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Dr. Neyda R Najul M.D., General Practitioner

Dr. Neyda R Najul M.D.

General Practitioner

43 Ave Severiano Cuevas Aguadilla PR, 00603


Dr. Neyda Najul is a general practitioner practicing in Aguadilla, PR. Dr. Najul does not specialize in one area of medicine, however provides routine health care services. General practitioners typically have regular, even life-long patients who they provide health care services to. Dr. Najul provides services including physical exams, immunizations, and diagnosing and treating multiple illnesses and injuries. General practitioners typically work in private offices and clinics and have staffs of nurses and administators.

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Dr. Neyda Najul, MD

43 Ave Severiano Cuevas -
Aguadilla, PR 00603
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New patients: 787-882-6980
Fax: 787-891-4865

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New patients: 787-882-6980

Dr. Neyda Najul, MD

24 Ave Severiano Cuevas -
Aguadilla, PR 00603
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New patients: 787-882-6980
Fax: 787-882-5170

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