Timothy Mickiewicz, DDS, Dentist
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Timothy Mickiewicz, DDS

Sleep Medicine Specialist | Sleep Medicine

930 Alhambra Blvd #110 Sacramento CA, 95816


Dr. Timothy Mickiewicz practices Sleep Medicine in Sacramento, CA. Dr. Mickiewicz studies, diagnoses, and treats sleep disturbances and disorders due to varying factors. Sleep Medicine Physicians are trained to treat many different conditions, including insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, idiopathic hypersomnia, menstrual-related hypersomnia, and circadian rhythm disturbances, among others.

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Timothy Mickiewicz, DDS
Timothy Mickiewicz, DDS's Expert Contributions
  • Are there any remedies for teeth grinding?

    That's a loaded question! Grinding (bruxism) has many contributing factors. From garden variety stress, degeneration of joints. ..yes arthritis! Very common in females, grinders, trauma like sports, even long ago,an estrogen deficiency correlation. However, treatable! Seen thousands. Add other structural issues like a bad bite, missing teeth, lack of the eye teeth contacting on lateral movements, extracting bicuspids for ortho! ( my personal pet peeve. Seen tens of thousands....official ortho board rules. ...perfectly acceptable, encouraged as it is mandatory for boards. Sure this will rustle feathers! Whatever, I am here for your elucidation. Other potential causes...use of SSRI antidepressants like Paxil, Prozac, etc. DO NOT STOP MEDS WITHOUT DOCTORS SUPERVISION. PLEASE TAKE AS DIRECTED BY MD!!! Randomly, airway compromise, forward head posture, sleep apnea. (Download Epworth scale to screen for sleep issues) and as a kicker we see many Ehlers-Danlos patients, a connective tissue disorder. Seeing an uptick in adult onset. It is a controversial issue, but my experience says it's the real deal. Rare thankfully. There you have bruxism 101. I could write mountains after 75k patients. Key to treatment. Look for obvious, get at least a panoramic xray to evaluate joints. If your face is asymmetric or you have cross bite, big red flags. Treat with an orthotic...not a rubbery football guard. Custom fit, flat plane, lite posterior contact and Cuspid discluusion. Doctor talk here...plus look for a lab the uses Astron vinyl. No BPA. No Methylmethacrylate Awesome product. Most large labs use. No palatal coverage. Lite incsical wrap about 1.5mm. Check my website drmickdds.com Good luck, you will do fine. Caveat an oversell..ie a bunch of magic computer measuring. Caveat the undersell. If splint is bulky and uncomfortable you won't wear. Plus I worship airway space. Regards, Dr. Mick READ MORE

  • How long do I have to wait to eat after a dental filling?

    Need to wait until anesthesia wears off...the filling will be set in seconds. It's more about biting your tongue or cheek. There is a reversal agent for local anesthesia. Ask your dentist to get some! Cheap and great value added. I stopped restorative as a rule seven years ago. But the principles are universal and timeless. Materials dramatically better. Ask questions, make sure you understand procedure....no upsells! You will do fine. Dentists as a group always put patients first. Regards, Dr. Mick READ MORE

  • How long does dental implant pain last?

    Dental implants rarely, if ever cause pain. Bone, has no sensory nerves. The tissue should be healthy prior to placement. If the lower arch, it is a red flag that potentially the nerve has been damaged due to proximity. If upper arch, perhaps perforation of the sinus. If there is residual infection, or the pain comes after placement of healing cap, or crown. There may be impingement of the delicate tissues around the restoration. A CONE BEAM CT, special 3D imaging, read by a qualified oral radiologist (I use Beamreaders) is in order if it persists. Whoever placed is responsible for follow-up. Good luck. Usually they are highly successful. Dr. Mickiewicz This is not intended as medical advice. Seek a qualified professional. I have no financial interest in Beamreaders. READ MORE

  • Does getting a bridge hurt?

    As a rule, no. There may be some discomfort, but overall it's safe and easy. Implants don't hurt either, sounds gruesome to place a screw in bone, but bone has no sensory nerves. So, it depends on your case. Implants on lower teeth have an excellent track record. Would need to see X-rays to comment further on the physics of the case. READ MORE

  • Is it okay to gargle with water after brushing your teeth?

    Yes, it is ideal. Also, floss and use a tongue scraper, Sonicare, Waterpik if needed. You can never be too clean. No need for mouth rinse unless you need fluoride for cavity control. No alcohol rinses as a rule please. Dr. M READ MORE

  • How do you stop a cracked tooth from hurting?

