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Dr. Renee B Thomas MD, Pathologist

Dr. Renee B Thomas MD

Pathologist | Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology

1905 Carriage House Ln Camden SC, 29020



Dr. Renee Thomas is a pathologist practicing in Camden, SC. Dr. Thomas is a doctor who specializes in the study of bodily fluids and tissues. As a pathologist, Dr. Thomas can help your primary care doctor make a diagnosis about your medical condition. Dr. Thomas may perform a tissue biopsy to determine if a patient has cancer, practice genetic testing, and complete a number of laboratory examinations. Pathologists can also perform autopsies which can determine a persons cause of death and gain information about genetic progression of a disease.

Education and Training

Med Univ of Sc Coll of Med, Charleston Sc 1990

Provider Details

FemaleEnglish 22 years of experience
Dr. Renee B Thomas MD
Dr. Renee B Thomas MD's Expert Contributions
  • How often should I get blood tests to check my body's levels?

    There are no specific tests for tiredness. There are no tests known as body levels. Have your doctor give you a complete physical and they will decide what and if further testing is needed. RB Thomas,MD READ MORE

  • How often should I get my creatinine levels checked?

    Work with your doctor. They will probably have them done each time you see them at first. Once they stabilize, they will recommended less often checks. When you say fluctuations, how much are they doing that? One point, a tenth of a point, a hundredth of a point. This will also determine how much they need to be checked. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • Can creatinine fluctuate between morning and night?

    How much fluctuations are you talking about? Laboratories do have a range of variability. Tests are done in labs to make sure this variability does not clinically affect patient results. If the variability is >0.5, then I think the lab needs to look into it and the doctor needs to be alerted. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • What does a low white blood cell count mean?

    Lots of things, from the bone marrow not being able to produce them, to a rip roaring infection, or a medicine that wipes the marrow out. A pediatric hematologist/oncologist would be able to isolate the exact cause in your case. Good luck. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • What is a pus culture?

    Pus is a term used to describe the gooey part of a wound. It can be gray, yellow or even green. The doctor would take a sterile swab and get some of the pus. it is then sent for culture to see what bacteria is growing in it. This would assist with what type of medicine can fight the wound. RB Thomas,MD READ MORE

  • How long does it usually take to detect H1N1 in a person?

    That surprises me. Most doctor offices have a way to tell you immediately if you have flu or not. They may be testing something more advanced which would require an outside reference lab's help. Check back with the office if you have not heard in a week. RB Thomas,MD READ MORE

  • What samples are required for a DNA test?

    Blood, saliva and/or a buccal swab. To get that, you would open your mouth, and the doctor/nurse will scrap the inside of your cheek with a swab similar to a q-tip. Good luck. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • My son's arterial blood gas test in the hospital is showing a high level of CO2. Should we get this checked again?

    You could but it sounds like that the pneumonia is preventing him form releasing the stored up CO2. That is not unusual. Continue to get the pneumonia and follow up with subsequent arterial gases. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • If I didn’t eat 2 hours before my PP sugar test, will the result be inaccurate?

    How much time are we talking about? If it is just a few minutes, probably not. If it is more than an hour, it may cause some problems. You need to check with your laboratory concerning the exact parameters. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • How long should a urine culture take?

    No. Urine cultures are usually checked as follows: 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours then 7 days. Most results from urine cultures are reliable after 3 days, but there are some organisms that take longer to grow beyond the usual 3. That is why it is prudent to issue final reports after 7 days. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • What does the CSF test include?

    Doctors will obtain fluid that surrounds the spine and test it for protein and glucose. They may also culture it and have someone look at it to see what types of cells are in it. This, along with other sorts of test, can give the doctors somewhat of an idea as to the cause of your father's neurological symptoms. Renee Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • My urine culture report was sent to another lab for a bacteria resistance report. Why does this happen?

    I am not very familiar with this test. The only thing I can think of is that the first lab that was trying to find an antibiotic to treat your infection did not have one in their profile to kill it. Therefore, another lab was utilized to find the appropriate antibiotic for your treatment. I would suggest asking your own doctor or the lab that called you to further explain. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • My mother's biopsy confirmed a malignant tumor. Should we consider a second opinion before the treatment?

