated differently, depends g onb whether you have blackheads, plus pimples, and or cysts. There are several over the counter medications available. Benzoyl peroxide is the strongest and most drying. It comes in several strengths. Be careful..since it can bleach fabric that it touches, so get dressed first and then apply it to your face. Alternatively, you can buy Differin Gel and Salicylic acid gels over the counter. If these don't work for you, see a board certified dermatologist. They can prescribe RetinA, Tazorac, Aczone, among other medications to treat you. If the acne is widespread oral antibiotics or Accutane may be needed. READ MORE

  • What helps stop facial skin irritation?

    This depends on where on your face you get the irritation. Is it where you are shaving ? Is it on your eyelids? You will need to be a bit of a detective to figure out what touched the affected area. If all over, it may be that your soap is too stripping ( skip anything drying or antibacterial). If not successful, find a board certified dermatologist to help you. READ MORE

  • What is the difference between a mole and skin tag?

    A mole is generally pigmented, but doesn't have to be. A mole is composed of melanocytes. It can be flat, elevated, or nodular. It has a potential to become cancerous, and that's why dermatologists advocate an annual full body skin examination to check all skin growths. Nevi thst get excised are always sent for biopsy, so that they get examined under the microscope. A skin tag is just a polyp; loose floppy skin on a stalk. Dermatologists can remove many of these in a session. They may or may not be sent for biopsy. READ MORE

  • What is the best vitamin for hair loss?

    See my answer above. If you are losing hair you should see a board certified dermatologist for evaluation and treatment. Taking a full a to z multivitamin is helpful. Using Rogaine may also be heloful. READ MORE

  • What can I do about my dry skin?

    You may be bathing/washing too much. I am not sure if it just on your face or all over the body. Generally, if your face is dry, stick to using a moisturizing soap and only cleanse twice daily. Shower no more than once daily. Moisturizing soaps to try include Dove for sensitive skin, Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, Basis for sensitive skin, or CeraVe facial cleansers. READ MORE

  • Should I see a dermatologist for hair loss?

    Of course! Hair loss is treatable. Your dermatologist will explore your medical history and order blood tests to check for causes off the shedding. Medical conditions (such as hyper and hypo throidism) are often first detected when patients complain of hair loss. Vitamin deficiencies are also a common cause of hair loss...even in the NYC area. READ MORE

  • What are home remedies for hair falling out?

    There are NO home remedies for hair falling out. Unless you just delivered a baby the situation demands that you see a board certified dermatologist. Your doctor will take your medical history, order blood tests, and look to uncover the cause. Hair loss is a treatable condition....but not a do-it-yourself project. READ MORE

  • What could be causing hair loss?

    You should see a board certified dermatologist specializing in hair liss for an evaluation. Hair loss is often diagnosed by the pattern of the thinning. Is it in the front and on top of the scalp? If so it is likely androgenic or male pattern hair loss. You can buy Rogaine 5% iver the counter to try. The male dose is to use twice daily; females just once daily. If you are not seeing improvement, or even if you are, a dermatoligist could prescribe oral Finasteride which is a game changer for this condition. PRP treatments can also be done in-office to help stimulate hair growth. Your bloid is drawn and the growth factors separated and reinjected back into your scalp to stimulate hair follicles. READ MORE

  • Can a mole on your hand be removed?

    Definitely. Most moles can easily be removed during a routine office visit. You will be injected with a local aesthetic and the lesion can be removed either with or without (in most cases) stitches. What is most important is that themole be sent to a laboratory for examination. READ MORE

  • What are the most effective treatments for acne?

    There are several excellent over the counter medications to try if your acne is localized. Differin gel is the newest. It is a retinoud, in the same family as Retin A, but milder. You can use it all iver your face and is heloful for treating blacjheads and minor acne. If you gave pustules or cysts (bumps that can be tendet) then buy benzoyl peroxide gel. The 10% strength is strongest and should dry a pimple in a few days. If your acne is extensive then you may need to see a dermatologist for something oral READ MORE

  • What are the treatment options for psoriasis?

    Treatments for psoriasis vary widely. It largely depends on where the psoriasis is and the extent of the disease. Usually treatment starts with a topical corticosteroid cream, ointment, foam, spray, liquid, or any combination of these. You would apply the medication just to affected areas and cease when the plaques resolve. Usually tge more pitent topical corticosteroids are most helpful and these are only available by prescription. See a board certified dermatologist for an evaluation and medication plan. There are many other treatments he/she can offer such as injections into stubborn areas, UV light therapy, oral and infusion therapies. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Hair Loss, Skin Cancer Screening, Cosmetic Dermatology

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Clinical Instructor Mount Sinai Union Square 1983 - Present


  • Best Doctors 2002 NY Magazine 
  • Best Doctors 2004 NY Magazine 
  • Best Doctors New York 2019 Castle Connolly Guide 
  • Best Doctors New York 2018 Castle Connolly 
  • Best Doctors New York 2017 Castle Connolly 
  • Best Doctors New York 2016 Castle Connolly 
  •  2008-2009 New York Super Doctors 


  • Acne, Hair Loss (alopecia), Botox And More

Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Dermatology  
  • American Society for Dermatologic Surgery  
  • Fellow AAD Membership: 

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Board of Governors- Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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Joyce Davis

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New York, NY 10003
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