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Dr. Jeffery Jones is a Chiropractor practicing in Madison, MS. Dr. Jones specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal system, while improving each patients functionality and quality of life. Conditions treated include sciatica, neck pain, and arthritis pain, among many others. Dr. Jones seeks to reduce pain and discomfort through manipulation and adjustment of the spine.

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Life University Doctor of Chiropractic 1983

Universiteit Maastricht Faculty of Health 1983

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National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

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Dr. Jeffery Patrick Jones D.C,
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  • How can I realign my posture?

    Bad postural hygiene has two main components. One is the alteration of the normal spinal curves and the presence of vertebral subluxations. The second is weak core muscles. With this combination when a person tries to stand or sit correctly it causes discomfort and fatigue. I would suggest seeing a chiropractor who can detect, diagnose, and correct the spinal component. He/she can also advise you on specific core strengthening exercises. Good personal trainers are also an excellent consideration for core strengthening. Therabandacademy.com is a website where you can join for free to obtain specific exercise instructions along with inexpensive equipment. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • How do you know if you need a chiropractic adjustment?

    When you have back pain that lasts for more than 72 hours that is not relieved by hot/cold packs or pain medication, it's time to go. A muscle strain generally will improve if not aggravated within 48 hours. Yours sounds like a more serious underlying cause and will only worsen if not treated soon. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • What will a chiropractor do for back pain?

    The first thing a chiropractor will do is take a complete history followed by an orthopedic and neurological examination and possible X-rays to determine the cause of your pain. Once he/she reviews their findings, they will then determine if you are a chiropractic case. If so, the doctor will devise a treatment plan for your particular case which will include spinal manipulation in conjunction with one or more of the following therapies: electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, traction and supervised range of motion, core strengthening and stretching exercises. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • What age should a child see a chiropractor?

    I have treated patients as young as three weeks old mostly for colic, constipation and projectile vomiting. All with good results. It is safe for children of all ages. For your specific question, a child should have regular check-ups once they start walking. This is when gravitational forces will have a direct effect on structural integrity, function, and development of the musculoskeletal system. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • How long does a chiropractic adjustment take to work for scoliosis?

    It all depends on the type of scoliosis and the calculated degree of the curvature. The types are functional (non-structural) which is caused by one leg being shorter than the other or pelvic imbalance. The other is structural which there are several causes. Also, functional is usually one sided, affecting only one area of the spine, whereas structural can affect multiple areas. In most cases, if there is no underlying vertebral deformity and treated early, they can be corrected, reduced or the progression halted. As for how much time it will take depends on the type. I have corrected or substantially reduced a scoliosis in four to six months, but sometimes has taken a year or more. Comparative X-rays are needed every 4-6 months to monitor progress. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Is chiropractic care necessary for children?

    Yes, in my opinion it is. Basic chiropractic care is beneficial to all ages but there are chiropractors that go a step further and obtain advanced training in chiropractic pediatrics. My youngest patient was 3 weeks old and suffered from colic. Two adjustments to the little man's spine and he had no more troubles. Regular chiropractic visits for children, every one to two months, helps to improve immune system response and detect any developmental abnormalities in the spine such as scoliosis which can be corrected if caught in the early stages. It also will help improve coordination and cognitive skills. Some may disagree with these statements but seeing is believing. Over 37 years of practice I have seen a lot of children benefit from chiropractic care. From ear aches, colic, projectile vomiting, correction of scoliosis, children with ADD and ADHD go from anti-social to social and C-D academic average to honor roll. Children with autism who couldn=E2=80=99t dress themselves now tie their own shoes and even make their own lunch. Yes it works. Just keep an open mind. Yours in Health, Doc J Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: FATD Patient Questions Sent: Thursday, April 9, 2020 3:42 PM To: jonesdr@bellsouth.net Subject: You Have a New Question: Is chiropractic care necessary for ... You have a new patient question! All you have to do is reply to this email to answer. All questions and answers are for informational purposes only. =C2=A0 Someone has asked you a question Click here to view this request online Dr. Jones You Have A New Question Simply reply to this email with your answer. =C2=A0 =C2=A0 Is chiropractic care necessary for children? =C2=A0 My son is 9 years old. I want to know if chiropractic care is necessary for children? =C2=A0 =C2=A0 =C2=A0 Reply to this email to answer, or Login to see all questions. If you don't want to receive patient questions, click here IT IS SAFE TO PARTICIPATE. Answering this question does not constitute medical advice or establish a doctor-patient relationship. All questions and answers are for informational purpose only. All question submitters are advised to seek the care of their local medical provider. =C2=A0 Find A Top Doc 1350 Ave of the Americas New York, NY. 10019 United States (866) 664-DOCS Copyright =C2=A9 2020 FINDATOPDOC. All Rights Reserved. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with bad posture?

    Yes. Many times, bad posture habits are due to lack of normal joint motion of the spine causing shorting of muscles and ligaments. When a person tries to exercise good postural hygiene it becomes uncomfortable due to this lack of normal joint motion therefore they slump. Also, a chiropractor can recommend a postural brace to assist in holding the shoulders back and the upper torso straight. They are simple, comfortable and can be worn under the clothes so no one even knows the child is wearing one. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor align your jaw?

    Yes, they can. Chiropractic is very effective with TMJ syndrome. There will also be a need for chiropractic adjustments to the upper cervical spine because that is where some of the nerve control for the facial muscles originates which affects the TMJ. We get a lot of referrals from dentist with patients that have TMJ. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • How do I strengthen my back with scoliosis?

    It would take too long to explain all the exercises and how to do them. I suggest www.therabandacademy.com. It's free to sign up and they have exercise instructions for almost any condition. They can also suggest any special equipment needed. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Why does my neck always click?

    That is called joint hypermobility. The clicking sound is caused by cavitation of the synovial fluid inside the joint space. It's not harmful. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • How do I sleep with a herniated disc in my neck?

    I'm sorry to hear that. This is one of those things that is not easily answered. Much depends on the level and direction of the herniation. This is one that you will just have to experiment with different positions. Sometimes a large bath towel laid out longways, fold the sides to the middle leaving a 1 to 2-inch gap in the center then roll it up one end to the other. Lie on your back with pillows under your knees to relax the muscles of the spine and place the towel at the base of your neck so that the head extends over. If the herniation is lateral and anterior, (to the side and forward of the joint space), it should relieve some discomfort. If it does not then it is possible the disc is lateral and posterior, (to the side and backward), elevate the head in the flexed position. Also, if arm pain is involved putting the arm flexed and above the head may help also. I have always advised patients to use ice packs and no heating pad. A hot shower or bath is OK because it is not direct and concentrated like a heating pad helping to relax and not inflame. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • What is chiropractic manipulation?

    Chiropractic manipulation is the art and expertise of adjusting vertebral subluxations, i.e. misalignments of the spine, that affect nerve root transmission from the spinal cord, reduces joint mobility and alters the normal biomechanical function of the spinal column. Chiropractors are the only health care providers that spend years studying and honing their skills in chiropractic manipulative techniques. Most of us perform adjustments by hand and some use instruments such as the activator. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Does cracking your neck release endorphins?

