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Dr. Amy Jeanette Holland M.D., Psychiatrist

Dr. Amy Jeanette Holland M.D.

Preventative Medicine Specialist | Psychiatry

707 Whitlock Ave Sw Suite D30 Marietta GA, 30064



Dr. Amy Holland is a Medical Doctor, Board Certified by ABPN who believes in whole wellness and whole person care. To that endeavor, she has expanded her practice to include: Medical weight loss, Cellulite/fat reduction and permanent removal, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, laser vein removal, laser facials, Botox, Fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse and Perlane, Latisse for lashes, Reiki, Infrared Sauna, So sound relaxation Therapy, Reiki, and even the safest way to tan with sunless spray tanning by VersaPro. In addition, she does work with people to alleviate depressive or anxiety symptoms as well as Attentional issues. She enjoys her work immensely and has been practicing in Marietta, GA in the same location for 20 years. She stays up to date in all areas in which she practices and is a Diplomate of Aesthetic Medicine. Also, she invests in only the most up to date equipment and Lasers after much research. She has an Enlighten 3 for Laser Tattoo Removal and picogenesis with major skin rejuvenation and removal of age spots. Also, she has the Cynosure Elite MPX for Laser Hair Removal in ALL Skin Types, Laser Facials, Laser Vein Removal, and IPL. In addition she has the Lumenis One, and Lumenis Light Sheer Duet. And she has added the just released TruSculpt 3D for non invasive permanent Cellulite removal.See her website:

Education and Training

Brody School of Medicine MD 1991

The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University 1991

Board Certification

Psychiatry and Neurology American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology ABPN

Provider Details

Female English 20 years of experience
Dr. Amy Jeanette Holland M.D.
Dr. Amy Jeanette Holland M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • What can I do to help cope with the loss of my mother?

    So sorry for your loss. First, it takes time and every person is different..don’t let others make you think you “should” be over your grief. Also, a part of you will grieve loss of your mother forever but it won’t hurt so much like it does now, Highly recommend the griefshare it up in line and sign up and they will send u 365 days of short couple of sentences etc...that go along with stages of grief and it really does help...having used it personally,too, and they do not sell or give out your info. Also, there are local griefshare groups likely meeting near you and they will be specific like loss of a parent group versus loss of a spouse or loss of a child. Simultaneously, it is great idea to see a therapist who can help you with grief...With very prolonged grief, seeing a psychiatrist to evaluate for need for a medication may be in order....but it is normal to grieve for a parent for a long time..and certain songs, events, people will bring them to mind. The anniversary date of her death will be hard..go ahead and plan for it and perhaps on that day plant a tree in her memory or look through old photos of her...If not, make that memory box with items placed in it that remind you of take care of you..plan for time to is o.k. To cry. Hope this helps... Blessings to you....Most sincerely, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • What can be done for chronic depression if medications do not work?

    Recommend a review of all her medications perhaps with a new psychiatrist for a 2nd opinion, also there is genesight testing that can further clarify what meds May work best for her...beyond medications there is trans cranial magnetic stimulation for depression, Ketamine infusions, and Electroconvulvie therapy...first thing is to sit down with new eyes of a professional to throughly review everything.. Best wishes for a full recovery soon for your sister, Sincerely, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • I had severe postpartum depression after giving birth to my son. Is it likely I will have it with my second child?

    Yes, it is very likely to occur after the delivery. Please be sure to talk to your Ob doctor about this And if you do not see a psychiatrist now...I strongly suggest you have an appt with one to discuss in more detail your history and they can manage you through this so you don’t have it this time...Take care of you...babies are happiest and best cared for when their parents feel their very best. Wishing you happy times, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • Why am I not happy as all other moms around me are?

    Hi, You may be suffering from post-partum depression which is especially prevalent if any past history of depression, Recommend see a psychiatrist or your family physician as soon as possible...your family doctor can refer you to a psychiatrist in your area with expertise in this area. With a complete evaluation, a clearer understanding can be obtained and you may or may not require medication and you likely will be referred for therapy. Becoming a first time Mom is a big change afterall and it can feel overwhelming so talking with expert in the field can get you on the right path to feeling better, and more self assured and happy with yourself and your baby, Best of luck...You will be feeling better in no time after seeking help, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • What can I do for my fears?

