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800 N Swan Road 106 Tucson AZ, 85711
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Alternative Medicine


Experience is the crucial factor in choosing an acupuncturist to provide you with acupuncture treatment. Jason Gill LAc, has treated thousands of people just like you, for over 35 years, helping them to become free of pain ...

Education and Training

Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine MAcOM (Master in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 1985

National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Dipl.Ac ( Diplomate in Acupuncture)

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MaleEnglish 34 years of experience
Mr. Jason Gill LAC
Mr. Jason Gill LAC's Expert Contributions
  • Can acupuncture loosen tight muscles in neck?

    The answer is yes. Acupuncture is quite effective for neck pain whether due to trauma or stress. At our clinic we also teach you postural exercises to minimize future pain. We get you out of pain and teach you how to stay out of pain. READ MORE

  • How often should you get acupuncture treatment for migraines?

    The answer varies on several factors regarding your headaches: how often do you have them how severe are they, how long have you had them, when do they occur? A good practitioner will differentiate your symptoms, and then come up with a prognosis and treatment plan. A fair trial for effectiveness is 2 visits a week for 3 weeks and then re-evaluate progress. READ MORE

  • How many acupuncture sessions does it take to see results?

    I try to alleviate headaches in one session. However, results can vary depending on the type of headache, its location and frequency. Is it a sinus headache, recurring tension headache or migraine? Headaches need to be differentiated in order to determine your prognosis. I often recommend 6 visits to determine type of headache and underlying cause. If you have not recieved benefit by six visits acupuncture may not be for you. READ MORE

  • Can acupuncture help in treating lower back pain?

    Yes, definitely. Acupuncture is effective for both stress and back pain. It is one of the most frequently treated symptoms. In my clinic, we alleviate your pain and teach you stress reduction and postural exercises to minimize back pain. We teach you how to take care of yourself to prevent future recurrences of back pain. READ MORE

  • Can you get acupuncture for anxiety?

    Yes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine anxiety is known as "shen disturbance". Shen refers to your spirit. There are specific acupuncture points that produce a calming and relaxing effect on your body and spirit, reducing anxiety. READ MORE

  • Is acupuncture good for sciatica?

    Yes. Acupuncture can quickly resolve sciatica. I treat it almost daily in my clinic. READ MORE

  • Can acupuncture help with arthritis in the hands?

    While it can do little for joint changes in the hands, acupuncture can be quite effective for the relief of arthritic pain. Consult with an acupuncturist to get a prognosis, and then, pursue treatment if it seems promising for you. READ MORE

  • How effective is acupuncture for depression?

    Acupuncture can be very effective for depression. Consult an acupuncturist to get a differential diagnosis as to the root cause. Often, depression can be helped by Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) as well. Combining CBT with acupuncture is what we do in my clinic, with good results. READ MORE

  • Can acupuncture help with allergies?

    The answer to your question is, yes. Allergies are typically caused by two main causes: First, too much allergen in the environment for your immunity to cope with. Or, secondly, decreased immunity makes you vulnerable to existing allergens. In either case, acupuncture can increase your immune response such that you experience fewer or no symptoms. Consult with an acupuncturist to learn more. READ MORE

  • What are the side effects of acupuncture?

    The side effects of acupuncture are generally an overall sense of well-being. Less than 1% of people experience any negative side effect, such as dizziness or fainting, but in those cases it is most often due to an extremely emotional nature, inadequate sleep, or inadequate food prior to treatment. Prior to treatment you should have an acupuncture consultation to find out if acupuncture is right for you, and your condition. The acupuncturist can inform how to properly prepare yourself before treatment to optimize your results. READ MORE

  • Can acupuncture relieve my back pain?

    Back pain is the most common reason patients seek acupuncture treatment. Whether the back pain is acute or chronic, it generally responds quickly to acupuncture. Seek a consultation, talk to the acupuncturist about their experience treating back pain, get an exam and the acupuncturist can give you an idea of how long it would take to give you relief. READ MORE

  • What does acupuncture actually do?

    Many people ask, "How does acupuncture work?" Or "What does it do?" The exact mechanism of acupuncture is still being researched. What is known is that acupuncture creates a wide variety of metabolic changes in the body that have a homeostatic (balancing) effect. Changes in blood flow, hormones, release of neurotransmitters, muscle relaxation, etc., can all be scientifically measured, but the "exact" reason behind it is still debated. MRI's of acupuncture patients reveal specific acupuncture points activate certain parts of the brain. But, again, how acupuncture does this still requires research. That acupuncture has a 5000 year old track record of helping people throughout the world speaks for itself and doesn't require "scientific" validation. That being said, I frequently treat migraine with excellent results in my practice. I suggest that you consult an acupuncturist to learn whether you are a good candidate for acupuncture. The only way to truly know if it will help you is to try it and see for yourself. READ MORE

  • Can vertigo be treated with acupuncture?

    Yes it can. Acupuncture is helpful for vertigo. Consult an Acupuncturists. Depending upon the type of vertigo you have a simple home technique that often cures it completely can be found here: READ MORE

  • Is it normal to feel lethargic after my session?

    Most people in America have a sleep debt. That is, due to long hours, overwork, insomnia, late nights etc. we "owe" our bodies rest so that it can heal and rejuvenate. Sometimes after an acupuncture session you feel tired because in order to heal, your body is giving you notice that your sleep debt is "due". You are simply resting so that you can heal and the tiredness should go once you just let yourself rest thoroughly. READ MORE

  • Why is acupuncture suggested for fertility?

    Acupuncture can be very effective for fertility. A healthy balanced body naturally is capable of producing children. Visit for more information about fertility treatment with acupuncture. READ MORE

  • Do you recommend acupuncture for children?