    Yes it does by relieving nerve irritation, muscle tension and improving joint mobility. Some people "crack" their neck themselves which is a bad idea and can be dangerous. You should only let a licensed chiropractor manipulate the spine. The main reason is that a person does not know what condition their spine is in and if there are any underlying conditions that would contraindicate moving the vertebra in that manner. Also, vertebra are going to move in the direction of least resistance which is going to be farther out of alignment without an opposing force to manipulate them in the direction they need to go. There has been many times over 37 years that I have treated patients who created their own problem by "cracking" their neck. Let a professional do it. Yours in health, Doc J Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: FATD Patient Questions Sent: Thursday, February 6, 2020 1:01 PM To: jonesdr@bellsouth.net Subject: You Have a New Question: Does cracking your neck release ... You have a new patient question! All you have to do is reply to this email to answer. All questions and answers are for informational purposes only.=20 =0D=C2=A0=0DSomeone has asked you a question =0DClick here to view this request online =0D=0D=0D=0D =0DDr. Jones =0D=0DYou Have A New Question =0DSimply reply to this email with your answer. =0D=C2=A0=0D=C2=A0=0DDoes cracking your neck release endorphins? =0D=0D=C2=A0=0DI am a 32 year old male. I want to know if it is true that cracking your neck releases endorphins? =0D=0D=C2=A0=0D=C2=A0=0D=0D=0D=C2=A0=0DReply to this email to answer, or Login to see all questions. =0D=0D=0D=0D If you don't want to receive patient questions, click here IT IS SAFE TO PARTICIPATE. Answering this question does not constitute medical advice or establish a doctor-patient relationship. All questions and answers are for informational purpose only. All question submitters are advised to seek the care of their local medical provider. =0D=C2=A0=0DFind A Top Doc 1350 Ave of the Americas New York, NY. 10019 United States (866) 664-DOCS Copyright =C2=A9 2020 FINDATOPDOC. All Rights Reserved.=0D=0D=0D READ MORE

  • Why does my pelvis crack?

    That is commonly caused by pelvic imbalance which creates binding of the sacroiliac joints. This lack of normal mobility displaces the synovial fluid in the joint. When you move a certain way, the pressure in the joint is released and the sudden symmetrical disbursement of the synovial fluid creates cavitation, i.e., pop or crack. Also, in pelvic imbalance one leg will become shorter known as an acquired short leg and body weight is dispersed unevenly. This in time can contribute to the formation of a scoliosis. I would advise seeing a chiropractor because this is their realm of expertise. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Should I wear a bra to the chiropractor?

    Yes. Preferably a sports bra that has no metal clips. If X-rays are taken the patient is asked to remove any metal objects that may obscure parts of the spine. A bra with hooks, snaps, and wires has to be removed and the patient is provided a gown. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • What are the dangers of chiropractic care?

    With a patient of that age the probability of injury is almost non-existent. As with any patient the doctor should do a thorough exam including x-rays to rule out any underlying condition that would contraindicate manual manipulation. As long he or she follows those guidelines your daughter should be fine. Yours in health, Doc J From: FATD Patient Questions Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2020 12:43 PM To: jonesdr@bellsouth.net Subject: You Have a New Question: What are the dangers of chiropractic ... You have a new patient question! All you have to do is reply to this email to answer. All questions and answers are for informational purposes only.=20 =0D=C2=A0=0DSomeone has asked you a question =0DClick here to view this request online =0D=0D=0D=0D =0DDr. Jones =0D=0DYou Have A New Question =0DSimply reply to this email with your answer. =0D=C2=A0=0D=C2=A0=0DWhat are the dangers of chiropractic care? =0D=0D=C2=A0=0DI want my teenage daughter to have an adjustment for neck pain. What are the dangers of chiropractic care? =0D=0D=C2=A0=0D=C2=A0=0D=0D=0D=C2=A0=0DReply to this email to answer, or Login to see all questions. =0D=0D=0D=0D If you don't want to receive patient questions, click here IT IS SAFE TO PARTICIPATE. Answering this question does not constitute medical advice or establish a doctor-patient relationship. All questions and answers are for informational purpose only. All question submitters are advised to seek the care of their local medical provider. =0D=C2=A0=0DFind A Top Doc 1350 Ave of the Americas New York, NY. 10019 United States (866) 664-DOCS Copyright =C2=A9 2020 FINDATOPDOC. All Rights Reserved.=0D=0D=0D READ MORE

  • How long does it take for sciatica to go away?

    It all depends on what the cause is and the longevity. If numbness in the leg and foot is involved the sciatica is more advanced. There are three most common subluxation i.e. vertebral displacement of the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint, piriformis syndrome or a disc problem. Of course the latter is more serious and takes more time. Most sciatica patients in my experience begin to receive relief within one to two weeks. It is usually not 100% but a gradual reduction that improves over time with each treatment. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Is a chiropractor a real doctor?

    The general public has had the misconception that if you don't have "M.D." attached to your name, you are not a real doctor. There are doctors of many professions and they all are "real doctors" in their realm of expertise, i.e., psychologist, anthropologist and so forth. Chiropractors are specialist in their field and the correct term for them is Doctor of Chiropractic. We are not doctors of medicine and do not perceive to be although we treat a lot of the same conditions but with a different approach. Our field of study is much the same as a medical student with the exception of pharmacology, which we do not study, and chiropractic, which they do not study. A chiropractor also has to pass national board exams and state board exams just like the medics to obtain a license to practice. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • What treatments are used for pediatric chiropractors?

    Chiropractic adjusting techniques used in treatment are standard for all ages of patients. The technique used depends on the condition being treated. Doc J READ MORE

  • Is it necessary to see a chiropractor 3 times a week?

    Yes, it is in the first few weeks of treatment. Most conditions of the spine develop over a long period of time and they require close repetitive treatment in the beginning to be effective. Depending on the severity of a condition treatment programs usually last 12 weeks i.e. 3 x wk. for 4 wks., 2 x wk. for 4 wks., 1 x wk. for 4 wks. After that supportive care is 1 visit every 4-6 weeks. If the patient is progressing faster than expected I will revaluate and reduce the frequency of visits. You must follow the suggested treatment program if you expect to get good results. Some patients will go for 2 or 3 visits and if they are not completely pain free they stop treatment, become disgruntled and say that chiropractic doesn't work. It didn't work because they didn't listen and follow through. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Are chiropractic neck adjustments effective?

    Definitely. Neck adjustments improve range of motion, relieves tension, relieves headaches including migraines. People that experience arm pain with tingling and numbness is most commonly caused by nerve irritation in the neck which can be relieved by chiropractic adjustments. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor be beneficial after childbirth?

    Yes. Pelvic and lower back misalignments with associated pain symptoms are common before and after childbirth. Chiropractic care is helpful on both sides of the spectrum. I have treated many expectant mothers and have been told by those who had children without chiropractic care during pregnancy that it was like night and day. Shorter time in labor and easier delivery. Chiropractic is also good for children of all ages. Works great on colic and improves immune system response. My youngest patient was 3 weeks old. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor relieve hip pain?

    Yes, they can. One of the most common causes of non-injury related hip pain is sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Lack of normal SI movement, fixation or, as chiropractors call it, joint subluxation, can cause one leg to become shorter than the other creating unequal weight bearing. This can contribute to the pain in the hip and eventually begin to radiate down the leg, sciatica. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help numbness in feet?