    Please go talk to a professional...recommend considering a complete evaluation with a psychiatrist who can best guide you on next steps from laboratory tests, to beginning therapy, to potential supplements or prescription medications. You can and will get better...Take care, Dr; Amy READ MORE

  • Winter leaves me feeling very depressed and dejected. Is it normal?

    Yes this could indeed be S.A.D. And recommend consult with a psychiatrist for a full evaluation...and there are great options available to help from light box therapy which I highly recommend to my patients for the S.A.D. Sufferers and there are many meds that can be helpful..Wellbutrin is one such med that is cited to be helpful especially with S.A.D. ..Good Luck and get a professional evaluation right away, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • Does my son need to go through some kind of counselling during my divorce proceedings?

    Absolutely, are spot on here...getting him counseling will help him discuss things openly with someone who isn’t involved in the situation ...this will help him maintain emotionally and will be a huge benefit to him...Great to think of this, many parents don’t consider this early on likely due to their own personal hurts/frustrations/etc// Take care of you, too, Dr.Amy READ MORE

  • Sudden mental fatigue--what can it be?

    Recommend see a psychiatrist for a full work up...which should include symptom review, rule/out fo metabolic conditions as well as depression and complete lab testing to include: CBC, Chem Panel complete, Thyroid Panel and TSh, Vit D3 level, B-12, Folate and perhaps other tests dependent upon symptoms, review of any current meds, any alcohol use, marijuana, or other illicit drug on family history, and current lifestyle/relationships and stressors ../with review of all of above easier for psychiatrist to make a good treatment plan that should help your mental fatigue be a thing of the past....assuming this has all been in adulthood and never in childhood...then above is best approach to get to bottom of this and turn things around, Best of luck, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • My son has Asperger's Syndrome. How is it treated?

    indeed it can vary but there are some more typical paths of treatment regimens recommended in general...Recommend an evaluation by a Child Psychiatrist for a complete treatment plan including all modalities that will Be most helpful for your son..and sooner treatment(s) are begun the better the outcome.....but being a child psychiatrist myself who treats many with Asperger’s Syndrome now with alll being called diagnostically Pervasive Developmental Disorder per the DSM-V .. there are a lot of treatments from social skills groups, to supplements to medication that can be most helpful....Fortunate young man to have such a caring mom looking out for him and asking questions, take care of you, too, Mom, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • I think I started binge eating. Is it a mental disorder?

    Get a complete evaluation by a psychiatrist to rule out any other metabolic disorders...and if diagnosed with B.E.D. Binge Eating Disorder, we now have an FDA approved treatment that is most effective...Vyvanse...Best of luck, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • My wife has no urge for sex. What should we do?

    If this has only been an issue of her lack of a sexual drive for the last couple of months, I would look first at her stress level and/or stress between the two of you...seeing a marital therapist may be the best first place to start herein. Hope this helps....but issues between spouses often carries over to the bedroom with the loss of drive and sexual interest, but don’t delay in talking with a professional together and working through whatever is going on so your love life is back on track and better than ever before you know it...hope this helps, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • My son is failing in school. Should I consult a counselor?

    Absolutely, and don’t delay....there are many reasons why this may be occuring from difficulty in a particular subject or with a specific teacher to bullying to a girlfriend, to a specific medical problem from diabetes to depression, to use of a therapist is a great place to begin as they can ask the initial questions and guide you on what are next steps....the sooner the you can get your son back on track as his bright and wonderful self...sincerely, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • Can OCD be cured?

    You are a great brother to be concerned and recommend seeing a psychiatrist for a full evaluation ASAP and yes therapy and mediation can absolutely help and best outcomes for significant OCD symptoms is both therapy and meds at the same time...Wishing your brother freedom from OCD as this can be such a taxing condition causing mental fatigue with all the obsessions and need for rituals/compulsions as well as embarrassment and often an avoidance of going places and doing things as person feels so controlled by their OCD symptoms...But, this is indeed very treatable and I see my patients 70-80 plus percent better with medications and the rest with therapy. Take care, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • Is it safe for me to conceive if I am on antidepressants?

