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  • Can a chiropractor help me with a pain in the back of my thigh?

    Yes, if you can't see a chiropractor, go and get a massage (0r both) Hard to diagnose without being seen. There are plenty of homeopathic supplements that will not harm your body to take instead of pain killers.... READ MORE

  • I was diagnosed with gout. Can a chiropractor help me manage the pain?

    Yes a chiropractor can help tremendously!! Here is the protocol, let us know if we can help.: The following is an example of the Protocol for Gout: 1. Chiropractic adjustments, care and diet as recommended by your Chiropractic physician (will discuss on first visit). 2. Optimal 1 Digestion – Take 2 with each meal. 3. Optimal 2 Vitamin/Mineral/Antioxidant – Take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. 4. Optimal Acute – Take 3, three times a day between meals. 5. Optimal Liver / Kidney – Take 2 in the morning and 1 at night. 6. Optimal Chronic – Take 2 in the morning and 1 at night. 7. Optimal Whole B – Take 1 Tbsp. a day. READ MORE

  • I have lipoma under my arms. Can a chiropractor help?

    No a chiropractor cannot help. See your MD and get a proper diagnosis and text to see if it is something to worry about. Here are options: Surgical removal. Most lipomas are removed surgically by cutting them out. Recurrences after removal are uncommon. Possible side effects are scarring and bruising. A technique known as minimal excision extraction may result in less scarring. Liposuction. This treatment uses a needle and a large syringe to remove the fatty lump. READ MORE

  • What is myofascial pain syndrome? How is it treated?

    Treatments include: Stretching. A physical therapist/chiropractor may lead you through gentle stretching exercises to help ease the pain in your affected muscle. If you feel trigger point pain when stretching, the physical therapist may spray a numbing solution on your skin. Posture training. Improving your posture can help relieve myofascial pain, particularly in your neck. Exercises that strengthen the muscles surrounding your trigger point will help you avoid overworking any one muscle. Massage. A physical therapist may massage your affected muscle to help relieve your pain. The physical therapist may use long hand strokes along your muscle or place pressure on specific areas of your muscle to release tension. Heat. Applying heat, via a hot pack or a hot shower, can help relieve muscle tension and reduce pain. Ultrasound. This type of therapy uses sound waves to increase blood circulation and warmth, which may promote healing in muscles affected by myofascial pain syndrome. See you local chiropractor .... It is described as: is a chronic pain disorder. In this condition, pressure on sensitive points in your muscles (trigger points) causes pain in the muscle and sometimes in seemingly unrelated parts of your body. This is called referred pain. This syndrome typically occurs after a muscle has been contracted repetitively. This can be caused by repetitive motions used in jobs or hobbies or by stress-related muscle tension. READ MORE

  • I am having pain in my buttocks when I sit. What could this be?

    Hard to diagnose without seeing you...best to come in for an evaluation....could be: Piriformis syndrome also causes symptoms similar to sciatica. It occurs when the piriformis muscle in the buttocks irritates the sciatic nerve, which can cause pain to radiate along the path of the nerve into your leg. READ MORE

  • I have undergone about 5 X-rays in the last 2 months for my spinal problem. Are there any risks?

    Radiation exposure. Some people worry that X-rays aren't safe because radiation exposure can cause cell mutations that may lead to cancer. The amount of radiation you're exposed to during an X-ray depends on the tissue or organ being examined. But if X-rays are needed to diagnose a condition for treatment, then you need to take that risk. READ MORE

  • I've been suffering from scoliosis since I was 19 years. I am now 32 years old. Will this problem be corrected with surgery?

    Like all other treatments for scoliosis, aside from the corrective brace prescribed to adolescents(and adults with scoliosis, chiropractic does not correct, cure or reverse scoliosis. Chiropractic adjustments and therapies help to improve form (therefore, improving function), and induce mobility into the joints. These improvements can decrease pain, increase comfort and improve posture. Chiropractors can also address other symptoms or issues the patient may be experiencing, and help prevent further degradation of the spine. I am not a surgeon, so you would have to ask a surgeon that question. Hope this helps.... READ MORE

  • Will a chiropractor be able to help me with my hip pain in the 5 month of my pregnancy?

    Typically, yes. If it is pressure on the muscle or nerve, a chiropractor can relieve the pressure and give you some relief. Good luck! READ MORE

  • Is it bad to suddenly stop chiropractic care?

    Chiropractic balances your nervous system and aligns your spine. Your back might miss the alignments and the back might go into spasm or your posture might suffer d/t suddenly stopping. I'd find a chiropractor who is local and who is affordable. Good Chiropractic almost always has a positive benefit. Good luck. READ MORE


  • Best Chiropractor 2017 Malibu Choice Awards
  • Best Chiropractor 2018 Malibu Choice Awards

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  • American Chiropractic Association

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Focus on communication with patients and getting great results. Strong referral program along with his caring and supportive staff

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