    Absolutely. You can ask your doctor what lab he/she would recommend, then the staff would handle the request. If you have a lab in mind, your mother or you, if you have a POA, can contact the lab directly and make the request. They will make you sign forms so everyone has documentation for the request. The lab may ask you for the name of the doctor or where the lab is, so they can confirm that the lab in question will accept cases for second opinions. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • Home diabetes testing device and lab report show different results. What is more accurate?

    I would say the lab's because their equipment is constantly being monitored. The home equipment just gives you the opportunity to just generally monitor your progress. If you feel poorly and your home device says your sugars are ok, go to the lab for testing after discussing it with your doctor since they would have to be the one to issue the order for the lab work. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • How long does it take for a biopsy report to come?

    It varies depending on all what needs to be done. We like to tell patients to come back to see their doctor so he can discuss the report and other things in a week. Most reports should be done well before then. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • How would doctors diagnose TB?

    Blood testing would be fairly definitive. They may try a PPD first. A more invasive test would be by lung biopsy. They could also collect sputum and test it for TB as well. Less invasive than a biopsy. Lots of options for your father. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • Why did I get two different results for my pregnancy test?

    Sometimes, home tests can be inaccurate. When you do a home test, it is always important to look at the control. If the control does not work, whatever result you get is not valid. I would trust the one at the doctor's office. Personnel there do them a lot more often. If you want extra assurance either way, request that your doctor do a serum pregnancy test. This would involve having blood drawn and having it tested. Good luck. READ MORE

  • How is PCOD detected?

    They need to look at her ovaries. This can be done by ultrasound. Sometimes a biopsy is needed. Other things may need to be known such, as when did your daughter start her periods? Have they ever been regular? Is she small for her age? Is she considered obese? Personally, I think the doctor is a bit quick on the draw to think about this based on what I know from you. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • My mole sample was sent to another lab. Should I be concerned?

    Sending samples out for a second opinion doesn't necessarily mean you are going to get a bad diagnosis. The first lab recognized that they were unsure of how to diagnose your case or wanted confirmation on what they thought and sent it to a lab that they believe had more expertise in the field. It may take a little longer to get the diagnosis to you, but you should feel confident that whatever diagnosis you receive will be correct which will enable you to receive appropriate treatment. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • What is the white spot I see in my eyes?

    Your best bet is to have an ophthalmology examination since it could be a lot of things. RB Thomas,MD READ MORE

  • Are X-rays harmful for the eyes?

    Since your son is having lung infections, a routine X-ray should not even come in contact with the eyes. If he is undergoing CT or MRI scans, he should be fine, but just tell him to close his eyes. He may want to do that anyway. You should discuss your concerns with the radiologist doing the tests. You may also want to ask an ophthalmologist. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • I had a minor head injury 2 days ago. Although there are no changes in my vision, should I be worried?

    Did you lose consciousneess? Were you nauseated? Any blurred vision? Headaches? If not, just be aware of any changes. Even to memory and such. If yes to any of my questions, go to the ER. May need CT scan. Good luck. Renee Thomas,MD READ MORE

  • Can a steam bath be harmful for the eyes?

    I guess it would depend on how thick the steam is. This is an ophthalmologist question. Renee Thomas,MD READ MORE

  • If my mother is diabetic, is a cataract surgery recommended?

    I believe so. You should have this discussion with her ophthalmologist. Renee Thomas,MD READ MORE

  • My son has a constant headache that occurs around the afternoon. What could be the reason?

    His eye prescription may be too strong. Take him back to the eye doctor for re-examination. Renee Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • Can HPV get transferred by kissing someone who is infected?

    I don't think so. Usually doesn't happen that quickly. It also depends on where the infection is. If it were in the mouth, there would be some sort of a risk . I would consider getting checked out for it in 3 months. Would not show up on the test that quickly even if you were infected during this particular episode. if you find out you are positive, ask your doctor when you could had possibly got infected as far as a time line. Are you aware of your HPV status before this episode? If so, that would help with timing if you do later become infected. READ MORE

  • How long does it take for bacteria to grow with a UTI?

    Depends on the type of bacteria and the amount. If a culture exhibits no growth after 7 days, one can be fairly confident that there is not a bacterial infection present. READ MORE

  • What are the tests to confirm dengue?

    Unless your daughter was in a country that dengue is fairly common, I don't believe this sort of testing is necessary. As far as the tests that confirm this disease, the answer would be best obtained from an infectious disease expert. RB Thomas,MD READ MORE

  • I have single lymph node enlargement. Is this due to cancer?

