Dr. Marlene N. Kasman PHD, Psychologist
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Dr. Marlene N. Kasman PHD

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Marlene N. Kasman, PhD, CGP, is a leading Licensed Psychologist currently serving patients at her private practice in East Northport, New York. Her goal is to help people empower themselves, enhance their quality of life, and enjoy fulfilling relationships. Marlene seeks to help them improve their personal relationships, utilizing individual and group psychotherapy. Her experience and work with couples in marriage counseling and family therapy is extensive and also specializes in the treatment of those who struggle with eating disorders, suffer with infertility issues, and the elderly and their families. In all of these areas, family counseling and relationship counseling is extremely helpful as it provides the tools for effective communication and is essential in the building of trust. Marlene earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Postdoctoral Diploma in Group Psychotherapy, Postdoctoral Diploma in Group Psychotherapy, and Postdoctoral Diploma in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy from Adelphi University. Additionally, in order to stay up to date on all medical advancements in her field, she maintains a professional membership with the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, the National Registry of Certified Group Therapists, the American Psychological Association, the American Group Psychotherapy Association, the New York State Psychological Association, the Suffolk County Psychological Association, the Northeast Psychological Associates, and the Southeast Florida Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology. Earlier in her career, she served as President of the Suffolk County Psychological Association (1995-1997).

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Dr. Marlene N. Kasman PHD
Dr. Marlene N. Kasman PHD's Expert Contributions
  • Should I go to a doctor for a panic attack?

    I recommend seeing a psychologist who works with anxiety. They can teach you relaxation exercises and work with you in therapy to address the sources of the anxiety. Additionally, there are meds that can reduce the symptoms but I would suggest the above recommendations first.   Marlene N. Kasman, PhD    READ MORE

  • I'm concerned about my emotions?

    I see being in touch with your emotions as a good thing. Men are unfortunately socialized to suppress their feelings while women are allowed to have and express them. Maybe you are not just getting older, but are also getting better. My only concern would be if you are only reacting to sad experiences. In that case, I would be concerned that you are depressed and would recommend that you meet with a psychologist or other mental health professional for a consultation. Dr. Marlene Kasman   READ MORE

  • How do you help someone who has learning disabilities?

    Learning disability means that a person does not function equally well in all areas. Some skills may be very strong while another areas of competence may be quite low. I help people identify their strengths and develop coping skills to compensate for their weaknesses. READ MORE

  • Are these 3 symptoms/issues related?

    Are you underweight? I am wondering whether you have an eating disorder. If your weight is normal, I would recommend that you see an endocrinologist. Perhaps you have a hormonal issue. In any case, you deserve to feel better that you do at present. Marlene N. Kasman, PhD    READ MORE

  • Do you think I have depression?

    Yes, you sound very depressed. Teenaged years are difficult under the best of circumstances. I would advise you to speak to your parents or another adult that you can trust. You need to see mental health professionals immediately. Please don't delay seeking the help that you deserve. READ MORE

  • How can I get over my brain telling me that I am going to die in my sleep?

    Your unconscious is tryin to work something out. Perhaps you are dealing with guilt over some feelings or actions or feeling that you do not deserve to live. Maybe your symptoms are related to your family history. In any case psychotherapy would be helpful in understanding your panic attacks and freeing yourself of these distressing symptoms. READ MORE

  • Is it normal to cry a lot after having a baby?

    It is called post partum depression. I recommend scheduling some short-term counseling ASAP. A new baby creates major changes for a mother. Sleep deprivation itself has its impact, as does a rearrangement of priorities of time, energy, and responsibility for both parents. These issues should be addressed and not ignored.   Marlene N. Kasman, PhD, Licensed Psychologist   READ MORE

  • Can a divorce drive people toward alcoholism?

    Absolutely, especially if you are predisposed to alcoholism. I would recommend that you get yourself tp an AA program ASAP. If your problem is severe you might have to consider a short in-patient program.  Marlene N. Kasman READ MORE

  • Should my child attend our divorce counseling sessions?

    I think a 7-year-old is too young to be part of the beginning processes of a divorce. He/she is already experiencing enough disruption. On the other hand, after the particulars are worked out, they might benefit from from a family session to talk about how he will be affected by the divorce and as an opportunity to express fears and feelings.  Marlene N. Kasman, PhD   READ MORE

  • Why am I dreaming about teeth?

    Often, it is the general theme or feeling in a dream that is more significant than the exact context. For example, in your dream, you may be feeling something related to loss or even aging. Think also about how you felt in the dream or when you woke up. They may also be clues to what was going on in your unconscious. Dr. Kasman READ MORE

  • Can counseling help my husband's behavior?

    It can help him if he is motivated to discuss issues that might be troubling him. Marlene N. Kasman, PhD, Licensed Psychologist   READ MORE

Professional Society Memberships

  • National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, American Psychological Association, American Group Psychotherapy Association, New York State Psychological Association, Suffolk County Psychological Association, Northeast Psychological Associates, Southeast Florida Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Being personable and being able to empathize with others without being judgemental. Theoretically, she has the training and experience with over 50 years of marriage to her husband.

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Marlene Kasman

163 Town Line Rd -
East Northport, NY 11731
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New patients: 631-368-5566
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