    It all depends on what is causing the numbness. Are you diabetic? If so, this could be diabetic neuropathy in which case I would see a neurologist for a definitive diagnosis. Other case scenarios would be vascular problems, i.e., lack of sufficient blood flow or chemotherapy induced neuropathy if you are being treated for any type of cancer. If any of these apply find a chiropractor that is proficient in the KLaser neuropathy treatment protocol. We use that in our clinic and it has shown to be 90% effective. If none of these apply, it could be a disc problem or if you are having urinary and bowel problems along with the numbness it could be cauda equina syndrome which is very serious. I would first start with my M.D. to get a referral to a neurologist and go from there. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Can you get paralyzed from a chiropractor?

    It is possible, but extremely unlikely. I have been in practice for over 36 years and have never heard of that happening. Chiropractors are very thorough with their examinations to diagnose the problem and also look for any contraindications to adjusting. That is why we take X-rays as part of the exam. Talk to your chiropractor about your concerns before the adjustment. He or she will not be insulted. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Can chiropractic care help baby sleep?

    Definitely. Over 36 years of practice, I have treated many babies with colic and projectile vomiting with excellent results. These conditions occur due to nerve irritation in the cervical and thoracic spines. In my experience, colic has been resolved within 2 weeks of treatment. Some pediatricians are opposed to the idea of chiropractic treatment for children, but it is very safe. Children adjust very easily. My youngest patient was 3 weeks old and responded well. Yours in health, Doc J READ MORE

  • Can you correct scoliosis in adults?

    There are different types of scoliosis. They are grouped into two categories, functional and non-functional. Functional can usually be corrected to a degree and its progression stopped with regular supportive care. How much correction depends on the severity and complicating factors such as how long has it been there, osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. It takes time and comparative X-rays are usually taken at three month intervals to check the progress. Yours in health, Doc J. READ MORE

  • Should I have a chiropractic adjustment after playing sports?

    Yes. Before and after. Keeping your spine aligned with regular chiropractic care will improve your game. It enhances coordination, balance and reactive skills. Short story: I had a 12-year-old baseball player patient when I was a student doctor at my university's out patient clinic. He struck out more than he hit. Wasn't too good at fielding either. After he was under my care for 2-3 weeks, his game got better and better to the point that he was hitting a home run in just about every game. His mother said that he didn't want to play unless he got his chiropractic adjustment first. Good luck. Doc J. READ MORE

  • Does chiropractic care help with herniated discs?

    Yes, it does. Chiropractic treatment has been proven more effective than other conventional methods for mild to moderate disc herniations. Surgeons have become more conservative over the last 20+ years and don't like to operate unless it is an emergency or all else fails. READ MORE

  • How many chiropractic adjustments does it take to work?

    It all depends on your particular situation. I have had patients that have gotten almost 100% relief on the first adjustment, but sometimes it has take 3-4 before they began to notice improvement. Don't get discouraged if you do not see results on the first visit. Doc J. READ MORE

  • What happens if you let a herniated disc go untreated?

    It can go either way depending on activity and the severity of the herniation. Some research studies have shown that approximately 40% of mild disc herniations with little or no symptoms will resolve themselves using anti-inflammatory medication, applications of ice packs, mild exercise such as walking and refraining from strenuous activity. On the other hand, if symptoms persist and worsen you need to make time because this can lead to nerve damage and possible surgery, and that will lead to a lot more lost time than it takes to treat it. Good luck, Doc READ MORE

  • Is a chiropractic treatment effective for muscular pains?

    Yes. Unexplained chronic muscular pain can be the result of abnormal biomechanics of the spine, i.e., loss of the normal curvatures of the spine and spinal subluxations, i.e., vertebral fixations causing a decrease of the normal mobility of the spinal joints. This is only one of the expertise of a chiropractor. Yours in health, Doc READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help me with chronic lower back pain?

    Yes. Research has shown that chiropractic is more effective and less costly than other forms of treatment. READ MORE

  • Why do I only have pain in my left knee?

    Yes. It could be the result of an old or new injury. Even if you don't think you had an injury, sometimes little things such as not seeing a slight drop off or hole that jerks the knee suddenly without pain can have future consequences. READ MORE

  • What are the side effects of a chiropractic adjustment?

    The main side effect is muscle soreness that usually happens on visits 1-3. Also, there can be a feeling of fatigue and general discomfort. This is because an adjustment increases blood flow and causes a release of lactic acid from muscles into the blood stream. This is why many chiropractors advise their patients to drink plenty of water to flush out the system to rid the body of this natural toxin. Your in health, Doc READ MORE

  • What are the treatments offered for a herniated disc?

    The most common in a chiropractic office is electrical muscle stimulation to relieve spasms and tension combined with spinal manipulation and traction to reduce disc compression allowing the herniation to retract. At one point in time as you progress, active rehab should be introduced to help strengthen muscles and ligaments. Some offices offer spinal decompression, which is a more advanced form of traction that is very effective. READ MORE

  • Will my chiropractor tell me how often I need to see them?

    It all depends on the clinical findings and the severity of your injury. Usually it would be approximately 3 visits per week for the first 2-4 weeks followed by a re-evaluation to determine if more treatment is needed. The doctor should present you with a report of finding and treatment recommendations. Yours in health, Doc READ MORE

  • Why am I experiencing muscle spasms and discomfort in my arm?

    It could be carpal tunnel syndrome or if you have a family history of heart conditions is another possibility. I would see my medical doctor for a check-up ASAP. READ MORE

  • Is chiropractic adjustment effective for sciatica?

    Definitely. Chiropractic is the most effective treatment for sciatica above conventional medicine and physical therapy. Chiropractors treat the cause of sciatica not the symptom. Yours in health. READ MORE

  • What do chiropractors do when they crack your back?

    That "cracking" sound you hear, some describe it as a pop, is actually cavitation of synovial fluid inside the vertebral joints. Synovial fluid is the lubricant that helps keep the lining of the joints, cartilage, from wearing down prematurely. It reduces friction. When a spinal joint has become fixated and out of alignment, what we call a subluxation, the synovial fluid is forced to one side of the joint compartment. When you receive an adjustment the chiropractor is mobilizing the vertebra and realigning it with the ones above and below. When this happens the fluid, within a millisecond, levels out and the sound is caused by cavitation. Two British researchers proved this theory about 15-20 years ago. One other thing: most chiropractors hate the term "crack your/my back," because it is a spinal adjustment. Yours in health, READ MORE

  • What should I wear to a chiropractic appointment?

    Loose clothing and preferably slacks. Very little metal objects because X-rays may be needed and metal obscures the view. READ MORE

  • Why do you need to drink water after a chiropractic adjustment?

    Certain toxins build up in the body and are mainly stored in the soft tissue, muscles and ligaments. The most common is lactic acid which is a side affect of glucose synthesis. When an adjustment is performed muscles and ligaments relax, nerve stimulation is enhanced and blood circulation increases. This causes a release of these toxins into the blood stream. The reason for increased fluid intake is to flush these toxins out of the system. Six to eight 8oz glasses is usually advised. Your in health, Doc READ MORE

  • Is a chiropractic adjustment a good option for chronic headaches?

