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Dr. Oliver Oppers Aalami M.D., Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Oliver Oppers Aalami M.D.

Vascular Surgeon | Vascular Surgery

4033 Talbot Rd S Suite 570 Renton WA, 98055


Dr. Oliver Aalami is a vascular surgeon practicing in Renton, WA. Dr. Aalami specializes in disorders relating to the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems. As a vascular surgeon, Dr. Aalami diagnoses and treats vascular diseases and performs vasular surgeries. Common conditions that a vascular surgeon treats are aneurysms, atherosclerosis and varicose veins. Vascular specialists might also treat trauma, venous ulcers, poor leg circulation, peripheral arterial disease and other vascular-related issues.

Education and Training

Boston Univ Sch of Med, Boston Ma 1998

Board Certification

Surgery American Board of Surgery ABS

Provider Details

Male English 13 years of experience


  • Univ Ca Sf Sch Of Med, General Surgery


  • EXPERIMENTAL DERMATOLOGY Targeting of Sp1 transcription factor: a novel therapeutic approach for Keloids, an in vitro alysis 2007
  • EXPERIMENTAL DERMATOLOGY mTOR as a potential therapeutic target for treatment of keloids and excessive scars 2007
  • PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY Differential gene expression between juvenile and adult dura mater: A window into what genes play a 2006
  • TRANSPLANTATION Effects of JAK3 inhibition with CP-690,550 on immune cell populations and their functions in nonhuma 2005
  • JOURL OF PATHOLOGY Smad3 siglling plays an important role in keloid pathogenesis via epithelial-mesenchymal interaction 2005
  • PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY Differential transcriptiol expression profiles of juvenile and adult calvarial bone 2005
  • TISSUE ENGINEERING Bone morphogenetic protein 2 and retinoic acid accelerate in vivo bone formation, osteoclast recruit 2005
  • PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY Applications of a mouse model of calvarial healing: Differences in regenerative abilities of juvenil 2004
  • TURE BIOTECHNOLOGY Adipose-derived adult stromal cells heal critical-size mouse calvarial defects 2004
  • PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY Mechanisms of murine cranial suture patency mediated by a domint negative transforming growth factor 2004
  • PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY In vitro murine posterior frontal suture fate is age-dependent: Implications for cranial suture biol 2004
  • ARCHIVES OF SURGERY Postoperative rhabdomyolysis following laparoscopic gastric bypass in the morbidly obese 2004
  • ARCHIVES OF SURGERY Physiological features of aging persons 2003
  • JOURL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY Roles of periosteum, dura, and adjacent bone on healing of cranial osteonecrosis - Discussion 2003
  • CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY 10 A mouse model of mandibular distraction osteogenesis 2003
  • CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY 10 Microarray alysis of regiol patterning of suture-specific dura mater 2003
  • CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY 10 Cranial suture fate in an in vitro organ culture model 2003
  • CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY 10 Establishment of a young-versus-adult mouse calvarial defect model 2003
  • CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY 10 Alysis of de novo bone formation by dura-derived TGF-beta sigling 2003
  • CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY 10 The osteogenic antagonist BMP-3 is down-regulated during programmed suture fusion in the rat 2003
  • CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY 10 Microarray alysis comparing juvenile and adult dura mater 2003

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