Dr. John Lowitz, OD, Optometrist
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Dr. John Lowitz, OD


2236 Todds Ln Suite B Hampton VA, 23666


Dr. John Lowitz, OD is an Holistic Therapeutic Optometrist practicing in Hampton, VA. since 1989. Dr. Lowitz specializes in providing state of the art eye care that treats the patient as a whole. Body, mind, and Spirit. At Better Vision Center our goal is to provide the best eye examination our patients have ever experienced. We specialize in custom contact lenses, for astigmatism, difficulty reading, those with systemic diseases and patients with histories of poor vision. We accept most insurances and have an extensive stylish modern eyeglass collection! We treat infections, dry eyes, glaucoma and diabetic eye diseases.
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Education and Training

Southern College of Optometry OD, BS 1989

University of Maryland BS 1981

Provider Details

Male English
Dr. John Lowitz, OD
Dr. John Lowitz, OD's Expert Contributions
  • My refractive error in both the eyes is about 6. Can you please suggest a possible treatment?

    Happy New year! Are you minus or plus? This will dictate your surgical options. Contacts and glasses are also an option. Thanks for asking! READ MORE

  • Can frequent pink eye infections be harmful?

    Hello! Chronic pink eye can cause corneal scarring. I recommend that you teach your daughter not to touch her face, and practice frequent, thorough hand washing. Outfitting her with a small bottle of hand sanitizer is helpful. The COVID pandemic makes these measures mandatory for us all, if we’re going to finally control it. Thanks for your question! Happy Holidays! READ MORE

  • Can nearsighted vision be improved?

    Hello! Yes your myopia can be improved! If you are a candidate, Corneal Refractive Therapy can help! CRT involves the fitting of a custom Contact Lens that you would sleep in at night. These lenses flatten your cornea while you sleep! When you wake up in the morning you remove the contact lenses, and your vision should be 20/20! You’ll have to wear the lenses every night to maintain your new Better Vision. If you stop wearing the contact lenses your myopia will go back to where it was, and possibly continue to worsen. READ MORE

  • Can eye pressure go down on its own?

    Intraocular pressure has a diurnal curve like the tides. Especially in someone in their teens there can be a lot of variation within the day. Your doctor will have you back and recheck your pressure. If it remains high and/or you have additional risk factors, your doctor will recommend a glaucoma work up to be certain that the pressure doesn’t endanger the health of your eyes. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and sleeping well will help maintain your general health and help stabilize your pressure. In more serious cases, your doctor may prescribe eye drops to lower your pressure. READ MORE

  • Can exercise cause blurred vision?

    Intense exercise can cause blurry vision. Generally that blurry vision is caused by overall fatigue if you’ve over done it. If you notice that your vision gets blurry while you were working out that may be a sign of a more serious issue, and you should consult your family doctor about that. It may be a good idea for you to have an eye examination and a physical examination. Best of luck to you thank you for asking. READ MORE

  • Eye floater?

    Floaters after a complex retinal surgery are normal. It’s bad luck that yours is located in such a critical area. It’s possible your surgeon may be able to break the floater down into smaller less obstructive pieces. As time passes, we generally notice floaters less and less. I hope this helps you! Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • Do specs with glare protection really work?

    Headaches can have numerous causes. Stress, diet, poor sleep, allergies. Your prescription may be inadequate or inappropriate for your job demands. Antireflective coatings help alleviate glare, but they’re only as good as the quality and accuracy of the exam, lenses and fitting of your frame. I hope this helps! READ MORE

  • Does wearing contacts make your eyes hurt?

    A well fitted contact may initially be a little uncomfortable, very much like new shoes. But the excitement of seeing well without glasses, and a few days of careful wear will have you comfortable in no time! READ MORE

  • Myopia and Floaters?

    Hello! Floaters are usually benign. As we get more nearsighted, the eye may grow longer, this can create floaters. It’s a good idea to have an eye exam with dilation when you notice new floaters to rule out retinal tears and detachments. READ MORE

  • Can I wear computer glasses all the time?

    Your prescription specifies that it is for use while you’re looking at a computer. This is the time and place for you to be wearing your prescription. In short, if you’re not in front of the computer, don’t wear a computer prescription. Thanks for asking! READ MORE

  • What is blurry vision a sign of?

    Generally blurry vision is caused by a change in the prescription of the eye. You may notice blurriness when you’re reading, when you’re looking at things far away, or both. You should always have an eye exam if you notice any change in your vision. Thanks for asking! READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Specialty contact lenses for astigmatism, presbyopia (difficulty seeing up close), corneal disease, and poor vision with glasses. Treatment of diseases of the eye and surrounding tissue.

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • American Cancer Society, Wounded Warrior Project, Lions Club

Dr. John Lowitz, OD's Practice location

Better Vision Center

2236 Todds Ln Suite B -
Hampton, VA 23666
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New patients: 757-838-3465

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