    Definitely. We have had much success in our clinic with this problem. Gravitational forces that the cervical spine (neck) is subjected to in a "whiplash" type injury alters its normal biomechanical configuration. This in turn creates undue stress on muscles and ligaments, affects normal range of motion and creates nerve irritation. These types of headaches rarely ever are relieved very long with medication and the more often they occur the more meds you take, which is not a good thing for the body. Since your accident happened a few years ago your condition has become chronic, so don't expect a miracle. It will take some time. The more correction you receive relative to the biomechanical distortion, the longer you will be able to go without the recurrence. In the future, when the doctor has your problem under control and you have a flare-up, it may only take one adjustment to get relief for several weeks or months. Yours in health, Doc READ MORE

  • Is it ok to feel bad after first chiropractic adjustment?

    It is not uncommon to feel worse after the first adjustment. Sometimes it may take 3-5 before you begin to feel results depending on the severity of the condition. Because of muscle and ligament reaction to the adjustments coupled with increased blood flow and the release of lactic acid patients will feel sore, tired and sometimes feverish. Mild exercise such as just walking and lots of water helps. READ MORE

  • Is chiropractic treatment effective for neck pain?

    Yes, it very effective for neck pain. Most neck pain is caused by a lack of the normal cervical lordosis (forward curve of the neck). This increased stress on the muscles and ligaments causes joint fixations and nerve irritation. Chiropractic manipulation can help correct this. READ MORE

  • Is it OK to exercise after an adjustment?

    It's not a good idea to exercise immediately after. Muscles and ligaments are reactive for several hours after an adjustment because they are acclimating to the change in joint position. Exercise too quick and you just lost the benefits of the treatment. Rule of thumb: Adjust in the morning, workout in the afternoon and vice versa, or workout before the adjustment. READ MORE

  • Should a chiropractor help me with my leg stiffness?

    Yes, it would help. Chiropractors are experts when working with the biomechanics of the skeletal system. Unequal leg length and pelvic distortion can alter normal weight bearing on the feet and lower extremities therefore affecting gait and arches. Custom-made athletic orthotics by FootLevelers.com would also be beneficial. They take some getting used to in the beginning, but in the long run, they enhance performance. Another thing that could be considered helpful is one pediolyte pop in the morning and afternoon to replenish electrolytes. Good luck in the competition. READ MORE

  • Can I get adjusted without an underlying condition?

    Yes, you can. Stiffness in joints and muscles can actually be caused by vertebral fixations. READ MORE

  • How often should I go to the chiropractor?

    Usually once sciatica has developed it has become chronic and takes time to bring under manageable control. Depending on the clinical findings, I normally will see a patient 3x a week for 2-4 weeks, 2x a week for 2-4 weeks then 1x a week for 2-4 weeks. It may seem like a broad spectrum, but a lot depends on the longevity of the condition, complicating factors such as age, physical condition, disc involvement, or spinal curvature and how quickly the patient responds to treatment. Once I have the patient's condition under control, I advise a wellness program of one visit every 4-6 weeks, symptoms or not. It is easier to control a condition and more economical this way other than let it recur over time and have to start again. One word of advice: If you are male, don't sit on your wallet, and if female, don't wear heels more than for extended periods. Both of these help to create sciatica because they cause structural imbalance. READ MORE

  • What happens when you don't drink water after adjustment?

    Muscle reaction after an adjustment coupled with increased blood flow causes a release of lactic acid into your system that can create soreness similar to exercising. Drinking a lot of water flushes the acid out, therefore reducing the possibility of sores. READ MORE

  • Is there something wrong with my hip joint?

    Yes. I would seek chiropractic care for this. The majority of injuries incurred from auto accidents involves muscles, ligaments and joints caused by G forces applied to the body upon impact disrupting normal biomechanical functions. Chiropractors are experts with this type of injury. Also, the longer you wait to get the correct treatment the worse the condition may become. READ MORE

  • Could posture cause lower back pain in children?

    Definitely. Bad posture is one of the main contributors to the development of back pain. It can affect the natural curvature of the spine causing compression of the intervertebral disc and early spinal degenerative changes. The first thing is to see a good chiropractor. Because your son has had bad postural hygiene for some time by your question, his muscles and ligaments are conforming to that position and causing loss of normal joint movement, i.e., fixations of the spine. I am sure that because of this when you ask him to straighten up the pain increases, so he slumps. The chiropractor knows how to treat this. He or she may also recommended a posture brace that can be worn under clothes so no one will even know your son is wearing it, except maybe wondering why he seems taller all of a sudden. Other things to do would get him an exercise ball for daily stretching exercises. Do it with him and he will be more prone to comply. It only takes about ten minutes or so. Go online to therabandacademy.com, it is free to join and they have the equipment you need and also downloadable exercises. Your son can also sit on the ball while playing his video games and that should help his posture and core strength. Yours in health, Doc READ MORE

  • Can I work out after a chiropractic adjustment?

    Because the muscles and ligaments stay reactive for several hours after the adjustment, I would not recommended strenuous exercise immediately. Walking would be fine. Example: If you get an adjustment in the AM, it would be fine to work out in the late afternoon. Doc READ MORE

  • Is chiropractic treatment safe for a 60-year-old?

    Yes, it is safe for all ages. I have treated patients from 3 weeks of age to 105 years of age. READ MORE

  • Is my lower back pain related to my sciatic nerve?

    Not usually. The sciatic nerve is formed by five separate spinal nerve branches, of which only 2 come from the lower back. The rest come from the sacrum (tailbone). Without the presence of radiating pain, your lower back pain can be related to vertebral fixation (loss of normal joint motion), which can irritate local nerves, muscles and ligaments in the immediate area. If not properly addressed, the situation can advance to include radiating pain and numbness. Ask around and find a good chiropractor. We see these types of problems daily. READ MORE

  • What can I do at home for sciatica pain?

    I am sorry to hear that. Fortunately, there are some chiropractors that have financial plans that allows them by federal Hipaa compliance guidelines to charge patients in your situation an agreed to discounted fee based on your ability to pay. It is called a financial hardship letter that you sign at the doctor's office. Now, what to do at home. There are several websites that offer exercises for many different conditions. One that is popular is therabandacademy.com. It is free to sign up. One thing is stay away from the heating pad. Hot Epsom salt baths are OK. Use ice packs on the lower back and sacroiliac joint for 15 minutes four to five times a day. Do not put the ice pack directly on the skin, use a towel. Ice can burn you. The lower back is where the branches of the sciatic nerve originate and then courses past the sacroiliac joint under the piriformis muscle down to the leg. Look up exercises for stretching the piriformis muscle. Sciatic pain can be caused by piriformis syndrome, google it. Walking also helps. It may be painful at first but it loosens the muscle and increases joint mobility. If you are male and carry a wallet in your back pocket don't sit on it. It will irritate the nerve and disrupt the normal position of the sacroiliac joint. Hope this all helps. Doc READ MORE

  • How long does chiropractic adjustment last?

    Adjustments can last for a couple of hours, several days or weeks. It really depends on the person's condition. Is it acute or chronic. How long has the condition been there. Underlying complications such as spinal curvature, disc degeneration, arthritis, etc. Have you been under regular chiropractic care long enough to get your condition under control and manageable? Patients that have successfully completed a chiropractic treatment program usually only need an adjustment once every 4-6 weeks to maintain an asymptomatic state. READ MORE

  • Can pregnant women go see a chiropractor?

