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Dr. Sanaz Shahbandi is a Dentist practicing in Orange, CA. Dr. Shahbandi specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.

Education and Training

USC School of Dentistry D.D.S. 2013

Provider Details

Female English, French, Persian
Dr. Sanaz Shahbandi D.D.S
Dr. Sanaz Shahbandi D.D.S's Expert Contributions
  • Tooth damage from teeth whitening?

    To give you a quick answer: too often getting teeth whitening can permanently damage your teeth that can be irreversible. I would like you to read this article you will get your answer and then some. Teeth whitening can cause permanent damage: UBC prof, Jan 6, 2016 https://news.ubc.ca/2016/01/06/teeth-whitening-can-cause-permanent-damage-ubc-prof/ READ MORE

  • Is baking soda safe for whitening teeth?

    According to Journal of the American Dental Association https://jada.ada.org/article/S0002-8177(17)30822-X/fulltext “The safety of dentifrices containing baking soda has been extensively studied. Researchers in both clinical and laboratory studies have found these products to be safe, to be low in abrasiveness, to not contribute to root sensitivity, and to be safe for use by patients on low-salt diets. This latter finding is important, given that patients swallow 5% to 7% of a dentifrice with which they brush.” So the only thing is that you have to make sure you’re not rubbing the baking soda directly on your teeth, as it can be abrasive. Using toothpastes that contain baking soda is safe. READ MORE

  • Is Invisalign as good as braces?

    Invisalign is a great technique to align teeth, but it doesn’t move teeth as fast as traditional braces and usually takes more time to get ideal results. I have seen beautiful results in my patients with Invisalign. In minor misalignment cases they work as fast traditional braces. READ MORE

  • Why are my gums still swollen from having my teeth pulled?

    Are you keeping the area nice and clean? Rinsing with saline solution helps. By now, the inflammation should have gone away. Have your dentist look at it to make sure the sites are not infected. READ MORE

  • What can I do to stop my 10-year-old from sucking his thumb?

    There are appliances that can help, but I highly recommend to see an orthodontist. READ MORE

  • Would my dentures be considered a prosthesis?

    Yes, dentures are considered removable prosthesis. Not everyone is a candidate to receive implant supported dentures, you have to discuss it with your dentist, he/she may need extra information such as CT scan images to evaluate your bone density/level/thickness to see if fixed prosthesis is an option for you. READ MORE

  • What should I do if my permanent crown is not feeling right?

    Make a follow-up appointment A.S.A.P. A good crown with good retention and cementation shouldn’t feel loose. Don’t waste any time, go back to get it fixed. READ MORE

  • Can I have more than one root canal in a day?

    If they are on the same quadrant, that is okay. Be mindful you don’t overwhelm yourself; let your dentist make that decision. We want our patients to be able to eat, so get the ones that are on one side in one visit and the other side at another time. READ MORE

  • What is the cause of my tooth pain?

    Not necessarily, but In most cases, sensitivity to sweets is an indication of caries. Get your routine dental exam for that. READ MORE

  • Do wisdom tooth abscesses take a long time to heal?

    Get it checked as soon as possible, in that area there are major nerves and blood vessels and infections can cause severe problems. Sometimes the body needs extra help to get rid of that kind of infection (antibiotics). I always check on my patients one week post extractions to make sure all is well. READ MORE

  • How should I prepare for my root canal?

    I prefer my patient to start their antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds 2 days prior the procedure, there’s this condition that the tooth is infected and the infection neutralizes the anesthesia, “hot tooth” hardly gets numb. Avoid super sweet, hot cold and spicy foods in order not to stimulate the tooth. READ MORE

  • Can teeth grinding cause headaches?

    Yes, it also causes so many other issues, it can cause TMJ problems and fracture your teeth. A night guard helps protect your jaw and teeth. READ MORE

  • My son grinds his teeth. What can you do to help him?

    To protect teeth from grinding, your dentist makes you a night guard. However if your son is really young and his teeth are still erupting you need to see an orthodontist to make him special appliance(s) READ MORE

  • How often do you need your teeth cleaned?

    Regular cleaning (adult prophy) needs to be done twice per year (in absence of gum disease) If you have bone loss and deeper pockets then 3 times/year. Sometimes based on deeper buildups under the gums you may need deep cleaning (scaling and root planning). Maintenance afterwards is very important. READ MORE

  • Do I need antibiotics for a tooth extraction?

