Mrs. Ionela Todoran LAC, Acupuncturist
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Mrs. Ionela Todoran LAC


1417 NW 54th St 437 SEATTLE WA, 98107


Ionela Todoran is an acupuncturist practicing in SEATTLE, WA. Dr. Todoran evaluates and treats patients based on the concepts of oriental medicine. Acupuncturists complete their evaluations by getting a patient history and looking at and touching the body. Then, they place very fine acupuncture needles into specific points on the body. Stimulating these points and nerves is how Dr. Todoran treats the patients condition. Many of the bodys systems respond to acupuncture, and it can treat physical pain as well as emotional stress.

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Mrs. Ionela Todoran LAC
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  • Is it safe for me to continue my acupuncture during pregnancy?

    Yes, it is safe to continue having acupuncture sessions during pregnancy. Certain acupuncture points are interdicted to be used after certain stages of the pregnancy and your acupuncturist is aware of them. I suggest that you have a conversation with your acupuncturist about your conditions, what you try to achieve, what are you uncomfortable with and together you can figure out a personalized treatment for you which also safe. READ MORE

  • How many acupuncture treatments are needed for sciatica?

    It depends. Every case is different and each patient responds differently to the treatment. Your acupuncturist will make an assessment at the first visit and based on findings she will present you a treatment plan. READ MORE

  • How often should I get acupuncture for panic attacks?

    A treatment plan should be developed according to your symptoms, other physical/mental/emotional issues that you might have, the triggers of your panic attacks, and your lifestyle. You might want to stay on maintenance treatments once you are stable (like once a month). READ MORE

  • Is it true that people suffering from high blood pressure should not try acupuncture?

    It is not true, actually acupuncture helps reducing blood pressure. A problem will be using moxibustion which is the use of warming up the body with a product obtained from mugwort plant. But by inform the acupuncturist by your conditions, she will know what she can't use in your case. Acupuncture can be containdicated if are taking blood thinners. READ MORE

  • Does it hurt when acupuncture needles are inserted in the body?

    There is definitely a sensation at the site of needling but it is totally different the the shots sensation. Also the sensation varies by the parts of the body needled and also if there is energy stagnation in the body. I have had many patients coming with the same fear just to laugh in the end of their own fear. Tell the acupuncturist about your concern and give the treatment a try. You can always stop if it is not comfortable. Also look for acupuncturists who combine other modalities of treatment such as tuning forks or craniosacral therapy ( they will use less needles this way). READ MORE

  • Does acupuncture help in weight loss?

    Acupuncture can definitely help you as acupuncture helps bringing the body in balance on all levels physical/mental/emotional. Overweight can be caused by a hormonal imbalance or stress or it can have emotional causes ( we eat to compensate a hole inside) so it is important to make sure your body/mind/spirit function properly. Loosing weight is not an easy thing to do and it will require a combination of things: diet, physical activity, life style discipline and keeping your body in balance (with acupuncture). READ MORE

  • How long does the effect of acupuncture last?

    So you had results with acupuncture but the symptoms came back after 2 years? Maybe the root cause of the symptoms have not been completely treated, your body has not got into balance, or maybe there are other things which you need to take into consideration, like lifestyle or emotional life. It is also recommended that you continue care even after the symptoms disappear. You should go for a an energy check up or reboost at least once a season (there are changes in the body caused by the change of season), the treatment will not only prevent your POCD but will help you maintain a good health. I suggest you go back to your acupuncturist and discuss the situation and find what is the best approach for you. READ MORE

  • I have headaches frequently. Can acupuncture treatment help?

    There are many types of headaches caused by a multitude of factors. In treating the headaches with acupuncture, the practitioner will not only consider the symptoms but mostly will look to treat the root cause of the symptoms. From the Chinese medicine point of view, headaches can be caused by too much liver energy, or too much heat in the body, not enough energy, low kidney energy, accumulation of phlem, emotional imbalance etc. Treating the underlying imbalance will take care of the symptoms. Also the acupuncture treatments aim to clear any blockages in the flow of energy and to balance all the organs and balance the system at all levels body/mind/spirit. Last but not the least, acupuncture is a natural method, stimulating the body's inner mechanisms of healing. READ MORE

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