    Yes, they can. I would ask before making the appointment because certain types of equipment is needed to treat expectant mothers. A chiropractor that also includes the Webster technique in his/her expertise would be helpful. You can google Webster certified chiropractor. If you can't find one, chiropractic techniques in general will help. There is another benefit for having regular chiropractic treatment during pregnancy, shorter labor time and easier delivery. I have treated dozens of expectant mothers all the way until delivery. The ones that had children before without chiropractic were amazed and commented that it was like night and day compared to the first. I remember one patient who was having regular treatments that I saw on a Monday and scheduled her back on Wednesday, she called and canceled because she was on her way to the hospital to give birth. Congratulations. Babies and small children also benefit from chiropractic. READ MORE

  • What could lower back pain mean?

    Several things can cause this pain. In males an enlarged prostate. In females urinary tract and/or bladder infection. The most common in my experience is musculoskeletal imbalance that has developed over a long period of time which has now advanced to the point of the symptomatic stage. Lumbar disc problems can also develop this way. It is hard to understand how this happened with no injury involved but it does. If you are having low grade fever, frequent difficult urination with a burning sensation see an MD to rule out the possibilities that I mentioned in the first sentence of this response. If not, see a chiropractor. READ MORE

  • Persistent pain in neck. Should I visit a doctor?

    The three most common ways to treat this type of injury are seeing a medical doctor who is going to prescribed pain meds and anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and chiropractic. My experience in treating these types of injuries is that medication is helpful in treating the symptom, but doesn't address the underlying cause therefore the symptom returns when the medication wears off. Physical therapy is good for rehabbing the muscle and ligament strains/sprains that are involved. The main problem that these two do not address is the disruption of the normal biomechanical function and alignment of the spine created by the injury. If this is not corrected it can lead to the development of a chronic long lasting condition that can only be maintained. Research studies show that chiropractic treatment is most effective for these injuries. If this has been going on for four weeks the longer you wait to seek treatment the worse it will become and the longer it will take to correct. Remember, the symptom is just a side affect of the cause. Treat the cause alleviate the symptom. READ MORE

  • What can I do about discomfort in my back?

    There are several things that can cause this. Lack of normal movement of the vertebra of the spine (joint fixations) creating nerve irritation and constant muscle contraction, arthritis, disc problems and other more serious causes such as infection or tumor. Whether it was a sudden onset or gradual, you should see a chiropractor or medical doctor without hesitation. READ MORE

  • Injury caused muscular strain in back. How can chiropractic rehab help?

    Procedures in this case would be a combination of chiropractic manipulation, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, traction and specific muscle stretching and strengthening exercises which are sometimes supervised. Of course not all of these procedures will be used at the same time. The course of treatment will utilize them at different times depending on your progress. READ MORE

  • Could my lower back pain and hip pain be caused by my sciatic nerve?

    Definitely. Irritation of the sciatic nerve is more commonly caused by vertebral misalignment of the lower lumbar spine and/or pelvic region, specifically the sacroiliac joint. The fixations and lack of normal mobility in these areas also cause increased and constant muscle tension especially to the piriformis muscle (i.e., piriformis syndrome). This will also irritate the sciatic nerve. Medications in this situation only aid in reducing symptoms for a short time. To address the cause of the problem, see a chiropractor. READ MORE

  • X-rays again?

    First, the X-rays. Taking into consideration the condition you outlined, scoliosis and collapsed vertebra, it is not unusual for a doctor to update the patient's X-rays every 3-5 years, barring any severe flare-ups, to check the integrity of the spine. Second, being required by law. This is unusual, but each state has their own practice guidelines. I would call the Illinois Chiropractic Association for the answer. If they don't know, then call the state chiropractic licensing board. READ MORE

  • I have sudden severe hip pain. What should I do?

    I would see a chiropractor. It sounds like you may be developing sciatica or more probable a piriformis syndrome. Both can be effectively treated by a DC. READ MORE

  • Can I exercise after a back adjustment?

    It is not recommended to do any exercise except walking after an adjustment. The reason is that muscles and ligaments are still reactive to the adjustment for several hours. If you want to exercise on the day of an adjustment, either do it before or, for an example, if you receive your adjustment in the morning, wait until late afternoon to work out. READ MORE

  • Diarrhea after going to the chiropractor?

    It is very doubtful. I would see my MD. Sounds like a sudden onset of an intestinal bug. READ MORE

  • Why a chiropractor for my daughter's constipation?

    Chiropractors treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions and how it relates to the function of the human body. The large intestine is controlled mainly by the first through the third lumbar nerve. If anyone of these nerves are irritated by the displacement of the corresponding vertebra, it can cause her condition. READ MORE

  • Can my son's sleep patterns improve with chiropractic care?

    Yes, it is very possible. Over 36 years of practice, I've treated a lot of patients that had difficulty sleeping. Some due to pain and others from unknown reasons, but they all commented on how much better they slept and increased energy levels. You should see some positive results in the first 3-5 weeks of care. READ MORE

  • Back injury at workplace. What should I do now?

    The first thing is to report it to your supervisor and the Human Resources Dept. This is not legal advice, but it may be covered under workman's comp. Next is stay away from the heating pad. It appears that the muscles in your back are inflamed and heat will make it worse. The first 48 to 72 hours use nothing but ice packs 3-4x a day for 15-20 minutes. Do not put the ice directly on the skin, use a towel. Therapeutic ice packs can cause burns if not used properly. Hot baths with Epsom salts is okay to relieve soreness. After the first 2-3 days, use a contrast therapy of ice 15 min., heat 15 min., ice 15 min. 3x a day. Also, during the entire time, avoid sitting for extended periods. Walk and do light stretches, but not to the point of sharp pain. If this does not seem to show signs of improvement after the first 2 days, see your chiropractor. READ MORE

  • What can be done for my sciatica?

    Chiropractic care has proven to be very effective with sciatica. It is commonly caused by two conditions that sometimes occur at the same time but not often, lumbopelvic misalignment and/or a disc problem. The sciatic nerve is formed by 5 spinal nerves, 2 from the lumbar spine and 3 from the sacrum (tailbone). Chiropractic treatment can alleviate the pain and keep it under control. Once the condition is under control it is possible it can flare up on occasions but usually one or two follow up treatments will take care of it. READ MORE

  • Should I go to a chiropractor for massage therapy?

    I believe you will have better results with chiropractic. Massage is an adjunct to chiropractic treatment for lower back pain. Massage alone, in my opinion, will not provide the long-lasting results that you are looking for. READ MORE

  • What can I do to prepare for my adjustment?


  • At what age is an adjustment safe for children?

    No one is too young for chiropractic care. It is the best time to have regular chiropractic check-ups. My youngest patient was less than 3 weeks old. READ MORE

  • I am suffering from spondalytis. Is there a treatment for this condition?

    Yes. Chiropractic manipulation can be helpful in relieving the symptoms. Spondylitis is a term that is sometimes used when all other findings are negative. A general diagnosis for inflammation of the spine. Chiropractic in conjunction with myofascial release and stretching exercises can result in satisfying results. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help me with my SI joint pain?

    Yes. SI joint pain is the result of joint fixation (loss of normal motion). Chiropractic manipulation to increase mobilization is very effective. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help me with my sciatica?

