Dr. Dr. Gemie McLeod, NMD, Preventative Medicine Specialist

Dr. Dr. Gemie McLeod, NMD

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Gemie McLeod is a counselor in Prescott, AZ. Gemie evaluates patients using many different procedures, in order to determine what treatments must be carried out in order to properly assess their symptoms. Counselors provide consultation for each patient and their families.

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Dr. Dr. Gemie McLeod, NMD
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  • Can I consume ayurvedic medicines to sleep better?

    Sleep disturbance is common when tension and outside physical and emotional stress is high. Before even considering taking a supplement or over-the-counter medication, I would encourage you to consider 15-20 minutes of progressive muscle relaxation and improve your sleep hygeine prior to bedtime. This can be a great way to reduce the sympathetic overdrive (flight-fight-freeze) symptoms of racing mind, muscular tension and sleep disruption. There are also several apps your can consider downloading on your phone to help calm and relax the nervous system to help improve sleep, as well. READ MORE

  • What causes high blood sugar in the morning?

    Hi, I am sure this is frustrating for you, especially if you are trying to avoid further medications and or intervention to avoid and/or manage diabetes. This often requires a deeper evaluation by your care provider and should not be ignored. Some of the most common causes of elevated fasting blood sugars upon waking can be linked to endocrine disruption (adrenal and thyroid issues), sleep apnea (obstructive or central forms) or blood sugar dysregulation as a consequence of diet and or lifestyle choices. READ MORE

  • How do you naturally fix diarrhea?

    Diarrhea can be caused by any number of things: food allergy and/or sensitivities; microbial overgrowth or infections; irritable bowel syndrome or disease; taking an excess of Vitamin C or magnesium supplementation; and some medications. It is best to discuss with your care provider or seek medical attention if symptoms of diarrhea last longer than 7 days. READ MORE

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Prescott, AZ 86301
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Get to know Naturopathic Physician Dr. Gemie McLeod, NMD who serves patients in Prescott, Arizona.

Recognized as a top naturopathic physician, Dr. Gemie believes that we are created beings made with a higher purpose-everyone carries a “life song” within that needs to be heard. Her personal mission is to “influence the influencers and help them live their best life.” By creating a haven of unconditional love, care, and support, she reports a long history of success in this pursuit. Seeing people become whole and helping others do the same provides the inspiration to press on. Always seeking to bring the next cutting edge therapies to the Prescott area, she applies the knowledge and wisdom that she has learned from her personal and professional life to champion the life purpose of those who are in her care. 

As the co-owner of Innate Wellness and Medical Center in Prescott, Arizona, she has surrounded herself with a stellar team of well-trained staff that serves to provide cutting edge regenerative medicine and naturopathic primary medical care services. It is their goal to empower patients with the knowledge they need to make informed health care decisions and to take ownership of their health and quality of life.

Growing up in a small Midwestern community in Wisconsin, Dr. Gemie’s love of science and nature, blended with her compassion to help others, put her on the path to becoming a physician early on in life. She studied biology, chemistry, and sport’s medicine in her undergrad and was a collegiate athlete. She excelled both in the classroom and on the playing field, later becoming a professional athlete. She also spent several years as a high school and collegiate softball coach. “I was a pitcher on my high school and college softball teams and really credit much of my success personally and professionally to coaching and experience as a high-caliber athlete. It certainly taught me how to manage myself as a leader, and created the work ethic and dedication to teamwork and the community at large. The experience was what I needed today to serve my community as a physician.” she stated. 

In pursuit of medical school at the age of 21, life took a major, but, providential turn and medical school was put on hold. After the premature passing of both of her parents a decade later, she was determined to pursue her dream to become a doctor. So, she returned to medical school and earned her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD) degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, and launched into practice. 

Upon graduation, she co-owned a practice in Chandler, Arizona, and commuted to Prescott to see patients prior to moving there permanently a few years later. The City of Prescott’s motto, “Everybody’s Hometown,” really appealed to her and influenced her relocation to the area. “I needed a change and longed for the community ‘feel’ of home. Prescott offered me an opportunity to stay in Arizona, where my scope of practice as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor is extensive and I had already established myself with a blossoming clientele there who were sharing their health and wellness success stories with friends and family.” After several confirmations, I was convicted that Prescott would become the place I put down roots and launched our future destination wellness center,” expressed the doctor. 

Dr. Gemie’s approach with naturopathic medicine includes the application of modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods. Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, the implementation of the therapeutic order to optimize the client’s health through the use of safe and effective therapeutic methods and substances that encourage the individual’s inherent self-healing process. Dr. Gemie is able to use many tools to achieve this. She is able to use modern diagnostic tools and many specialty labs to be a medical detective. She has a reputation of often discerning and uncovering the underlying root cause issues when patients report that the conventional approach is no longer serving them. “Prevention and wellness maintenance is so much more practical and cost-effective than chasing and managing dis-ease. My objective is to cooperate with the wisdom of the body and it has served both me and my patients well.” 

Working with patients of all ages, Dr. Gemie specializes in creating customized programs for functional health and wellness, regenerative health, and prevention. The programs and services offered include hormone optimization with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy , regenerative injection therapies with exosomes and allografts/amnion products peptide therapies, prolotherapy, PRP therapy, Prolozone™, and acupuncture , Intravenous nutrients, High Dose Vitamin C, UBI, ozone therapies , adjunctive cancer therapies , and personal diet, supplementation, and lifestyle coaching.

As a dedicated advocate, she desires to become a trusted advisor for the health and well-being of the individuals and families that visit her at Innate Wellness & Medical Center. She is also a devoted community volunteer and active within the Prescott Chamber of Commerce.


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