    It is possible, but many other things can cause lymph node enlargement. After a history and physical. your doctor may put you on antibiotics, if your history dictates the possibility of an infectious etiology. If that does not work, the node in question may need to be aspirated or biopsied which should provide a definitive diagnosis. Renee Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • What is stem cell banking? Is it really worth it?

    Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that are not yet predisposed to produce a certain type of tissue. If your baby or relative has a disease that could be treated with stem cells, this may be a good idea for you. If your child may be predisposed to getting a disease that could be treated with stem cells, this may also be a good idea. You should discuss the odds of your baby needing stem cells with your physician, particularly due to the high cost of doing this. These labs may charge you a storage fee for these cells indefinitely. Get the scoop from these labs in regards to costs as well. Good luck! Renee Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • Is pathology of pleomorphic adenoma accurate?

    There is always the risk of surgery showing something that the FNA did not primarily due to sample size. In my experience, FNAs of pleomorphic adenomas generally match what is found in surgery. Even though the tumor is benign, it needs to be surgically removed. Also, there is a higher probability of parotid gland tumors to be benign than malignant. Pleomorphic adenomas are the most common benign tumors in the parotid gland. Renee Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • Forensic pathologist vs pathologist

    A forensic pathologist is an expert who determines the cause of death of someone who may have died under suspicious circumstances. They are able to determine entrance and exit wounds of bullets; the angles of those bullets or knife wounds; whether someone was poisoned or overdosed; if someone was murdered before being burned or drowned; use details from the scene; whether someone died by homicide, suicide or accident; etc. They usually undergo a fellowship in the field and are usually called upon by prosecutors to discuss their findings and answer questions from those who doubt their findings, such as a defense attorney. All pathologists are trained to do autopsies, but those without forensic training primarily do autopsies to determine a cause of death that is generally medical and does not constitute foul play. Renee Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • What is the Gleason score in my pathology report?

    The Gleason score is a way to judge the severity of a patient's prostate cancer. There are 5 patterns. The first number in the equation is the most prevalent pattern, and the second number is the next prevalent pattern. 1 is the best, and 5 is the worst. Therefore, a 4+3 cancer is a more severe cancer than a 3+4. RB Thomas, MD READ MORE

  • UTIs (male) with no symptoms?

    Don't think so. Renee Thomas, MD READ MORE


  • Med Univ Sc Coll Of Med, Anatomic And Clinical Pathology
  • Internship, Family Medicine: Kaiser Permanente Dept of Family Medicine, Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center 2007-2008 Psychiatry Residency: USC + LA County Medical Center, 2009-2013 Chief Resident 2011-2012

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Med Univ Sc Coll Of Med, Anatomic And Clinical Pathology


  • Internventional Psychiatriatry--Gen Pharmacotherapy and for some patients CBT as adjunct if time permits. The clinic will be bringing on additional treatment modalities including TMS as well esketamine and botox for depression once the latter has FDA approval. Dr. Sepah is in the process of completing her training through Allergan to become a botox migraine provider,


  • Forensic Psychiatry Research Fellowship, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons

    Forensic Psychiatry, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons

Professional Affiliations

  • American Medical Assn. American Psychiatric Assn. Physicians for Patients Protection

Articles and Publications

  • Please see my website at: www.toriesepahmd.com


  • Inducted into the Arnold P Gold, Humanism in Medicine Honor Society for being an exemplars of humanistic patient care and who can serve as a role models in medicine. 2006-lifetime membershipPER Resident Research AwardResident Research Award: Keck, Dept of PsychiatrResident Mentor Award, Keck, Dept of PsychiatryGolden Key National Honor SocietyPi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society

Philanthropic Initiatives

  • Founded an organization for physicians as a source of peer to peer support and contact with the goal of reducing isolation that can contribute to physicians' difficulty with maintaining their own wellness. The organization is completely volunteer based. I also volunteer with Physicians for Patient Protection, a grassroots physician group that is active in educating patients on changes in legislature that may affect their care without their knowledge. The promotion of greater transparency in medicine is paramount.

Teaching and speaking

  • Continue to teach at USC Keck SOM, Dept of Psychiatry as Adjunct Asst Clinical Professor. Also give lectures to residents in the PIH Downey Family Medicine Residency. Provide talks and grand rounds at different institutions on the topic of physician burnout.

Hobbies / Sports

  • Running and watching hockey

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