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Dr. Jameelah Ayesha Melton M.D., Adolescent Specialist

Dr. Jameelah Ayesha Melton M.D.

Adolescent Specialist | Adolescent Medicine

530 W Webb Ave Burlington NC, 27217


Dr. Jameelah Melton is an adolescent specialist practicing in Burlington, NC. Dr. Melton works with patients who are in the adolescent age, or generally between the ages of 11 and 19 years old. As an adolescent-specialist, Dr. Melton treats many common health issues that pre-teens and teenagers face, from mental, to behavioral, to physical conditions. Some of these issues may include growth and hormone problems, sports injuries, eating disorders, substance abuse and more. Adolescent specialists perform medical exams, histories and diagnostic tests, and develop individualized treatment plans for each patient.

Board Certification

Pediatrics American Board of Pediatrics ABP

Provider Details

Female English 7 years of experience

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Dr. Jameelah Ayesha Melton M.D.'s Practice location

Practice At 530 W Webb Ave

530 W Webb Ave -
Burlington, NC 27217
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New patients: 336-228-8316
Fax: 336-227-9750, 336-227-9750

Practice At 2406 Blue Ridge Rd Suite 100

2406 Blue Ridge Rd -
Raleigh, NC 27607
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New patients: 919-782-5273, 919-782-5273
Fax: 919-781-8853

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