    Yes - acupuncture is completely suitable for children. Some acupuncturists specialize in pediatric acupuncture. Both needles and non-needle techniques are available. Consult a LAc (Licensed Acupuncturist) about your child's specific needs. READ MORE

  • Does acupuncture require other medicines to be effective?

    The long and short answer is NO. Acupuncture is effective in its own right for correcting many problems. If, however, you are already taking other prescribed medications, there is usually no contraindication to taking them while receiving acupuncture. Consult with a Licensed Acupuncturist for further information about your condition and prognosis to be fully informed. READ MORE

  • How does acupuncture help in treating infertility?

    Acupuncture is effective in balancing the whole body, including hormones. If hormone imbalance is an underlying problem for your sister, treatment may be effective. Consult the American Board of Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) at for more information about acupuncture and where to find practitioners who specialize in the treatment of infertility. READ MORE

  • How is arthritis treated with acupuncture?

    Acupuncture can reduce inflammation and may be a useful way to treat arthritis. Although not a panacea, acupuncture can treat many issues that fall through the cracks of Western Medicine, often making a painful situation into a manageable one. Consult with an acupuncturist to find out the underlying syndrome, try it and see if it works for you. READ MORE

  • Can insomnia be treated with acupuncture?

    Yes, Acupuncture or acupuncture and herbs can be useful in the treatment of insomnia. The only side-effect would be sleep. READ MORE

  • Can acupuncture treat chronic fatigue syndrome?

    Chronic fatigue can be due to endocrine, depression or emotional problems. Acupuncture can be useful for chronic fatigue. Consult with an acupuncturist, and find out what the underlying cause is, and often it will resolve with treatment. READ MORE

  • Is acupuncture a complementary treatment or does it treat ailments by itself?

    Acupuncture treats a wide array of diseases. The World Health Organization has made a statement about the many diseases acupuncture can help. You can "google" the information. Interestingly acupuncture is also a good complementary treatment for complex diseases. It can mitigate the side affects of chemotherapy such and nausea and insomnia for example. READ MORE

  • How effective are acupressure slippers?

    In my experience they are not therapeutic, but most likely do no harm. wear them if you feel comfortable in them and judge for yourself. READ MORE

  • Is it safe for me to continue my acupuncture during pregnancy?

    There are some points contraindicated for pregnancy. Licensed Acupuncturists are trained to know which points not to use. Often acupuncture helps with nausea due to pregnancy. There are acupuncturist specialists who treat infertility and OBGYN problems. Go to www. to find a specialist. READ MORE

  • Can an acupuncturist help me with my sleep disorder?

    Acupuncture works well for stress and insomnia. The body likes routine in eating, sleep, waking and rest. Erratic hours can disrupt your balance. Seek out an acupuncturist, and discuss your options. READ MORE

  • How does acupuncture treat indigestion?

    The short answer is yes. Digestive issues often resolve with acupuncture treatment. Also rule out food allergies. READ MORE

  • Does acupuncture help in weight loss?

    Acupuncture can be a helpful adjunct to diet and weightless. When your body is balanced and healthy, it tends to be more slender. Balancing your emotions and digestion can go a long way toward weight loss. That being said, acupuncture is not a magic; sensible diet and exercise are a must for any weight loss program. Consult with an acupuncturist. READ MORE

  • Does it hurt when acupuncture needles are inserted in the body?

    There is not the type of pain associated with an injection. There might be a mild pinch. The needles are so thin that the insertion is virtually pain-free. The Qi sensation can feel like a pressure, a trickle of water, or electricity moving from one area to another. While perhaps unusual, these sensations will never be painful. Whatever you experience is normal and a sign that your body is getting into balance. READ MORE

  • I have a migraine problem. Should I see an acupuncturist?

    Acupuncture can treat migraines quite effectively. The results generally are a complete cessation of headaches, or less frequent migraines. READ MORE

  • Can acupuncture help in treating joint pain?

    Yes. Joint pain responds very well to acupuncture treatment. That being, said no diagnosis can be made without evaluating the patient. More information is needed, such as: cause, duration, quality of pain, etc. My best advice is get a consultation with a state licensed acupuncturist to be evaluated and treated. READ MORE

  • Is it true that people suffering from high blood pressure should not try acupuncture?

    No, that is not true. In fact, acupuncture tends to help lower blood pressure. Acupuncture can be an effective tool to help manage high blood pressure either on its own, or in conjunction with Western medicine, depending upon the individual and their history. It is worthwhile to consult with an acupuncturist to find out your own individual prognosis. READ MORE

  • Brachial plexopathy pain from radiation fibrosis- what will help?

    Acupuncture is not a panacea and not everything responds well to treatment - in that, it is like any other medicine. There is no other way to know for sure if it will help you unless you try it and see what your response is. That being said, it is highly likely that acupuncture could help. I recommend you consult with an acupuncturist in person as it is difficult to give a diagnosis or prognosis via email. READ MORE

  • Acupuncture for fertility- will it increase my ovarian reserve?

    My practice focuses more on pain relief than fertility, however you can find an acupuncture fertility specialist through (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine). This board certifies practitioners in the practice of fertility issues and should be able to refer you to a specialist who can both answer all of your questions and treat you. Good luck in the future. Jason Gill LAc READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Pain relief


  • Best Tucson Acupuncturist 2016 2016 Best Business 


  • Acupuncture (needle/laser)
  • Distal Acupuncture - Tan And Tung Systems
  • Korean Hand Therapy Acupuncture
  • Postural Alignment Therapy
  • Nlp - Neuro-linguistic Programming

Experience & Accolades

  • Teacher of Traditional Medical Theory2002 - 2004International Qi Gong InstituteInstructor

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Tucson Acupuncture Center

800 N Swan Road 106 -
Tucson, AZ 85711
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