Yujing Li Other, Pain Management Specialist
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Yujing Li

Pain Management Specialist | Pain Medicine

6609 W Sam Houston Pkwy S Suite 102 Houston TX, 77072


Dr. Yujing Li practices Pain Medicine in Houston, TX. Pain medicine is concerned with the prevention of pain, and the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients experiencing pain. Pain medicine physicians use a broad-based approach to treat all pain disorders, ranging from pain as a symptom of disease to pain as the primary disease. Dr. Li serves as a consultant to other physicians but is often the principal treating physician, providing care at various levels; such as treating the patient directly, prescribing medication, prescribing rehabilitative services, performing pain relieving procedures, counseling patients and families, directing a multidisciplinary team, coordinating care with other healthcare providers, and providing consultative services.

Education and Training

Shandong Medical University MD

Shandong Medical University 1987

Board Certification

Pain Medicine (Anesthesiology)

AnesthesiologyAmerican Board of AnesthesiologyABA- Pain Medicine

Provider Details

Female Mandarin Chinese, English 29 years of experience
Yujing Li Other
Yujing Li Other's Expert Contributions
  • How do you relieve finger pain?

    Hi there, Finger pain can be local or referred pain. Local can be arthritis, vascular, or nerve. The nerve pain can be local nerve, or nerve from cervical spine, nerve from elbow. So, in order to relieve your finger pain, you can take some over-the-counter medication like Tylenol, Motrin, or topical pain creams or lotions, then heating or ice pack. If you really want to get rid of the pain, it is wise to see a doctor to find out what is causing your finger pain. Hope this helps you. READ MORE

  • What causes neck pain?

    Pain on the neck is annoying, but we need to know what cause the pain: 1. Muscular pain, neck muscle, shoulder muscle spasm cause the pain. 2. Arthritis pain, the neck (we call cervical spin has small joints connect each other, call facet joint, also can cause arthritis, then the joints are swelling, squeeze your nerve, cause pain. 3. Disk pain, this is people called herniated disk etc, cause the disk pain or cause pinch nerve pain. 4. Autoimmune disease, can be tested from blood, X-ray, MRI, etc. 5. Spinal Canal stenosis cause pain, may have lower extremity pain, and bowel movement and urine incontinence as well. When problems 2 and 3 cause pain, if it is from upper neck pinched nerve, it usually stays on neck, shoulder, and between the shoulder blade, no arm or hand pain. When it is from the lower neck, it will have arm and hand pain, numbness, or weakness as well. You should see a doctor, let the doctor examine you, and get the cause of your pain. Hope this will help you. READ MORE

  • What's the best medicine for migraines?

    Migraine headache affects 4% of adults population, you are not alone. If you have severe migraines almost every day, this mean your preventive measure is not effective. You have chronic migraine headache. Chronic migraine headache defined as headache for more than 15 days per month and more than 4 hours each day of headache. There is lifestyle changes like regular sleep hours, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Also, your hormonal change can cause your headache, too. Preventive medication, discuss with your doctor, this should take every day to prevent the headache, there are neurotoxins (Like the Botox) that can be injected to prevent your headache. Acute medication also like triptans, NSAID, combination analgesic, there are variety. You should discuss with your doctor as well. Hope this helps you. READ MORE

  • What can I do if I have chronic pain?

    The elbow pain may come from both directions, can be from shoulder, or from wrist. The elbow itself has 2 joints , ulnohumeral and radiohumeral. The most common musculoskeletal condition that is encountered around the elbow is an overuse syndrome related to excessive wrist extension know as lateral epicondylosis, (Tennis Elbow) . You should see a doctor, at least find out what is wrong with your elbow pain and have a treatment pain. Hope this will help you. READ MORE

  • What is this pain and redness on my leg?

    Hi, If the leg pain is on one side and hurts when you step on your foot, you need see a cardiovascular doctor, they can do a test to rule out if you have a blood clot in your leg vein. After ruling out that, we can consider other causes. READ MORE

  • What causes neck spasms?

    Neck spasm mostly because you have a poor posture, especially if you sit in front of the computer too long. Sometimes a bad pillow can cause your neck muscle spasm as well. Over use, injury, and stress also can cause neck muscle spasm. Heating pad, neck massage, or pain patch will do the trick. If it continues to spasm, you will develop neck pain. READ MORE

  • What is a safe medication to take for consistent back pain?

    You need to find out what caused your back pain and then treat it accordingly. It is hard to say which safe medication will help you. Have you tried topical medication? READ MORE

  • Is the 319 pill safe to take?

    319 pill has been identified as tramadol Hydrochloride 50mg, it belongs to the drug class narcotic analgesics. Although it is class IV controlled substance, it has opioid medication side effect as well.Common side effect: dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, vomiting, itching skin, nervousness, agitation mood change, body tightness,heart burn, dry mouth etc. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

back pain, neck pain, knee pain , shoulder pain , headache, pelvic pain using regenerative medicine like PRP, Umbilical cord stem cell

Professional Memberships

  • American Society of Anesthesiologists  
  • American Academy of Pain Medicine  
  • American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery  
  • Texas medical association  
  • Harris county medical association  

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Express Anesthesia and Pain Management Consultants

6609 W Sam Houston Pkwy S Suite 102 -
Houston, TX 77072
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