    Not necessarily, if it is an impacted tooth but not infected you don’t need antibiotics. If the tooth is infected I put my patients on antibiotics, the number of the days and frequency depends on the type of antibiotic prescribed. READ MORE

  • Is my jaw pain from wisdom teeth?

    Could be because of wisdom tooth or there are other things that can cause similar symptoms, such as infected tooth, ear infection &... READ MORE

  • Does an impacted tooth require surgery?

    Usually yes, tooth impaction can cause severe damage to the adjacent tooth. READ MORE

  • Do cavities ever need to be refilled?

    If the filling is at close proximity to the nerve, it can cause pain. Sometimes it compromises the quality of life (the patient avoids eating on that side, or generally avoids eating certain foods). In those cases, the patient can get a root canal therapy. Sometimes the pain comes because the filling is too hyper. Have it evaluated. READ MORE

  • Can your oral health affect your overall health?

    Yes you still need to have routine check ups. There are a lot of things that dentists check in an exam session, looking for cavities, TMJ issues, oral cancer, abnormalities in oral cavity & ... Not all the buildups on the teeth can be removed by just brushing and flossing. READ MORE

  • Is tooth whitening safe?

    Yes, it is fairly a safe procedure, as long as you do not overdo it, and do not use it at very high concentrations (for home care I recommend 15% Carbamide Peroxide). My tip to you is to do it gradually at a lower concentration than do it fast at high concentrations. If you need to get fast results get it done at a dental office under supervision of a dentist, as it’s not safe to use it if you have sensitive gums, severe recession(s), exposed roots, or deep cavities. READ MORE

  • Is it possible to brush my teeth way too much?

    Keepup the good work, but remember a few things! Hard brushing is NOT good brushing. Brush your teeth in gentle continuous circular motions, don’t traumatize your teeth and gum. Don’t brush immediately after meals, instead rinse your mouth with water first and give it about half an hour before brushing. Foods can soften the enamel and if you brush it right away it can wear off the enamel, by rinsing your teeth you neutralize the acid, then calcium from your saliva gets a chance to rebuild the enamel. Brushing gets rid of the food debris, our mouth is full of bacteria they consume the same food that you eat, and their wastes are acidic, that acid makes holes in your teeth causing cavities! Make sure you do not forget about flossing! Brushing with out flossing is literally not good enough! I take the chance to mention water flossing is awesome but doesn’t replace manual flossing. READ MORE

  • What should I do if my dentures feel loose?

    Visit your dentist. They can reline your dentures for you. Sometimes due to severe ridge resorption it’s hard to have a retentive denture. In that case, use of dentures paste is recommended. If you can afford and are medically okay to receive dental implants, you would benefit to get a few implants and support your dentures with implants. READ MORE

  • Why does a cracked tooth have to be pulled?

    Hi, they call me the tooth fairy because I love to save the teeth! Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how much we want to save the tooth we can’t, one of those situations is having a vertical fracture (crack) on the root surface. You can get a second opinion from an endodontist (specialist in the root canal therapy). Sometimes very minor cracks could be sealed by a specific cement called MTA. Now, think about it, if that tooth is saved by getting a root canal then needs a crown and even by those treatments will have guarded prognosis (basically doesn’t have a good future) Definitely get a second opinion on that tooth. My reason is whenever you pull the tooth, there’s no way to go back, and you would always think why didn’t I get a second opinion what if I could've saved it. READ MORE

  • When is a root canal recommended?

    Hi, RCT (root canal therapy) is recommended when one of the following exists: the extension of the cavity has reached the nerve, deep fracture that exposes the nerve, having a very large restoration at close proximity to nerve that causes constant sensitivity and makes your life miserable, having throbbing pain that lingers, or a nerve that is dead inside the tooth (necrotic nerve), having infection at the apex (bottom) of the tooth, and resorption of the tooth. READ MORE

  • How can I tell if I'm grinding my teeth?

    Your dentist will look for the following signs, flattened top surfaces of the teeth, cupping, or chipping the enamel (shiny part of your tooth) close to the gum line (abfraction lesions). Vertical fracture lines. If your dentist sees the signs he/she will take an impression of your upper and lower jaw and will send them to the lab for fabrication of a customized night guard. Severe damage can happen due to grinding to a point that you may lose teeth READ MORE

  • My child accidentally ate toothpaste. What should I do?

    You’re overreacting! Eating minute amount of toothpaste doesn’t cause any harm. READ MORE

  • Can my silver fillings be replaced with white fillings?

