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Dr. Lynn A. Wiens, MD, FAAAAI, Allergist & Immunologist
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Dr. Lynn A. Wiens, MD, FAAAAI

Allergist and Immunologist

6160 S Yale Ave Tulsa OK, 74136
Practice Philosophy

Integrative Medicine




Dr. Lynn Wiens practices Allergy and Immunology care in Tulsa, OK. Dr. Wiens specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of asthma and other allergic diseases. Allergist-Immunologists are trained and certified to treat each patients sensitivity and response to allergens of varying severity. Dr. Wiens provides several means of testing and treatment to increase immunity to potentially harmful substances.

Education and Training

University of Kansas School of Medicine MD 1987

Board Certification

American Board of Allergy and Immunology

Provider Details

Male English
Dr. Lynn A. Wiens, MD, FAAAAI
Dr. Lynn A. Wiens, MD, FAAAAI's Expert Contributions
  • Is Tomato a Fruit or Vegetable?

    I appreciate the blog from Dr. Khadavi as the question of "citrus acid allergy" often comes up in my daily allergy practice here in Tulsa. Tomato is just one more food that can cause an intolerance that often is confused with a food allergy. As listed below, mucosal irritation is an intolerance,...

  • More Reason to Consider Allergy Shots if your Hay Fever isn’t Controlled by Medications

    I have been telling patients for years that allergy immunotherapy (#allergy shots) are very helpful for controlling the sniffles, sneezing, and coughing that patients experience particularly during the fall and spring. This is a very interesting market research report on allergy shots that analyzes...

  • This Can't Be Right

    So, what is going on with persistent allergy symptoms when the pollens are NOT very high? This patient is using the term "allergies" to describe "symptoms" of allergy that may not be IgE-mediated allergy at all. Doesn't mention skin testing, but this testing can be completely negative in this...

  • Cat Allergies

    As the holidays approach, our travel will be limited by COVID-19, but we still may visit relatives with cats, but what if you're allergic? Researchers from Nestle Purina Research in St. Louis, MO, may have the answer. As cats groom (which they do all the time), their hair coat can be shed, which...

  • How should I manage my cat allergies?

    You will need to measure your lung function and find out how obstructed you are. There are good inhaled steroids for the wheezing. Now onto the cat dilemma. You will need to test for cat allergy and find out how sensitive you are. In many cases, the only alternative to having a cat in the house is allergy immunotherapy or allergy shots. The shots do work to decrease your sensitization, but many experts still recommend getting the cat out of the house. Lynn A. Wiens, MD READ MORE

  • Is it allergies or coronavirus?

    Very common question--usually at this time of the year, the "allergy triggers" have really decreased from the Fall season. Your symptoms can be due to a viral infection (COVID + other viruses), and these symptoms usually last < 1 week. If you have an indoor pet or dust mite allergy, winter "allergies" are common, but don't come and go. Once you have sensitivity, it lasts for several months at a time. READ MORE

  • How can I treat dust allergy in my daughter?

    #1--Good avoidance with mattress & pillow case covers. #2--Antihistamines (OTC) and nasal sprays that will help with congestion. #3--Immunotherapy with allergy shots or sublingual tablets. READ MORE

  • Is this an allergy?

    Sounds like hives, which doesn't have to be allergy but oftentimes is. Take a picture and send it to your doctor or better yet, schedule an appointment for doctor to examine the rash. READ MORE

  • Why am I itching?

    With the increase in itching with exercise, this is what's called "cholinergic urticaria". I would treat with Zyrtec or Xyzal 1-2 tablets at bedtime. Often, this rash will disappear within several months. READ MORE

  • Allergies or hives?

    Those are very typical of hives and he needs to find an allergist to test him for any underlying cause. READ MORE

  • Lymphocyte

    Every lab has their own "normal" results, and I would need to see the lab printout to make this determination. Also, the other labs included with this result are important, i.e., how many CD4 or CD8 cells there are. Lynn A. Wiens, MD READ MORE

  • Is COVID-19 vaccine safe during pregnancy?

    According to the CDC website, vaccination is safe during pregnancy. Keep in mind that you may experience fever, muscle aches after the vaccine. READ MORE

  • Should kids take allergy medicine every day?

    It is best to find the underlying cause of the seasonal allergies--usually this is done with skin testing and use of allergy shots. With shots, your child shouldn't have to use daily medications and still can control the hayfever. READ MORE

  • Allergy to milk

    That's a very good question, and the best resource ishttp://www.foodallergy.org to find those foods that are milk free, but still supply you with enough calcium. Another consideration, if you can tolerate, is Tums, which contain 200mcg of calcium per tablet. Lynn A. Wiens, MD READ MORE

  • Is it alright to take the third dose of the vaccine 2 weeks after the second dose?

    It's advised to wait 28 days (or 1 month) before getting the 3rd COVID vaccination. www.TulsaAllergyNews.com READ MORE

  • What does the hospital do for allergic reactions?

    Usually the hospital will asses you in their ER and if needed, they will give you epinephrine. The best evaluation for an allergic reaction is to visit your allergist and do some testing to find the underlying cause. Hope this is helpful. (www.TulsaAllergyNews.com) READ MORE

  • What can I give my daughter for seasonal allergies?

    You have several OTC choices for treating allergies. Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin are oral antihistamines and very helpful. Don't forget about the nasal sprays--Nasacort, Flonase; studies show that the nose sprays work better when compared head-to-head with the antihistamines. Good luck! www.TulsaAllergyNews.com READ MORE

  • Can I have the Covid-19 vaccine even If I have a drug allergy specifically amoxicillin?