    Chiropractic is very effective in treating sciatica which is a very common side affect of pregnancy. During pregnancy the alignment of the lumbar spine and pelvic area are altered due to increased forward weight bearing. Because of this certain joints, specifically the sacroiliacs, become subluxated (fixated) and lose normal mobility. This in turn increases tension of the piriformis muscle under which the sciatic nerve courses down into the leg. Chiropractic manipulation to the sacroiliac joints to increase their mobility releases this tension therefore relieving the sciatica. You must be patient. Depending on the longevity of your condition it may take several treatments to obtain substantial relief. READ MORE

  • How can I prevent my back from getting strained at work?

    Three things. One is a lift brace which is specifically made for use on the job. You can find them online, Lowes or Home Depot. If not used correctly it will have an adverse affect and make your back weaker in the long run. It has suspenders and 2 closures. The first is like a cumber bun on a tux. Only secure it like a belt, not tight. The second involves 2 elastic bands, one on each side. When you get ready to lift pull those 2 tight and secure them in the front. Once you finish lifting loosen them. If you do not follow this procedure to use it correctly your back muscles will become weaker and dependent on the brace. Second, use your legs and not your back. If you have ever watched professional weight lifters they square their legs up under them before they lift. Third, do not bend your back when setting the weight down, use your legs and squat. This will be difficult at first until your legs become stronger. Also, because you have not been using your legs there will be some cramping for a couple of weeks, especially at night. Get some pediolyte popsicles and eat one twice a day to replace electrolytes in your body. Dill pickles, bananas and oranges are also helpful for a snack during your break at work. READ MORE

  • Treatment for back pain from car accident?

    Chiropractors have a great reputation and success with auto accident injuries. Even though you didn't break anything the G forces a body sustains from these types of accidents not only strains muscles and ligaments, it also disrupts the normal biomechanical workings of the spine. It will only get worse the longer it remains unattended and the longer it will take to get better. READ MORE

  • What is the treatment for a herniated disc?

    Chiropractors treat herniated discs with traction of the lower back in conjunction with spinal manipulation. We have had good results also using spinal decompression. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractic adjustments help with chronic lower back pain?

    Yes they can. Numerous studies have shown chiropractic adjustments to be more effective and less costly than other types of treatment. Medications are just treating the symptoms and not the cause. Chiropractors are sympathetic to the patient's pain but they look for the cause. Correct the cause relieve the symptom. READ MORE

  • Are there side effects to chiropractic adjustments?

    The main side effect to an adjustment is muscle soreness, which only lasts for a short time. Also, with the initial week or two of treatment, some conditions seem to become a little worse before they get better, which is normal. Most pain comes from nerve irritation, which reduces function. Once that function begins to return, there may be that type of reaction. If you have ever had your leg go to sleep, it doesn't work until it wakes up and the waking-up process can be slightly painful. READ MORE

  • Is neuropathy in hand normal after am adjustment?

    It is possible depending on where on the spine the adjustment was made. I would immediately go back to my chiropractor and inform him of what is going on. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with lower abdominal pain?

    This can be caused by irregular bowel movements. Normal is at least once a day. I have seen through my practice that irritation to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd lumbar nerve can cause this because that is the nerve control for the large intestine. That being the case a chiropractor can help. READ MORE

  • What would cause middle of the night severe knee pain?

    You may have a floater. A piece of cartilage that has broken loose and moves around. See an orthopedic. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help in treating migraines?

    Definitely. I am a migraine survivor. Haven't had one in over 40 years since I started having chiropractic care. That is one thing that got me interested in becoming one. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with migraines?

    Definitely. Used to have them myself until I sought chiropractic treatment. No migraines for 40+ years. READ MORE

  • Is sciatica pain a lifelong problem?

    Yes, it can be a chronic reoccurring condition but it is controllable with regular chiropractic care. I was in your situation as a young college student. Once I started seeing my chiropractor and followed his instructions I have experienced maybe a dozen episodes over the last 40+ years and they were all relieved in less than 2 hours after a chiropractic manipulation. READ MORE

  • My ankle hurts even after I walk a mile. What could be the reason for this?

    Did you injure that ankle in the past? It could be weakness and instability of the ligaments. Also, it could be lack of good support. Go to www.footlevelers.com and look for a chiropractor that uses their product. Custom made orthotics may be your answer. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors typically take x-rays?

    Yes it is very common. Frankly, I would not understand the reasoning behind not taking x-rays on the first visit. There are several things films will reveal: congenital malformations, disc degeneration, vertebral spur formation, blocked vertebra (two bones that fused together naturally), chiari formation which can have very serious consequences if the doctor is unaware that it is there during treatment, missing vertebral parts such as agenesis of the odontoid (tooth like projection of the 2nd cervical vertebra) and of course underlying pathologies. READ MORE

  • What can I do to correct my posture?

    An ergonomic office chair would help. Also, see a chiropractor because there will be some degree of spinal distortion and he/she can treat that. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor correct my limping?

    Yes. Since no one seems to have uncovered the cause of your limp my first thought would be lumbopelvic instability. This causes the development of an acquired short leg which is correctable. READ MORE

  • Pulling pain in back in morning. Could it be due to sleeping position?

    Yes it can. The best sleeping position is on your side with a pillow between the knees. Never sleep on your stomach. How old is your mattress? You may need a new one. READ MORE

  • Why does my back crack so much during an adjustment?

    That is a question that has been around for many years with a lot of speculation. A few years ago I read a study by two British researchers concerning this subject and their conclusions were the most logical I have seen. They concluded that when a spinal vertebra misaligns it forces the synovial fluid to one side of the joint compartment. Synovial fluid is what allows joints to glide smoothly across each other. When the vertebra moves during the adjustment pressure is released and the fluid suddenly returns to its normal distribution inside the joint. The pop or crack is caused by cavitation resulting from the sudden movement of this fluid. READ MORE

  • My left shoulder is broader than the right. Is this a growth problem?

    I would have that checked. You may have a mild to moderate scoliosis that can give the visual affects of one shoulder looking broader due to spinal shift. If that is the case, depending on the degree and type of scoliosis, it may be correctable or at least reduced. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor relieve muscle pain?

    Yes. Especially one that offers any of the following: active release technique, myofascial release, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound or laser therapy. Many chiropractors utilize all or most of what I listed. READ MORE

  • I am having pain around my hamstrings. Can I see a chiropractor for this?

    Yes. It sounds like lumbopelvic spinal instability that will cause unequal leg length and weight bearing. This will also cause irritation of the sciatic nerve which controls the muscles of the leg. READ MORE

  • I have sudden pain in my left leg. How can it be treated?

    Two things come to mind, sciatica and/or tendonitis from over use. Chiropractic treatment combined with myofascial release can help both of these. READ MORE

  • My posture is getting a little slouched. What should I do?

    First I would purchase an ergonomic office chair. They are designed to help a person maintain good posture. Don't buy cheap but you also don't have to pay top dollar. Also, I would see a chiropractor because sitting at a desk for several years has created some spinal distortion that needs to be addressed. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help in treating foot pain?

    Yes they can. Go to www.footlevelers.com and search their data base in your area for a chiropractor that prescribes their product. Some also offer weight loss programs that are very effective and would be a plus in helping to relieve your pain READ MORE

  • My mother suffered Bell's Palsy and is now recovering. Can a chiropractor help at this stage?