    Of course they can be replaced, but let’s talk. What are your reasons for replacing them? You said they are all the way back (posterior teeth) so aesthetic is not a concern. Generally, this is my rule: if you don’t have an open crack on the tooth or cavity on it, leave it alone! Replacing it can cause sensitivity. Silver fillings (amalgam) stay by retention, white fillings bond to the tooth. Now, because silver fillings are made of metals, every time you drink or eat something hot, they expand more than natural teeth; that can cause fractures. If the fracture line is open, then have it replaced as, if we can see it, it will be a highway for the bacteria to get inside the tooth. READ MORE

  • How often can I use a mouthwash in a day?

    My word of advice, if you feel your mouth smells too often, you have to find the real underlying cause and get treatment for it; use of mouthwash will not resolve it! Halitosis (bad breath) Dry mouth, having poor oral hygiene, acid reflux, having calculus (teeth tartar) build-ups under your gums could be the reason. Have your gums checked in case you need a deep cleaning (scaling root planning). I don’t recommend using mouthwash too often as you can get rid of the normal flora of your mouth. One other thing, get mouthwash that doesn’t have alcohol in it. READ MORE

  • Why do I have sensitivity in all my lower teeth?

    Different things may cause teeth sensitivity. In kids, around the age of 7-11, since the permanent teeth are erupting the nerves inside the teeth are fairly large; therefore, the teeth are more sensitive. Early cavity detection is very important for that reason as caries (cavities) reach the nerve fairly fast. In adults, generally, as we age, we tend to lose bone density, especially around the front teeth, so the roots of the teeth feel the temperature changes more. Also, gum recession causes more root exposure, be mindful that roots don’t have the enamel layer which is the protective shield for the coronal portion of the tooth. Roots of the teeth are more sensitive to heat and cold. Several things can cause gum recession: -Gum disease -Hard brushing -Grinding your teeth -Trauma -Restorations that are too close to the bone level -Bone loss You need to have a clinical exam to determine what is the reason for your teeth sensitivity and receive the proper treatment. Dr. Shahbandi READ MORE

  • What foods should I eat after going to the dentist?

    Okay! Since you didn’t mention what was the dental procedure that was done on you, I will go over several dental procedures and the foods you need to avoid. Cleaning (regular and deep): if the mouth was irrigated with antibiotic rinse or fluoride application was applied, we ask the patient not to eat for 30 minutes. For kids, if any work was done on the lower teeth because of numbness of the tongue, they tend to bite their cheeks and tongue, so no eating till the numbness goes away. For surgeries, nothing too hot as it can induce bleeding. Also, for faster recovery, avoid sweets as bacteria thrive on sugary foods and your immune system instead of healing the surgical site, fights the bacteria. If you had a crown preparation, avoid hard and crunchy food till you receive the final restoration (crown) as your tooth without the crown is fragile, and temporary crown is not as strong as the crown is. For composites (white fillings), avoid the foods that have red colors and alcoholic beverages and generally the things that can stain your teeth for 2 days, the same thing applies for in office teeth-whitening procedure. For that one, you need to avoid coffee and tea as well for at least 7 days. After crown delivery, avoid sticky foods for 2 days. READ MORE

  • Why are my father's gums swollen?

    He needs to have a proper dental exam, sometime medications can cause inflammation (swelling of the gums), also reviewing the medical history along with a proper dental exam can determine the cause. Dr. Shahbandi READ MORE

  • Will being on a liquid diet affect my teeth in any way?

    Depending on the type of liquid, if it’s an acidic one, yes it does! Some detoxifying diets have vinegar in them, which is acidic. Generally, if you go on those diets, after drinking the liquid, rinse your mouth and teeth with water, which neutralizes the acid. Make sure your diet doesn’t deprive your body of calcium, as calcium is essential for your teeth. Dr. Shahbandi READ MORE

  • Is it okay to swallow the gel applied for a mouth ulcer?

    OTC mouth gels usually contain Benzocaine and they are safe to be used in the mouth in small doses and it’s okay if accidentally swallowed; however, it’s not safe to use them on infants! If accidentally swallowed and begin to experience headache, fatigue, confusion, and fast heart beating, seek medical care immediately. Dr. Shahbandi READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Cosmetic and Restorative dentistry, implantology, prosthetics ( fixed and removable), sleep apnea, root canal therapy.

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Faculty USC School of Dentistry 2013 - 2019


  • Distinguished Faculty 2017 USC school of Dentistry 
  • America’s Top Dentist 2013 

Professional Memberships

  • American Dental Association  
  • California Dental Association  
  • Academy of General Dentistry  

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Lestonnac
  • Mobile Clinic

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