    Recommend you consult the doctor prescribing the antidepressant and your Ob-Gyn before conceiving so risks and benefits may be discussed. Some antidepressants are considered relatively safe in pregnancy while others are contraindicated in pregnancy completely. Your medical doctor(s) should be able to guide you on your best options..but you are doing the best thing for you and your future baby by exploring this issue before conceiving..I truly s-plaid you for this. Wishing you all the best, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • Bipolar Medicaton

    Unfortunately, there is no one Best for everyone medication for Bipolar Disorder just like no one shoe fits all, of course...that being said if anyone in your family has been diagnosed with Bipolar and is on medication that has helped them..this can serve as a possible great place to start. Your particular symptoms, medical history or conditions will all be factored in as a medication is chosen for you to assure your best care. If not, you should consult with a psychiatrist for guidance..if your current doctor is a psychiatrist and is on,y treating you with benzos, then consider another opinion to assure the best options are being made available...Take care. Sincerely, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • Is uncontrolled eating a sign of depression?

    Absolutely, uncontrolled eating could be a symptom of depression..and I recommend a full medical evaluation by a psychiatrist ASAP to further establish cause and order any lab tests needed etc plus illicit any further symptoms...But overeating is such a common reflection of depression that when I manage weight loss in people I ask for 3 diaries of info be recorded daily: foods, exercise, and emotional over-eating from depression, anxiety, mood swings, and.or irritability is so very common..Gently advise your sister to go talk to a psychiatrist...accompany her to the appt. if it makes her feel more comfortable and helps her to make and attend an appt. She is fortunate to have such a caring sister, take care, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • Does a schizophrenia patient also suffer from memory loss?

    All of the above..with schizophrenia there can be some cognition problems as well as some meds used may affect memory...recommend talk to the prescribing doctor about this issue...perhaps there should be a change in medicine...don’t just let your cousin settle for this without further exploration to see possible causation....Just to throw it out there, there is a newer medication for Schizophrenia, Vraylar, which while helping with all symptoms of schizophrenia it is also helping a lot with cognition...I.e. memory and brain functioning might be a med for cousin to ask their doctor about. Best of luck. DR. Amy READ MORE

  • My colleague is undergoing severe stress at work. Can a therapist help him?

    Hi, absolutely refer him to a therapist ..this could help him are a true friend and colleague....he is fortunate to have you in his corner..sincerely, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • Is OCD a disease?

    It is indeed a condition that can worsen...recommend seeing a psychiatrist for further evaluation of all of her symptoms and appropriate recommendations from that’re a great sister to care and find her help, Dr. Amy READ MORE

  • I'm having some severe chest pain with anxiety. Is this dangerous? What could it be?

    Yes, this may go along with anxiety and panic attacks..However, if not you should have a physical examination and ekg and make sure nothing going on with the heart and make sure it isn't reflux ,,and once all of that is ruled out, then go ahead and pursue more treatments and medications for panic disorder..hope this helps, sincerely, A. Holland, MD READ MORE

  • I think I may be depressed. What do I do?

    Recommend check with your primary care doctor about a referral to a psychiatrist who can do complete evaluation for medications, other medical causes, and for therapy....but I would start with seeing a psychiatrist but likely your family primary care doc may give you a referral...also, after retirement depression to some degree is very common..this is a huge life change...hope this helps. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Medical weight loss, Cellulite reduction,TruSculpt 3D, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, Picogenesis, Picosecond laser, IPL, Botox, Fillers, Latisse, Infrared Sauna, Reiki, Fotofacials, laser facials, wrinkle andnfine lines treatment,


  • Emory Univ Sch Of Med, Psychiatry; Univ Of Nc Hosps, Psychiatry
  • University Nc Ch

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Breeding Bengal and Kurilian Bobtail cats for Therapy cats, and it has been truly a labor of love and trying to expand into more places for placement of Therapy cats, and has been working towards opening a group home for veterans and/or battered women as

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