    Penicillin allergy is a separate issue/condition from adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccination. You will need to confirm with your PCP that you don't have a history of previous vaccine reactions. If not, then you may receive any of the covid vaccinations on the market. Any reaction on the first dose, may require a "step-wise" process for the second vaccine. (www.TulsaAllergyNews.com) READ MORE

  • Should you go to the ER for an allergic reaction?

    Yes, any and all severe allergic reactions should be treated first in the ER because the reaction may progress to even more symptoms over 2-3 hours. READ MORE

  • Allergy

    Milk allergy can certainly be a problem with hives, itching, dizziness, but you would need testing with either skin prick test, or blood testing to confirm the milk allergy. We now also have "component" testing which is a very sensitive test. The symptoms with your heart racing and shortness of breath should be evaluated in the emergency room or urgent care as this may represent a condition unrelated to allergy. I evaluate many causes of hives, but often they are "idiopathic," which means there is no specific trigger for the hives. I work with your PCP to make sure that your heart palpitations and shortness of breath aren't due to asthma. Best to you! Lynn A. Wiens, MD READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Allergy ImmunotherapyEosinophilic conditionsUrticaria or HivesChronic sinusitisImmunodeficiency


  • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society Year  
  • Travel Grant Award Recipient 1991 American Academy of Pediatrics 
  • Travel Grant Award Recipient 1992 American Academy of Allergy/Immunology 


  • Skin Testing For Allergy
  • Spirometry For Asthma
  • Drug Allergy Testing
  • Allergy Shots
  • Food Allergy Evaluation And Challenge

Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology  
  • Kansas Medical Society  
  • American Medical Association  
  • American Academy of Pediatrics  
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society  
  • American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology  
  • Diplomat, American Board of Allergy and Immunology  
  • Diplomat, American Board of Pediatrics  
  • Diplomat, National Board of Medical Examiners  
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology  


  • Children's Mercy Hospital--Kansas City, MO Allergy/Immunology  1992

Experience & Accolades

  • Physician2012Warren ClinicI am currently director of the Allergy section for Warren Clinic. I supervise allergy testing, lung function, and drug challenges.


  • University of Kansas School of Medicine (1992)

Dr. Lynn A. Wiens, MD, FAAAAI's Practice location

Warren Clinic Allergy and Immunology

6160 S Yale Ave -
Tulsa, OK 74136
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New patients: 918-495-2636
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Dr. Lynn A. Wiens, MD, FAAAAI has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars based on the reviews from 32 patients. FindaTopDoc has aggregated the experiences from real patients to help give you more insights and information on how to choose the best Allergist and Immunologist in your area. These reviews do not reflect a providers level of clinical care, but are a compilation of quality indicators such as bedside manner, wait time, staff friendliness, ease of appointment, and knowledge of conditions and treatments.

Media Releases

Get to know Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Specialist, Dr. Lynn A. Wiens, who serves patients in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dr. Wiens is a board certified allergy, asthma, and immunology physician currently practicing at Warren Clinic Allergy and Immunology at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is also affiliated with Jack C. Montgomery Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Warren Clinic allergy and immunology specialists diagnose and treat most allergy and immunology conditions. Common conditions treated include asthma, allergic rhinitis, food allergy, latex allergy, primary immune deficiency, sinusitis, and insect sting allergy.

Dr. Wiens acquired his medical degree in 1987 at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. Following a three-year residency in pediatrics conducted at Children's Mercy Hospital (1990), he completed a fellowship in pediatric allergy and immunology at the University of Kansas School of Medicine in 1992.

Following his training, Dr. Wiens attained board certification in allergy and immunology through the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. The American Board of Allergy and Immunology is a conjoint board of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Pediatrics.

Licensed to practice in Oklahoma, Dr. Wiens is a Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (FAAAAI).

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  • Are Food Allergies and Birth Months Linked?

    Finnish researchers reported that food allergies in children are linked to the season they were born in. In a study conducted on 6,000 children born between 2001 and 2006, about 1,000 were tested for sensitization for food allergens until they reached4-years-old.Results of the study, published in...

  • What Are the Possible Complications of Chicken Pox?

    Chicken pox is a common disease that is mostly observed in children that are below ten years of age. Despite the vaccine being introduced to prevent the disease from occurring, it usually does affect people once in their lifetme. When the virus stays in the body for a prolonged period of time,...

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    Do you have lupus? Do you want to know how can you be at your best? Lupus is a disease of flares. Flares come and go away naturally. Drugs are very important in controlling lupus symptoms. However, if you can control the flares, you can control the disease to a great extent.Lupus is also known as an...

  • Are Ginseng Supplements Beneficial to my Health?

    Ginseng supplements have been used for improving health for centuries in Asia and North America. Although this herbal medicine has been used for several medical conditions, it is not studied completely. Ginseng is of two basic types – Korean ginseng and American ginseng – and each have specific...

  • Is Asthma Allergy-Induced?

    The allergens which cause sneezing and watery eyes in many people, are the ones responsible for asthma attacks in few others. It can be stated without the shred of a doubt that allergies trigger the most commonly suffered chronic conditions in the United States. The connection between allergies and...

  • What is Anaphylaxis?

    Anaphylaxis refers to a severe allergic response, which can become life threatening if not treated immediately. It is often characterized by swelling, sudden lowering of blood pressure, difficulty breathing, and dilation of blood vessels. In some severe cases, the person may go into a state of...

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