    Try to keep pressure off of it, avoid crunchy foods, get an over-the-counter night guard, short-term only!!! Find an emergency dentist. READ MORE

  • Teeth still moving post having worn retainer for a year (not consistently)

    Not a fan of permanent retainers, they usually relapse due to tongue tie or lip frenum, the muscle you see when you pull you lip back. Easy correction with laser. Not a fan of pushing jaws back; it may be trying to find a more forward posture because it's more comfortable for joints. READ MORE

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Timothy E Mickiewicz D.D.S. Inc

930 Alhambra Blvd #110 -
Sacramento, CA 95816
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Media Releases

Get to know General Dentist Dr. Timothy Mickiewicz, who serves patients in Sacramento, California.

Dr. Mickiewicz is a general dentist who is an expert in the  treatment of headaches, facial pain, TMJ syndrome, and Sleep Apnea. He is currently serving patients’ dental needs at his private dental practice in Sacramento, California. “At the office of Timothy E. Mickiewicz, DDS, our patients experience life-changing dentistry. Our commitment is to you, our patient. We seek to empower you, to enlighten you, and to give you the best treatment possible for your unique dental needs. We have developed a comprehensive, conservative treatment approach that consistently shows great results” as stated on the dental practice’s website. 

As an advocate for patients’ rights, Dr. Mickiewicz has introduced many innovative procedures that have become the standard in the industry. Always looking for the most conservative, efficacious and evidenced based solution. “In Latin, the word “doctor” means “teacher.” I love to teach, and consequently, I try to learn from the best. This tremendous amount of personal research has allowed me to train my peers in the management of dental and orofacial pain. I have lectured extensively on my dental passions, which include TMJ disorders, Sleep Medicine, and orthodontics” as stated by Dr. Mickiewicz.

Dr. Mickiewicz earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of the Pacific in 1982. Dr. Mickiewicz holds dual board certification by the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines and the Academy of Integrative Pain Management. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Stanislaus Dental Society, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the Sacramento District Dental Society, and more. 

Dr. Mickiewicz is a huge supporter of the arts, especially the New Helvetia Theater, an innovative, cutting edge company that brings unique productions rarely seen except major theater hotbeds like New York and Chicago. He considers himself a sucker for any theater program, so it’s no wonder that two of his children are professional actors in musical theater. Dr. Mickiewicz is the “unofficial dentist” to artists and actors who come from outside the area to perform. 

Dr. Mickiewicz spent nine years as the co-chair of the fundraising campaign to build the new Alex G. Spanos Heart Center – the number one heart program in the western states and in the top ten in the nation. 

Dr. Mickiewicz was recently featured in Sacramento Magazine’s issue of “Faces of Sacramento” for his extensive work in TMJ therapy and Dental Sleep Medicine. He is highly regarded in both the dental and medical and legal communities and has an extensive network of medical partnerships throughout Northern California. Essentially the “go-to doc” for the seemingly unsolvable conditions. 

Dentistry, is a branch of medicine and few people realize the amount of medical knowledge necessary to treat this unique niche. Constantly tweaking and beta testing effective, conservative treatments so that his patients can experience relief from their dental and orofacial pain as well as controlling life threatening Sleep issues, has been a passion for over 30 years.

Dr. Mickiewicz is originally from the East Bay area, graduating from De La Salle High School in Concord,  and St. Mary’s College of California. The Christian Brothers motto of “Enter to learn, leave to serve” is ingrained in his psyche. “I always look to give more than I receive.  I have been blessed in many ways. If I can use my talents to ease the pain of others, and literally save lives, I am coming close to being able to repay what was given to me by the Christian Brothers” Facial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine are complicated, It is not for the docs that want to dabble.  If they want to learn, my door is always open to students, dentists and physicians. He lives in East Sacramento, blocks from his office, In October 2017 he opened a new office that is more conducive to the technological advances necessary, with a constant reminder that listening is the best diagnostic tool. But like chess he is always a few steps ahead of the dental crowd.. Located in Midtown it is an homage to Mid-Century modernism.  Always surrounded by great art and vintage furniture , it is a great blend of old and new. “The concept of surrounding yourself and staff with great art, much of it from local legends or gifts from grateful patients, fosters creativity and a reminder to think outside of the box. There is so much dogma in the field and our practice is renowned for taking on the toughest cases, with a relentless pursuit of viable, conservative solutions”.

Dr. Mick is immensely proud of his three grown children and four grandchildren who are perfect in every way.

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