    Yes they can with the right equipment. Go to www.klaser.com and search for a chiropractor that uses their equipment. Laser therapy combined with chiropractic treatment can be very beneficial in treating Bell's Palsy. We use it in my clinic and are seeing positive results. READ MORE

  • I have just suffered a slip Disc. After how long can I start by back exercises?

    I need more specifics to advise you. Did you have surgery to remove part or all of the disc? If so, were the vertebra fused and at what level of the spine? How long has it been since you saw the doctor and had the procedure? READ MORE

  • Why do I have a sharp knee pain?

    You probably have a torn meniscus (cartilage). I would see an orthopedic and have an MRI. READ MORE

  • My back has become very hunched. Should I see a chiropractor?

    Yes, if it is due to bad posture. If it is due to osteoporosis or advanced intervertebral disc degeneration, no. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help me get relief from muscle pain?

    Yes. A chiropractor's primary expertise is treating musculoskeletal conditions. They are the experts in this field. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors also prescribe medications?

    In some states chiropractors are allowed to prescribe mild pain relievers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. Some pain management clinics will work with chiropractors so you get the best of both worlds. If you had to pick one or the other you should look at it this way. Medication is mainly given to address the symptom not the cause, so in that case it is usually going to give only temporary relief. This may last a few days or several weeks. Chiropractors on the other hand understand the symptoms and the need for relief, but they look for what caused the condition and devise a plan of action to correct it. Symptoms are a side affect of the underlying cause. Correct the cause, relieve the pain. READ MORE

  • After healing from a sprain, why do I still feel pressure in my ankle?

    Did you have an X-ray to rule out a fracture? If not, that is a possibility. Depending on the degree of sprain it could take a couple more months for the strength to return 100%. Do you have full range of motion to the ankle or does it feel restricted on certain movements? If so, there could be a joint misalignment and fixation, which a chiropractor can take care of. READ MORE

  • Can heel spurs be corrected by a chiropractor?

    No. A surgical procedure is required and this is usually done only in extreme circumstances. A chiropractor that offers footlevelers brand custom orthotics specifically designed for heel spurs would help in conjunction with laser therapy to reduce inflammation.  READ MORE

  • My back has become very curved and is pushing my stomach out. Do you think it can be corrected?

    This is probably due to hyperlordosis (increased forward curvature of the mid- to lower spine) and possibly combined with some degree of scoliosis (sideways curvature of the spine). X-rays need to be performed to determine this. Also, you should be checked for osteoporosis, which many times can be determined from the same X-rays. A chiropractor and/or physical therapist can show you specific exercises that can help reduce the curve to a degree and to keep it from getting worse, but at 64, I do not believe that it can be completely corrected. READ MORE

  • Can stress be the reason for back pain?

    Yes. Being stressed can create a lot of problems especially neck and back pain. When people are stressed it creates increased tension in muscles and ligaments causing loss of joint motion, nerve irritation and bad posture. Meditation, yoga and regular chiropractic care are goods ways to alleviate pain associated with stress. READ MORE

  • Does overactive thyroid cause neck pain?

    No. Very unlikely. READ MORE

  • I have a back ache after my car accident. What can I do?

    Many people that are in "minor fender benders" believe if they don't feel immediate pain that they are OK. Far from the truth. Statistics show that a person sitting in their vehicle at a dead stop and rear ended by another doing only 10 MHP will experience up to 3g's (3x the force of gravity) causing strain and sprain to the muscles and ligaments of the spine which can disrupt the normal alignment of the vertebrae. Symptoms can manifest themselves up to six months later or longer. It is called delayed reaction to injury and is very common. I suggest seeing a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment has proven to be very affective with these types of injuries. READ MORE

  • Is yoga recommended to treat sciatica?

    Yoga will help if it is simply due to muscle contracture and tension around the sciatic nerve. Some yoga instructors, especially the ones I have worked with, can usually tell if there may be another underlying problem and advise you to see a chiropractor or medical doctor before continuing so as not to exacerbate the situation.. Now, on the other hand six months is a long time go without seeing any results from medication. This suggest to me there is some underlying cause that has not been identified. Several things can cause sciatica such as piriformis syndrome, intervertebral disc involvement and structural imbalance of the lumbosacral spine and pelvis. To correctly identify the cause a complete orthopedic, neurological and range of motion examination should be performed along with weight bearing x-rays (standing) and possibly an MRI. Chiropractic has shown excellent results treating sciatica.  My personal experience with chiropractic treatment for chronic recurrent sciatica and migraine headaches as a young adult peaked my interest and desire to join the profession. READ MORE

  • Is the traction table treatment permanent?

    A lot depends on what is causing the sciatica. Is it a bulging/protruding disc or just due to spinal misalignment? Because the spine is a biomechanical structure made up of many parts conditions can recur and because most of them develop over a long period of time they are all in some degree chronic. In my opinion no condition of the spine is permanently "fixable" to the point that the patient will never have some recurring episodes of discomfort. Traction is an adjunctive therapy that helps the patient's progress of becoming pain free at a more accelerated rare by increasing spinal mobilization and reducing muscle tension. Once a patient has reached maximum medical improvement and is put on supportive treatment, usually one visit every 4-6 weeks, traction is sometimes used to help the manipulation of the spine on these subsequent visits be more affective and the effects last longer. READ MORE

  • Is there a treatment for degenerative disc disease?

    Patients with some degree of DDD are seen daily in most chiropractic offices. It is not always restricted to age. I have seen it in much younger patients. This disease is a result of the intervertebral disc shrinking due to a loss of fluid  over a period of time. Causes that can enhance the progress of DDD or add to its development are abnormal spinal curvatures, and vertebral fixations (loss of normal motion of spinal joints), and past injuries such as whiplash. The symptoms caused by DDD are usually from nerve irritation, increased tension in muscles and ligaments and most common is simple loss of motion of the spine. Chiropractic has been helpful by being able to improve spinal mobility and reduce tension in the muscles and ligaments which also helps relieve nerve involvement. Mild chiropractic manipulation, and in your mother's case I would recommend a chiropractor that uses the Activator Method for spinal manipulation, in conjunction with a soft tissue technique of Active Release or Myofascial release. READ MORE

  • Can you suggest some medication for treating my shoulder pain?

    Chiropractors do not recommend or dispense medications. That is the expertise of your medical doctor. If the medication does not afford long term relief it is probably due to a musculoskeletal condition and I would see a chiropractor. READ MORE

  • How does spinal manipulation work?

    Spinal manipulation is the art of being able to realign vertebral misalignments of the spine. The most common is done by hand. Some chiropractors use instruments. The spinal column is made up of 24 vertebrae. This does not include the skull, sacrum and pelvic area. These vertebrae create motor units which is comprised of 2 vertebrae, disc, muscles, ligaments and spinal nerves. When one of the vertebra becomes misaligned and fixated (loss of normal motion) it creates loss of function and nerve irritation. Spinal manipulation relieves these fixations thereby restoring motion and function. READ MORE

  • My son suffers from ADHD. Should I bring him to a chiropractor?

    In my experience chiropractic has been helpful with ADHD and I might add with Autism also. These conditions can be hindered by nerve root irritation mainly in the upper cervical spine. The right nutritional supplements such as vitamin D and fish oils in conjunction with regular chiropractic care. I have seen patients whose activity and social interaction have improved. Academics have also improved. Don't expect it to happen overnight. It will take a few weeks before you will see positive changes. READ MORE

  • Can you suggest a treatment for the pain in my calf muscles?

    It depends on when the pain happens. If it is during physical activity or after it could be a lack of electrolyte balance i.e. sodium, potassium and calcium. If its during standing for periods, walking or sitting it can be a combination of spinal misalignment, bad posture and inadequate foot support. See a chiropractor that also offers Footlevelers orthotics. They are very helpful. READ MORE

  • I feel my posture has bent after delivery. What can I do?

    Because of the increased weight during pregnancy the contours of the spine have changed. The muscles and ligaments of the spine have become accustomed to those changes creating vertebral fixations and decreased motion of the spinal joints. This lack of normal joint mobility is what causes the pain. Chiropractors are the experts at restoring normal joint motion. A chiropractor can also instruct you on specific stretching and strengthening exercises to aid in improving posture. READ MORE

  • Can being overweight lead to flat feet?

    Yes it can. Increased weight will create alterations in postural spinal biomechanics leading to unequal weight bearing on the arches of the feet. Not to mention the added stress on the feet from the increased weight. I would advise going to www.footlevelers.com to find a participating chiropractor. They are makers of custom orthotics. We use them at our clinic and they are very effective. I wear them myself. At the same time, start a regular exercise program and diet. READ MORE

  • My daughter sits with her back slanted. How can her posture be corrected?

    It is possible that she has a structural problem created by a biomechanical imbalance in the musculoskeletal system. This can cause weakness in the muscles and loss of normal spinal motion. It could also be habitual. Ask her if sitting correctly causes discomfort and/or pain and makes her back feel tired. Also, have her stand in front of you with her back to you looking straight ahead in a relaxed position. Look to see if her head is tilted to one side and if one shoulder is higher than the other. Then put your index fingers on each side at the top of the pelvis and see if one is higher than the other. Have her stand sideways and see if her head is projected forward over her chest.  If any of what I have advised is present a chiropractor could help. In my experience children respond quickly to chiropractic care. READ MORE

  • How is back soreness treated?

    It is probably an alteration in the musculoskeletal biomechanics of the spine possible due to a worn out mattress not providing adequate support. Sleeping on a hard surface stretches the muscles and tractions the spine that provides temporary relief. See your chiropractor. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help me with a pain in the back of my thigh?

    Yes. Find a chiropractor that offers active release technique and laser therapy. I use it here in my office and it obtains almost immediate results for strained muscles. READ MORE

  • Will a chiropractor be able to help me with my hip pain in the 5 month of my pregnancy?

    Yes. During pregnancy there are a lot of structural changes that happen with the spine and pelvis. Because of the increased weight gain, especially in the abdominal region, the pelvis begins to change positions. If the sacroiliac joints, this is where both sides of the pelvis called iliums connect to the sacrum or tailbone,  become fixated, loss of normal motion, it will create constant pain which radiates to the hips and can also cause sciatica (leg pain). A chiropractor can restore motion to these areas therefore relieving the discomfort. READ MORE

  • I have a problem with my posture that is causing back pain. What should I do?

    Regular chiropractic treatment in conjunction with custom made orthotics from Foot Levelers, Inc. and a muscle strengthening/joint mobilization rehab program should substantially help your problem. READ MORE

  • Can an X-ray diagnose a spinal deformity?

    Yes it can but if the pain continues and begins to intensify I would have a CAT scan and or MRI performed for a more definitive diagnosis. READ MORE

  • What is the lump that I can feel right behind my neck?

    It is probably a sebaceous cyst or what is know as a fatty tumor which is harmless, but I would see my medical doctor just to be sure. READ MORE

  • Why does my back feel sore?

    The most common culprit is a worn out mattress. Take the sheets off and get down and look straight across the mattress. If it is uneven you need a new mattress. Also you can try sleeping with pillows under your knees to relax the back muscles. READ MORE

  • Is a chiropractor helpful in treating kids?

    Yes they would. All chiropractors treat children but there are those that specialize in chiropractic pediatrics. The American Chiropractic Association and the ICPA4kids.com websites will be helpful in finding a doctor close to you. READ MORE

  • Can excess weight cause spine problems?

    Yes, it definitely can. Increased weight gain during pregnancy and after childbirth can be difficult to loose and not gain back. Both of these factors cause changes in the normal biomechanics of the spine with which a chiropractor can help. Also, find a doctor that is proficient in functional nutrition for the weight loss. They can usually be found in a chiropractor's office. READ MORE

  • How can i reduce my pain due to ankle sprain?

    If you haven't seen a doctor and had it examined with xrays you should do that. You may have a fracture and/or torn ligaments. READ MORE

  • My mother has developed a problem of shaking hands. What could be the reason behind it?

    This is a condition referred to as tremors and could be caused by several conditions. I suggest that she see a neurologist because it could be a central nervous system issue. READ MORE

  • Back exercises after adjustments?

    Log on to Therabandacademy.com and sign up. It's free. There you will find specific exercises for the lower back and much more. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors offer free consultations?

    Many chiropractic offices do offer free consultations to those who are not sure if they want to pursue chiropractic treatment. If you do find one that does offer free consultations you must understand that if you agree to treatment then charges will incur for evaluation, examination and/or x-rays. READ MORE

  • My back hurts when I sit down. Why?

    Several things can cause this. Most common is a bulging intervertebral disc or herniated disc that applies pressure to a nerve in the sitting position. It can also be caused by Facet joint syndrome which is when the articulating joint connections of spinal vertebrae become "locked" and loose normal motion in certain positions. If you are male and have frequent and difficult urination, it could be an enlarged and/or inflamed prostate. Female with these symptoms of difficult and frequent urination, the possibilities are uterine fibroids or bladder infection. These also can be accompanied by low grade fever and fatigue. If you have these symptoms of urination, I suggest seeing your M.D. first. If not, chiropractic would be a good choice for the other causes. READ MORE

  • I had back surgery. Should I see a chiropractor or avoid it?

    A lot would depend on the type of surgery you had. Was it for herniated disc or spinal stenosis? Was there any fusion of the vertebrae performed via cadaver bone or metal plates and screws? Also are you having any residual symptoms after recovery and what are they? Was the condition caused by an injury or was it a gradual onset that continuously worsened over time? Has the surgeon determined that you have reached maximum medical improvement and released you from care? These are things that need to be considered during consultation and evaluation by the chiropractor. Many times the surgical procedure will relieve the acute debilitating pain but it does not address the structural imbalance to the spine and pelvic area created by the development of the condition that required the surgery. This is where the chiropractic expertise comes in. These structural imbalances create postural alterations, imbalanced pelvis where one hip is higher than the other causing the body to tilt to one side, causing one shoulder to be lower than the other, possible head tilting to one side, and unequal weight bearing. These can eventually create chronic recurring pain that is not of a surgical nature. All these that I have described can be easily determined by standing with feet slightly apart in a totally relaxed position in front of a full length mirror. If this describes your situation chiropractic treatment should be helpful. READ MORE

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